"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

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New to Photoshop, Overlays, or creating composites (realistically blending two images together)? Learn how to use your overlays directly in the Photoshop workspace and get acquainted with the new contextual toolbar! Whether you are new to Photoshop and/or overlays, or simply looking for a faster way to do things, we hope you'll take a moment to learn with Luxe! 

This week we chatted with Bri Viglianco, a multi-talented photographer and educator who has made the world brighter with storybook captures of her boys and their furry friends! 

Bri is a lifestyle and family photographer known for honoring and elevating true to life tones and creating breathtaking art of authentic moments as she documents life at home. So much of her work is infused with a clear sense of humor, real life energy and vulnerability, and a magical dash of pop culture which makes each image all the more relatable and memorable. With a thoughtfully refined palette and a hybrid painterly approach, Bri unites indoors and out like no other - she'll have you suspending disbelief with a fluffy white clouds in the den and whisked away in the magic of wherever she goes! 

We beckon you to fall under her spell and stay a while as we discuss capturing childhood, staying true to yourself and your art, and developing your editing style. 

As temps heat up, flowers bloom, and evening sun turns everything to gold, we plan to continue this interview series highlighting inspiring photographers.This week we spoke with Amber Connor of Four Ponds Living! We talked home and brand styling, maintaining authenticity, cultivating beautiful spaces, and Instagram as a tool for exposure. 

 At Luxe, we value elevating community and uniting photographers with one another for inspiration, friendship, mentorship, and growth. We connected with Alex about her journey, her process, and sought advice for learners and creatives want to dip their foot into conceptual photography but find themselves intimidated or struggling with personal reservations or barriers to getting started. 
For many professional photographers and creatives, there is an inevitable “slow season” where there’s nothing on the calendar. These seasons can often become an overwhelming stretch of trying a million different things at once and you end up buried under an avalanche of good ideas that ends in changing nothing at all. Here we’ll offer 3 steps you can take to ensure you mindfully invest empty calendar hours during your slow season(s) to avoid burnout in your busiest! 
This Fall we were so glad to see so many beautiful image shares and edit details across social media and your product reviews! We will continue to offer opportunities to have your work featured and celebrated! Check out this amazing edit-with-me video featuring our AI tools & a beautiful golden hour edit from this season's featured users! 
To celebrate your work, we've so excited to continue a new series of opportunities to feature your photos on our socials, the site, and here on the blog! Check out 5 beautiful images and edits shared with us so far this Summer! 
This week Adobe released some major updates to the Lightroom Mobile app, for those of you who edit on the go! This new release features a brand new organizational system that allows you to edit directly from your phone gallery and includes some fun new features for sharing your edits! 
At Luxe, our users keep us so inspired every season! We love seeing you tag us in your edits and we're delighted when you share the unique and impactful ways that you've made Luxe a part of your professional or creative workflow! To celebrate your work, we've launched a new series of opportunities to feature your photos on our socials, the site, and here on the blog! Head over to My Luxe Edit to explore more opportunities to be featured! 
Here we are going to cover common questions about AI presets and the new Adobe Masking Tool features, so you can cut your workflow in half this busy season! Have a favorite preset or edit? Learn how to use these Adobe Sensei AI-powered tools to speed up retouching! 
In this guide, we’ve got a whole host of tips and tricks for overlays to ensure you can confidently elevate your holiday & seasonal winter images like a pro! We'll go beyond simply placing and blending your overlays and talk selective masking and the layering of differing types of overlays for next-level creative magic! 
Camera technology has advanced at a rapid pace, with some mobile phones rivaling the best camera options from even five years ago. When it comes to the best camera of 2022, it’s a close race. We offer not only best picks for 2022, but discuss affordable alternatives and what to look for!