"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

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Spring is here and we couldn't be more excited to share a new tutorial with you that is perfect for turning your captures of florals and pastels to art! Learn to create art for use anywhere with our Luxe Watercolor, Paint, & More collection in Photoshop!  
Luxe video Editing LUTs can be used in the FREE VN video-editing app to edit video content for beautiful REEL creation for Instagram, TikTok, and other social media! Here we'll teach you how to install & apply LUTs for clean, cohesive & beautiful content across your platforms! 

In the latest updates to Adobe’s Lightroom suite, Adobe has transformed their local adjustment tools into a single genius Masking tool featuring one-click AI-powered “Select Subject” and “Select Sky” tools. AI-based smart selection isn’t a new project for Adobe, having been fantastically executed in Photoshop across desktop and iPad. But smart masking is new to Lightroom and makes the most popular local adjustments tasks click-and-slide simple. No more brushing and erasing for hours before you can apply your local adjustments! Simply click to apply, and slide to adjust.

A quick search for senior portrait inspiration can quickly turn up a nauseating sea of sameness. From the merely mediocre to the downright cringe-inducing, your options are plentiful. Whether it be stiff, uncomfortable teenagers grimacing at a camera, or posed into unnatural and sometimes unnervingly over-stylized shot – it can be difficult to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  
If you're having trouble finding the right website builder, don't worry - we've combed through the five top website builders for photographers 2021 below to help you exhibit your work and portfolios as elegantly as possible.  
An amazing resource for quickly nailing the picture perfect feed is Lightroom Instagram presets. These are quick-click editing tools, specifically designed for branding and beautifying Instagram feeds, that can be utilized by both paid and free users of the Lightroom mobile app. Instagram presets allow you to quickly adjust dozens of image settings with a single click. Achieve a full photo edit workflow in three simple steps: Light. Color. Preset. And you'll get the perfect edit every single time.
We’re here to encourage you to own your space in social media in 2021 by breaking down what makes the modern creative successful and by providing key tips on authenticity, audience, content, branding, engagement, and networking. We’ll work though what these things mean for you and how you can use these to dominate your online spaces while remaining true to yourself.  

If you've previously purchased sky overlays from us, or if you're considered purchasing, then this powerful little tool is for you! The process is both quick and easy. In this article, learn to import and apply Luxe Sky Overlays using Photoshop's smart Sky Replacement function.

In this article, we discuss key steps to taking professional looking holiday photos from a do-it-yourself perspective, no matter your experience or skill level. Shoot your family photo, edit your creation, and place that picture in a holiday card template - all from the comfort of your home. 
With the introduction of so many new cloud and sync features, Adobe has opened up a new world of flexible, end-to-end, lossless editing solutions. These solutions allow creatives to move seamlessly from desktop workspaces to surprisingly powerful on-the-go mobile applications and back again. 

Despite extensive beta-testing across various skin tones and conditions prior to the release of each and every collection at Luxe, we know it’s not a one-size fits all world. Some vibrant edits may result in red or orange tints to skin or subtle edits may leave skin washed out. These editing issues most often occur within photos shot by smartphones because smartphones (versus a digital camera) capture less light data within an image. They're also more likely to occur when photographers shoot in JPEG vs RAW. But fear not. There's a perfect preset for all tones of skin! This article was created to help you find your perfect fit when editing dark skin tones with presets.  

Adobe revealed some stunning suite-wide changes in June, many of which focused on cloud-based cross-product integration and sync. Photographers were especially excited for the latest Lightroom features, including local hue adjustment, ISO adaptive presets, and a centered crop overlay. Not to be lost in the cloud, the June update for Photoshop 2020 also revealed an exciting host of show-stopping feature upgrades many of which cross over from Lightroom in some pretty exciting ways, and two of which I will highlight here as especially relevant for photographers: a much-improved Smart Select for subjects and objects, and a completely revamped Adobe Camera Raw.