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Get to know our Luxe Photography Partners!

At Luxe, we value authentic, supportive, and mutually beneficial relationships with our fellow photographers & partners. We believe that our platforms and values align in ways that serve our respective communities well in terms of education & inspiration. In this spirit, we’ve created this space to introduce you to our partners and their work and to function as a hub of seasonally updated photo inspo!

Like what you see? Click on any of our partners' photo edits below to see which Luxe collection is being used, and be sure to follow these phenomenal artists on social media for more!

Bri Viglianco

Photographer | Mentor | Brand Artist | Author

My name is Bri and I am a photographer in Michigan. I am so inspired by nature and my son's curiosity for everything around him. Capturing him exploring the world is what I love to do most. I think everyone contributes to the community by sharing their authentic self. By showing the world your quirks and interests you leave drops of inspiration without even knowing or trying.

Megan Hesson

Photographer | Click Pro Elite

I am a hobbyist photographer who specializes in lifestyle portrait and documentary photography. I began my photography journey about 4 years ago when my daughter was born and my children remain my greatest inspiration. I love capturing authentic moments and the fleeting details of growing life. Beyond my love of being my children's memorykeeper, I enjoy shooting newborn, maternity, and family sessions for my community and being a source of continued support and encouragement for every new and seasoned photographer!

Amber Connor

Photographer | Click Pro Elite

My husband Chris and I have four kids aged sixteen to three years old. We live on a small farm in western Washington state with four dogs, five goats, four alpacas and about ten chickens. My business name originated from our home, Four Ponds Farm. My passion for photography began when my first child was born, although I had many cameras throughout the years. I didn't get involved in photography seriously until I discovered small shop brands after having my last baby. Soon my youngest would become a representative for female-owned clothing, shoe and accessory businesses, a result of my love of snapping her portraits. From there my confidence as a photographer took off and I decided to capture other peoples' special memories.

Dakota Foster

Photographer | Mentor | Brand Artist | Author

Dakota Foster is a writer and photographer who specializes in bookish photography - especially taking pictures of authors' books for their websites and social media platforms. She lives in a small town in Texas with her husband, four daughters, and seven cats and dogs - life is always an adventure! Dakota is an active member of the bookstagram community on Instagram where she works to create a peaceful respite online. She's passionate about encouraging everyone to prioritize self-care and mental well-being and to be kind to everyone, including ourselves.

Dalene Roth

Photographer | Click Pro Elite

I’m totally consumed by the love of my family and being able to receive that and document such events. 

I feel overwhelmed with the concept of life. 

It's beauty and raw existence is something to be in awe of.

I always marvel at the idea of chance.

chance of life, love and connection.

my goal is to capture that in all it’s forms and love it with my whole heart.

Love Dalene 

Kade Bailey

Click Pro Elite | Mentor | Photographer

I inspire to take photographs that evoke feelings of love and connection. From family to womanhood, I aspire to capture details of nostalgia and intimacy.

Jillian Waterhouse

Photographer | Mentor

I am an Edmonton, AB based photographer with passion for documenting all things motherhood, family, & birth. I am in tune with my feminine side and feel most inspired capturing women of every shape and size while helping them fiercely love and embrace their changing bodies. I love to embody raw connections and real moments, drawing emotion to my art.

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