"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

Luxe Summer Feature

At Luxe, our users keep us so inspired every season! We love seeing you tag us in your edits and we're delighted when you share the unique and impactful ways that you've made Luxe a part of your professional or creative workflow! To celebrate your work, we've so excited to continue a new series of opportunities to feature your photos on our socials, the site, and here on the blog! Head over to My Luxe Edit to explore more opportunities to be featured! 

Each season we'll feature 5 images and some words from the photographers and creatives behind the photos!

We are so honored to feature the following Luxe Summer Edits: 

Taylor G. |

"For this theme I wanted to incorporate the use of Gels. In my work I try to stay true to the natural tones and colors of the scene. After I composited the arcade background into the image, I simply used the Quick Fix AI presets to add contrast, clarity and light back in to the image. Subject whole: Exposure + is probably my most used tool here."
Featured Collections: Luxe Quick Fix AI

Amanda | @osobabyclothing


"Capturing this birthday milestone image was so important to me! So I'm glad it turned out so well! This shot is my very favorite of the summer!
For this edit I used my favorite collections: Emotive & Golden Hour! 

My workflow: Emotive: Dazzling Details preset
Adjusted whites, highlights, exposure, & warmth
Luxe Golden Hour effects: sunset, shining center
Emotive effects:
- skin butter soft + warm
- sky - recovery subtle
Adjusted greens"
Featured Collections: Brixton Film Emotive + Luxe Golden Hour


Jennifer R. | @jenrichardsphotography

"When I bring my photos into Lightroom for editing, I immediately go straight to my Luxe Lens Presets! While I have many, there’s a handful that I use on repeat. For this image in particular, I started with the Sweet Brilliance preset from the Emotive Collection. I then played around in the HSL panel to work on the bright colours on the barbies, I really wanted to make their rainbow colours pop a little. I then used some of the Luxe Lens Local Adjustment Brushes to enhance the portrait, specifically I used these brushes - Eye Whitener, Iris Enhancer, Teeth Whitener and Skin Softener. My work flow in Lightroom is so much faster, with the use of Luxe Lens tools." 
Featured Collections: Brixton Film Emotive


Linzi | @linzi_littlesphotography

"This photo was taken during the golden hour. A simple twirl while holding out the hem of the dress. Edited with Brixton Film Earthy Moods 2.0 preset radiant moments. Brixton film earthy moods 2.0 effects sky- a subtle pop, and subject sky background enhanced mood. Final touch with Brixton film tools layer sharp." 
Featured Collections: Brixton Film Earthy Moods 2.0


Kaitlynn S. | @fotomediaaa

"Light skies and low suns, green mixed with purple and purple mixed with yellows, the sunset, the sunset and white wheels. This is Mojica’s Subaru. We collaborated July 13. Location wise, we wanted his wrap to sparkle and his wheels to shine. So I knew this location would work wonders. We headed out of town at 7:30, got to the location by 8. Then we took some photos. Shooting on my Sony camera with a 30mm Sigma lens, we got the best shots with the settings: ISO 200 | f/2 | 1/640s
The shoot worked wonders. I started browsing presets from The Luxe Lens to see which one fit best. I highly recommend Luxe, they work on portraits, automotive, and landscape. I've personally dealt with all 3, you just need to find the right one. If you're looking for presets, whether it be you're just starting or you're a pro, The Luxe Lens is highly recommended by me."

 Featured Collections: Luxe Essentials 2.0

We want to give a huge shout-out to these photographers for taking the time to share their images & thoughts with us! We can't wait to see what's coming for Autumn! Be on the lookout for our next feature opportunity and be sure to follow up on Instagram @theluxelens


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