"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

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This Fall we were so glad to see so many beautiful image shares and edit details across social media and your product reviews! We will continue to offer opportunities to have your work featured and celebrated! Check out this amazing edit-with-me video featuring our AI tools & a beautiful golden hour edit from this season's featured users! 
To celebrate your work, we've so excited to continue a new series of opportunities to feature your photos on our socials, the site, and here on the blog! Check out 5 beautiful images and edits shared with us so far this Summer! 
At Luxe, our users keep us so inspired every season! We love seeing you tag us in your edits and we're delighted when you share the unique and impactful ways that you've made Luxe a part of your professional or creative workflow! To celebrate your work, we've launched a new series of opportunities to feature your photos on our socials, the site, and here on the blog! Head over to My Luxe Edit to explore more opportunities to be featured! 
With so many amazing Lightroom preset sellers on Etsy, why isn’t Luxe selling on Etsy? As a small business founded and run by Photographers, we’re big proponents of buying small and supporting other photographers. Etsy would seem the perfect fit. But it isn’t. And we’re happy to talk about why.
Learn more about working as a professional photographer from photography expert Becki Moss.
Els Vanopstal is an exceedingly talented photographer from Belgium. Both her self-portraits and her photos of others contain depth, honesty and relatable emotions. I had the fortunate chance to speak with her about rawness, lighting, photography genres, and more. 
Sebastian Tomas Siggerud is a talented photographer, 3D artist, and filmmaker. His love for nature and meaningful themes shines through all of his creations. I got the chance to speak with him about his love for photography, the reason he reveres nature, and the advice he would give to aspiring artists.