"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

Luxe Spring Feature

At Luxe, our users keep us so inspired every season! We love seeing you tag us in your edits and we're delighted when you share the unique and impactful ways that you've made Luxe a part of your professional or creative workflow! To celebrate your work, we've launched a new series of opportunities to feature your photos on our socials, the site, and here on the blog! Head over to My Luxe Edit to explore more opportunities to be featured! 

Each season we'll feature 5 images and some words from the photographers and creatives behind the photos!

We are so honored to feature the following Luxe Spring Edits: 

Megan | @mactire


"For this edit, I felt the evocative setting of St. Dunstan-in-the-East would suit some creative tones, and took advantage of browsing through my Luxe collection. I loved the overall effect this preset gave it, especially the warm hues in the shadows."
Featured Collection: Luxe Fairytales (Preset: Illumination)


Patricia M. | @desertmoonillusions

"Using the AI Luxe presets is a total game changer! I utilize them on every edit that I do, for these images I used a combo and mix of: {Scene Background} - Haze Boosted, Haze Removed, Color Boosted. {Scene Sky} - Toned Softened. {Subject Eyes} -  Iris Sharpened, Iris Color Boosted, Sclera Whitened. I also use one of my other favorite Luxe presets at least 80% of the time and its from the Touch of Tweed tools set: {Layer} - Gradient Warm Top. I own a few of the Luxe preset packages and cannot wait to have them all! " 


Brielle M. | @brielle.macd

"I’m a mom to 3 kids and 3 dogs. I’m a Hobbyist Photographer who volunteers her time as a Rescue Center Pet Photographer throughout MA/RI. I’m from Central, MA.  I’ve been a photographer for 10 years. My images are mostly 1-click edits with minor tweaks to exposure/shadows/highlights.  Preset: Vibrant Spirit - Brixton Film Emotive Collection. I use the Emotive Collection a lot – it’s wonderful!!!" 
Featured Collections: Brixton Film Emotive


Andrea M. | @with.light.and.lens 

"Whenever I shoot, I shoot darker images so that I can pull details out.  Radial filters are my FAVORITE to use bringing light from the direction the sun is coming from.  With these new presets from The Luxe Lens, it shortens my workflow tremendously! The trick is learning the types of tools, how and when to use them.  The more I play with them, the easier it is, and the more vision I have in a shoot.
Here is a sample of what I did to create this magical shot in Hawaii: Brixton Film Emotive “Sentimental Moods > Then I Used the AI Tools: Background - Color Boosted and Background - Haze Removed > Reduce exposure to nearly black to see the full potential with the sky (is it blown, is there detail, what detail) > Add a radial gradient dragging from where the sun is, to over the couple. Increase the exposure, temp, and tint.  > Bring exposure backup > Expand the radial filter to cover more of the photo. > Use the AI Tools: Scene Background - Temp Sunset > AI Tools: Scene Background - Tone Soft & Blurred > Use the subtract Brush to remove some of the preset for the foregrounds of the photo > AI Tools: Sky - Clarity boosted > AI Tools: Sky - Exposure Brightened > Add radial gradient from sun to couple - increase exposure > Add radial gradient starting around couple - slightly lift shadows > AI tools: Whole Subject - Exposure Brightened > AI tools: Whole Subject Tone Boosted > AI tools: Whole Subject Shadows lifted > Reduce grain > Increase exposure slightly > Brixton Film Emotive Effects: Full Image: Peach Overlay > Add Radial Filter over couple: Increase exposure, temp and tent > AI tools: Subject Skin - Face temp warmed > AI tools: Subject Skin - Body tone soft glow > AI tools: Subject Skin - Body temp warmed > Update contrast > AI tools : Sky color soften and adjust mask > Adjusting Preset Amount to reduce strength as needed! Then I switch to Edit in PS for dodge & burn, sun rays, and adding depth!"
Featured Collections: Brixton Film Emotive, Luxe Quick Fix AI


Karen P.@karenpedwell

"Image was taken in Kyoto, Japan. Edited using Brixton Film Emotive and Brixton Film Emotive Effects."
Featured Collections: Brixton Film Emotive


We want to give a huge shout-out to these photographers for taking the time to share their images & workflow with us! We can't wait to see what summer has in store! Be on the lookout for our next feature opportunity and be sure to follow up on Instagram @theluxelens


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