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Luxe "Everything" Bundle

Luxe Everything Bundle

Introducing the Luxe "Everything" Bundle! This bundle includes all presets, post add presets, and local adjustment brushes currently being sold in the store, offered at a substantial savings. This includes 205 presets, and 36 local adjustment brushes from the Essentials, Portraits, Film, Wedding, Fall, and Winter lines. This collection represents the premiere preset package for the well-rounded photographer.

Looking for before and after pictures?
Check out the individual collection pages: Essentials | Portraits | Winter | Fall | Film | Wedding

About this collection:

  • 166 Lightroom Presets 
  • 39 Lightroom Post/Add Presets
  • 36 Lightroom Local Adjustment Brushes
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Perfect for Lightroom 4*, 5, 6 and the Creative Cloud
  • Instant Download
  • Instructions Included
  • International Orders Gladly Accepted
  • *Note: Snow and fairy effects do not work in Lightroom 4
    Luxe Everything Bundle Feature

      166 Lightroom Presets 

      • From the Essentials Collection: Standard (3 variations), Clear B&W (3 variations), Punchy Matte (3 variations), Pastel Film (3 variations), Warm & Colorful (3 variations), Red/Blue (3 variations), Color & Contrast (3 variations), Dreamy (3 variations), Gritty Brown (3 variations), Details Strong (3 variations), Old B&W (3 variations), Vivid HDR (3 variations), Cross Process Yellow/Blue (3 variations)Golden B&W (3 variations), Orange Wash (3 variations), Boost, Mountain Iris, Neutral Greens, Standard (Light), Warm & Colorful (Light), Old Film
      • From the Portraits Collection: B&W Crisp, B&W HDR, B&W Neutral, B&W Sepia Bloom Glam (Standard & Light), Cold Breeze (Standard & Light), Cool Bliss Cool Intensity (Standard & Light), Feminine, Freshen, Grunge (Standard & Light), Masculine, Mild Highlights (Standard & Light), Olive Tree (Standard & Light), Overexposure Correct, Porcelain, Portrait Basic (Standard & Light), Ray of Light, Red Reduction, Reduce the Chaos, Sharpen, Soften (Standard & Light), Warm Highlights (Standard & Light), Warm Intensity (Standard & Light), With Distinction
      • From the Film Collection: B&W Aged Film, B&W Neutral Film, B&W Sepia Film, B&W Soft Film, B&W Vintage Film, Blue on Red Matte Film, Contemporary Film, Cool Film, Light Film, Matte Film, Millennial Film, Mod Film, Muted Cool Film, Polaroid Film, Retro Film, Soft Film, Soft Pastel Film, Standard Film, The Breakfast Club Film, Vintage Film, Warm & Cold Film, Warm Film, Watergate Film
      • From the Wedding Collection: B&W Warm, Black Tuxedo, Bride's Close-up, Bright & Airy, Destination Wedding, Details, Faded Warm, Flash Indoors, Flat Film, Flowers, Food Groom's Close-up, In Vogue, Large Group, Matte Brown, Matte Desaturate, Scenery, Small Group, Soft & Colorful, Sunset, Wedding Standard, White Dress 
      • From the Fall Collection: Autumn Orange, Haze, Standard, Film Fall, Punchy Split Toning, Gold/Blue B&W, Dark B&W, Light B&W, Red B&W, Autumn Red Vignette, Autumn’s Color Play, Pastel Haze, Soft Desaturate, Autumn Leaves, Fairy Tale, Bright Fall, Bright & Bold
      • From the Winter Collection: Bright Winter, Cold Winter, Soft & Snowy, Winter Vintage, Frozen, Winter HDR Blue/Red Color, Cool & Muted, Deep, Frost, Arctic, B&W HDR, B&W Winter, B&W Cold, B&W Blue/Red, B&W Dark Faded, B&W Fade & Snow

      39 Lightroom Post Add Presets

      Add Some Pop, Add Strong Pop, Add Film Fade, Add Dark Fade, Add Matte, Add Dark Matte, Add Drama, Add Drama Light, Add Protect Skin Tones, Add Protect Skin Tones Strong, Add Softness, Add Vignette, Add Vignette Strong, Add Heavy Grain, Add Light Grain, Add Reset Grain, Add Super Soft Add Unsharpen, Add Unsoften Add Tone Curve Fade, Add Tone Curve Fade Strong, Add Tone Curve Wash, Add Boost Blues, Add Brighten Whites, Add Darken Blacks, Add Desaturate Greens, Add Strong Vignette, Add Fairies, Add Fairies (light), Add Fairies (color neutral), Add Warmth, Add Cool, Add Snowflakes , Standard, Add Snow Landscape, Add Subtle Snow Portrait, Add Large Bright Snow, Add Tiny Snow, Add Subtle Cool, Add Color Cool

        36 Lightroom Local Adjustment Brushes

        Sharpen, Enhance Details Brighten the Subject, Neutralize Over-saturation, Undo Warm Greens, Cheeks Add Blush, Eyes Eyelash Boost, Eyes Iris Enhancer, Lips Color Enhancer, Lips Gloss, Skin Add Tan, Skin Brightener, Skin Softener, Skin Wrinkle Reducer, Teeth Whitener, Add Contrast, Recover Highlights, Sharpen, Unsharpen, Enhance Details, Enhance White Dress, Enhance Black Suit, Cool & Desaturate, Warm and Vibrant, Orange Brush, Cool Brush, Haze Brush, Bloom / Dream Effect, Fairy Tool, Snowflakes 1, Snowflakes 2, Snowflakes 3, Snowflakes 4, Brighten Snow, Enhance Subject

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