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    All presets are compatible with all modern versions of Adobe Lightroom Desktop & Mobile, including CC and Classic CC.  This includes the free Lightroom CC mobile app. Additionally, presets are compatible with Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop.

    For more information on compatibility, visit the help center.

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    Our overlays are compatible with any software that allows for layers, including Photoshop, Elements, Gimp (including the free version), Affinity Photo, and more. This does not include Adobe Lightroom.

    For more information on compatibility, visit the help center.

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    DigiFilm | Novella Lightroom Presets

    • Inspired by whimsical portraits and storytelling imagery, the all new DigiFilm Novella signature preset collection is designed to deeply enhance all styles of portrait photography, while adding a soft touch of visual poetry through carefully crafted color tones.

      This themed collection includes 15 meticulously crafted signature presets, 15 matte variations of each signature preset, 4 overlay filter tools, and 27 quick-tool presets, along with the 168-piece Lensman Toolkit for complete control over your workflow. All ColorMade presets are simple to use and fully adjustable for personalized customization and maximum flexibility.

      This collection is compatible with Lightroom mobile for iOS and Android. (DNG presets do not include matte variations or tool presets)

      New to ColorMade presets? Learn how to use our collections here.

    • Collection Details:

      1. 15 signature presets: Honey Gold, Sunshower, Roseland, Sweet Earth, Suncoast, Desert Sands, Harvest Wheat, Mist Adrift, River Oak, Wheat Field, Sagebrush, Bittersweet, Pink Sands, Mosswood, Coldstone
      2. 15 matte variations of each signature preset: Honey Gold + Matte, Sunshower + Matte, Roseland + Matte, Sweet Earth + Matte, Suncoast + Matte, Desert Sands + Matte, Harvest Wheat + Matte, Mist Adrift + Matte, River Oak + Matte, Wheat Field + Matte, Sagebrush + Matte, Bittersweet + Matte, Pink Sands + Matte, Mosswood + Matte, Coldstone + Matte
      3. 4 overlay filter tools: Cooling, Warming, Olive, Peach
      4. 27 quick-tools for adjusting white balance, exposure, shadow/highlights, grain, saturation, contrast, and clarity
      5. FREE 168 piece Lensman Toolkit
      6. Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5-6, Classic, and CC desktop. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later
      7. This collection is fully compatible with the paid and free versions of Lightroom CC mobile for iOS and Android.
      8. Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include matte variations or tool presets.
      9. Windows & Mac Supported


    • ColorMade presets work in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Visit our Compatibility Page for a full list of compatible software.

    • Raw Images By: Peyton R. Byford, Morgan Olsen, Brittany Miller, Nicole Trejo, Jeff Nguyen