"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.


Luxe Portrait Artificial Intelligence (AI) Retouch Toolkit Lightroom Presets – Desktop

Introducing Luxe Portrait AI Retouch Toolkit, an ultra-adaptive preset toolkit that harnesses the very latest in Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence to powerfully and seamlessly accompany any workflow for rapid retouching, right in time for our favorite portrait season!

Featuring powerful new AI Adaptive presets for localized retouching, powered by Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence.

Recover key details from eyes to skies, dreamify backgrounds for romantic depth, or cleanly enhance features and smooth skin for modelesque looks in studio! Luxe Portrait AI Retouch Toolkit is your secret weapon for finished portraits that look like you've spent hours in Photoshop with just one touch!

New for Luxe Portrait AI Retouch Toolkit we took cues from user feedback and common requests to exceed your workflow goals with Adaptive Multi options that apply image-wide combos of our latest tools for full image magic!

Whatever your specialization - family, seniors, engagement, sports, corporate headshots, boudoir, and more - save time without sacrificing creative choice and get back to capturing what you love with Luxe Portrait AI Retouch Toolkit! (Note: This collection relies on the LATEST Adobe feature updates to function! See detailed compatibility below!) 

  • About this collection:

    Our AI toolkits are built to weave into any style workflow with options ranging from practical basics to the stylistic and dramatic for creative transformation! Apply Adaptive Multi options for an effortless finishing touch, or fully customize your process with our carefully crafted array of single-zone options covering key subject, sky, and background needs. Forgot your favorite lens? Use background tools to recreate depth. Want to layer in a unique storytelling perspective? Play with creative color, depth, details, toning, and more!

    176 Luxe Portrait AI Retouch Toolkit Presets for Desktop
    35 Page PDF Recipe Guide 

    AI or Adaptive presets are one-click tools that work from your presets tab in Lightroom to apply settings changes locally (to a very specific attribute) as detected by AI in the most up-to-date versions of Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop ACR for desktop! Modern subscription versions of these programs can detect background, sky, subject(s)/people, and isolate very specific parts of each person (Face Skin, Body Skin, Eyebrows, Iris & Pupil, Lips, Teeth, Facial Hair, Hair, and Clothing) for refined & clean selection of these specific parts of your images.

    With Luxe Portrait AI Retouch Toolkit, we take expert retouching settings (that you would typically apply manually with the local adjustment brush or local adjustment sliders) and combine them with Adobe's AI detection for one-touch retouching from your presets tab! Check out our full guide to use with example workflows HERE

    By popular request, you'll also find a 35 page PDF recipe guide at your download link that breaks down our pre-mixed Adaptive Multi Presets, and provides the exact combos we used on each of our sample images! 

    *Note: Offered in XMP format, compatible with up-to-date subscription versions of Lightroom (CC), Lightroom Classic (12.3+), and Photoshop ACR for desktop. For more info please check software compatibility HERE. These are not offered in DNG and are not compatible with direct install onto an iOS/iPad device at this time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Presets are essentially a configuration of settings, designed to quickly achieve the look of hours of editing, making global changes with a single click. On average, our presets change 30-50 settings. 

Actions are prerecorded sets of multiple software commands, that play one after the other, to make specific changes to an image. Actions can be stacked, so that one is run after the other, in order to create more dynamic edits. Actions are typically complex and because of this, the use of actions saves a user large amounts of time from having to make each change individually in order to achieve a desired outcome. Our actions are compatible with Photoshop CS6 and later (including CC and 2020), and Elements versions 15 and later. 

Overlays consist of an image (.jpeg or .png) that sits on top of your original image as a layer, in order to enhance your image. The layers are often blended by the user to create a realistic composition. Overlays are multi-purpose and can come in many forms from seasonal (rain and rainbows, snow, fog, skies, and leaves), to everyday magic (glitter, light leaks, bokeh, confetti, and fairy dust)!

A LUT is a tool that allows filmmakers, editors, and colorists to apply specific color grades to film/video (raw log footage) or images. Our LUTs or color lookup tables are .CUBE format presets created to colorgrade film clips. These can be used in most video-editing software and any photo editing software that allows for adjustment layers targeting lookup tables for color grading. We've included some common programs below, but if you know your software can support .CUBE LUTs, then you can use these! 

Read more about the differences between presets, actions, overlays, and LUTS on our help center article.

Software: Users must have at least one compatible software from Adobe in order to use this collection. Check your compatibility HERE

- Lightroom Classic (Monthly Subscription; PC or Mac) 

- Lightroom (Cloud-based; monthly subscription; PC or Mac) 

- Photoshop (Monthly subscription versions; PC or Mac)

Note: AI Adaptive Presets, Tool Presets, and Certain Effects Presets may be excluded for iOS. Additionally, AI Presets will only work in up-to-date subscription software. please be sure to read full product & compatibility info or reach out to our team with any questions prior to purchase!

We have combined professional retouching adjustments with smart masking powered by Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence for one-click localized retouching!! Our AI Effects Presets and Tools rely on AI to detect and map adjustments only to specific parts of your image (like teeth, skin, hair, clothing, background, and sky) via masking!

Our AI Adaptive Presets & “Effects” tools work just like general presets from your presets panel and can be applied in just one click! Be sure to check out the full guides on our Help Center!

As noted on our compatibility page, you can use our AI Adaptive “Effects” presets and tools in the Premium (paid subscription) Lightroom Mobile app for Android (Samsung Phones, Chromebooks, Samsung Tablets, Etc.)

These presets are offered in XMP format which can be imported directly into Lightroom on any Android device.

iOS/iPad users must sync to compatible devices from a subscription version of Lightroom (CC) for desktop, or the Lightroom Premium app on an Android/Chromebook device. AI Adaptive Presets and Effects Toolkits are not offered in DNG format. Learn More on our Help Center!

You will receive access to your digital files immediately after your payment has been processed and your purchase has completed.

On your order confirmation page, you should see an "Access Digital Content" link. Additionally, all customers will receive a download email immediately following purchase.

If you did not receive a download email, please check your spam folder and the email address associated with your form of payment. You may also contact us at and we'll resend your email. We do send any products via mail - all delivery is digital. 

While many professional photographers and editors prefer to edit images on a larger screen (desktop vs mobile) or with more robust software (Lightroom subscription vs free mobile app), it certainly is not necessary or required. All images can easily be shot, edited, and posted from a mobile device. In fact, using presets when working on mobile will help to ensure an ideal mobile-friendly edit. Luxe presets work seamlessly between desktop and mobile* and you can easily transfer between devices. Do what works for you!

*Certain Tool, Adaptive (AI), and Effects Presets must be synced from Lightroom (CC) on a computer or the Premium Lightroom App on an Android device to be used on an iPhone or iPad due to iOS app limitations.

We offer detailed installation instructions – video, illustrative, and written - within our online help center.

Our customer service team is here to help. We provide 1:1 personalized help that tackles any issue you may come across while using your presets.