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Luxe Essentials Lightroom Presets

luxe essentials lightroom preset collection

Luxe Essentials is the foundation for every photographer's Lightroom toolkit. The standard collection comes with 30 Lightroom presets and local adjustment brushes which range from warm to cool, subtle to vibrant, and colorful to black & white. The extended collection includes 63 Lightroom presets and local adjustment brushes, giving the widest range of both natural and dramatic. Luxe Essentials is a must have!

About this collection:

  • 19 Lightroom Presets (Standard) / 52 Lightroom Presets (Extended)
  • 6 Lightroom Post/Add Presets
  • 5 Lightroom Local Adjustment Brushes
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Perfect for Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and the Creative Cloud
  • Instant Download
  • Instructions Included
  • International Orders Gladly Accepted
    Shell Hood Lagoon

      19 Lightroom Presets (Standard Collection)

      • Standard and Standard (Light) - Brightens up your images, giving a more professional and punchy look, with a medium vignette
      • Clear B&W - Black & white; brings the subject to the center of attention and improves dynamic range and sharpness
      • Punchy Matte - Vibrant, but desaturated; contrast with a matte look; anti-yellow grass color and crushed shadows
      • Pastel Film - A muted film camera look; soft, with pastel greens and a medium grain
      • Warm & Colorful and Warm & Colorful (Light) - Create a bright and warm image, with a soft and friendly feel
      • Red/Blue - Adds red to highlights and blue to shadow areas, plus a hint of vibrancy to all colored parts
      • Color & Contrast - High contrast and very saturated, while retaining skin tones; very deep blacks and bright whites
      • Dreamy - Very soft and golden feel, with blooming highlights and a subtle white vignette
      • Gritty Brown - Brown "farm" look with some grit. Makes reds, blues and purples pop; warm and dark
      • Details Strong - High contrast, saturation, vibrancy and sharpness with a strong vignette; ideal for detail shots
      • Old B&W - Black & white with high contrast and strong fade that results in a very old-school look
      • Vivid HDR - HDR preset, with lots of color and clarity and a strong vignette to bring out all the details; perfect for landscapes and street photography
      • Cross Process Yellow/Blue - Bright and soft cross process preset with warm highlights and cold shadows; medium vignette with a slight fade
      • Boost - Adds contrast and makes colors pop; more saturated than the standard preset
      • Neutral Greens - Enriches colors and contrasts, but keeps green neutral (counters a common problem where grass and leaves become too yellow and/or saturated)
      • Mountain Iris - Enriches blue and purple saturation; particularly well-suited for nature photos

      New! 52 Lightroom Presets (Extended Collection)

      • Light, standard, and strong versions of the first 13 Essential Standard presets (above) for more natural or dramatic effects
      • Orange Wash (3 variations) - A unique, soft, washed-out film look with autumn-like orange and red colors
      • Golden B&W (3 variations) - Black & white with a gold cast a high contrast
      • Old Film - Grainy Film, with a gritty brown overlay

      6 Lightroom Post Add Presets

      Add Some Pop, Add Strong Pop, Add Film Fade, Add Dark Fade, Add Matte, Add Dark Matte

        5 Lightroom Local Adjustment Brushes

        Sharpen, Enhance Details Brighten the Subject, Neutralize Over-saturation, Undo Warm Greens

          A big shout out to our featured photographers Nathan Anderson, Taylor DugganRay Hennessy, and Amy Treasure!

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