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Luxe Essentials Lightroom or Photoshop ACR Presets

Luxe Essentials is the foundation for every photographer's toolkit. This collection comes with 58 presets and 7 local adjustment brushes which range from warm to cool, subtle to vibrant, and colorful to black & white. These presets give both natural and dramatic results. Luxe Essentials is a must have!

About this collection:

  • 52 Presets (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 6 Tool Presets (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 7 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom only)
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Perfect for Lightroom 4, 5, 6, Photoshop CS6, and the Creative Cloud
  • Instant Download
  • Instructions Included
  • International Orders Gladly Accepted
    Luxe Essentials Lightroom Presets

      52 Presets

      • B&W Clear (3)- Black & white; brings the subject to the center of attention and improves dynamic range and sharpness
      • B&W Faded Blue (3) – A cool and clean black and white
      • B&W Golden (3) - Black & white with a gold cast a high contrast
      • B&W Old (3) - Black & white with high contrast and strong fade that results in a very old-school look
      • Boost - Adds contrast and makes colors pop; more saturated than the standard preset
      • Color & Contrast (3)- High contrast and very saturated, while retaining skin tones; very deep blacks and bright whites
      • Cross Process Yellow/Blue (3) - Bright and soft cross process preset with warm highlights and cold shadows; medium vignette with a slight fade
      • Details (3) - High contrast, saturation, vibrancy and sharpness with a strong vignette; ideal for detail shots
      • Dreamy (3) - Very soft and golden feel, with blooming highlights and a subtle white vignette
      • Gritty Brown (3) - Brown "farm" look with some grit. Makes reds, blues and purples pop; warm and dark
      • Mountain Iris - Enriches blue and purple saturation; particularly well-suited for nature photos
      • Neutral Greens - Enriches colors and contrasts, but keeps green neutral (counters a common problem where grass and leaves become too yellow and/or saturated)
      • Old Film - Grainy Film, with a gritty brown overlay
      • Orange Wash (3) - A unique, soft, washed-out film look with autumn-like orange and red colors
      • Pastel Film (3) - A muted film camera look; soft, with pastel greens and a medium grain
      • Punchy Matte (3) - Vibrant, but desaturated; contrast with a matte look; anti-yellow grass color and crushed shadows
      • Red/Blue (3) - Adds red to highlights and blue to shadow areas, plus a hint of vibrancy to all colored parts
      • Standard (3) - Brightens up your images, giving a more professional and punchy look, with a medium vignette
      • Vivid HDR (3) - HDR preset, with lots of color and clarity and a strong vignette to bring out all the details; perfect for landscapes and street photography
      • Warm & Colorful (3) - Create a bright and warm image, with a soft and friendly feel


      6 Tool Presets

      Add Some Pop, Add Strong Pop, Add Film Fade, Add Dark Fade, Add Matte, Add Dark Matte


      7 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom only)

      Brighten, Darken, Enhance Details, Lighten, Sharpen, Undo Warm Greens, Neutralize Over-saturation


        A big shout out to our featured photographers Nathan Anderson, Taylor DugganRay Hennessy, Amy Treasure, Liz Straight, and Tatyana Tomsickova

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