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Select Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop (ACR) format.

Please note: ACR presets work in Adobe Camera Raw. They are not Photoshop actions. For those, shop our collection of Photoshop actions.


Our Lightroom portrait presets collection is bigger & better than ever! ACR & Lightroom Portrait presets are now grouped into general presets, outdoor presets & studio portraits, with 75 presets and 15 adjustment brushes. We've added more tool presets and gone overboard options to protect & enhance skin tones.

About this collection:

Luxe Portraits Lightroom Preset Feature



33 Presets


  • B&W Neutral – Medium contrast, raised mid-tones, slight blue in shadows
  • B&W Sepia – Sepia-toned, with a slightly softened look
  • Brighten - High contrast, bright, high clarity, vibrancy, saturation, minimal vignette
  • Cold Breeze - Cold toned, slightly faded darks, intense blues, light cyan highlights
  • Freshen - A portrait basic that enhances contrast, tone, color, sharpness
  • Porcelain - Softening, color reduction, desaturated skin tones
  • Soften - Lowered clarity & contrast, light & natural skin tones
  • Warm Intensity (reg & light) - Strong warm tone, with saturated orange & pink tones
  • Warm Highlights – Clipped highlights & shadows with a touch of warmth in highlights


  • B&W HDR - HDR portrait preset, with clarity & sharpness, along with boosted contrast & vibrancy
  • Boosted - Strong contrast, color vibrancy, dynamic range
  • Colors - Saturation, vibrancy, bright highlights, deep shadows, & the slightest yellow/blue split toning
  • Cool Bliss - Cold tone, decreased yellow & orange tones, desaturated greens, raised clarity
  • Grunge (reg & light) –Dramatic & ideal for street photography, fashion, & sports; High clarity, sharpness, contrast, dynamic range
  • Olive Tree – Warmth, brown darks, decreased blues, olive greens
  • Outdoor Portrait – Standard outdoor, with a touch less reds & yellows
  • Sharp - High contrast, brightening, sharpening, high clarity, boosted colors
  • Sunny Film – Warm & faded, with lowered clarity & saturation
  • Sweetheart – Skin softening & highlights, violet color cast & cool style
  • Warm Pastel - Soft colors, desaturated greens, slightly blue shadows, a kick of warmth
  • Watercolor – A cooled & watery spectrum of colors



  • B&W Crisp -  Slightly warm, highly faded darks, decreased highlights
  • B&W Washed & Clipped - Dark wash, strongly clipped warm highlights, slightly clipped violet shadows
  • Cinema - Deep blue shadows & color cast, high contrast, lowered clarity, bright highlights
  • Coolly Lit - Desaturated, cool shadows, slight warmth in highlights
  • Drama - A dramatic look, with sharp edges, deep shadows
  • Glamour - Blooming highlights, strong saturated reds, desaturated skin tones
  • Retro Green - Green color cast, strong wash, magenta in shadows, slightly desaturated
  • Soften – Reduced clarity & contrast, light & natural skin tones
  • Studio Fade - Strongly decreased highlights & brightness of whites, slight fade, desaturation
  • Studio Portrait - Enhancement preset, boosted clarity, contrast, vibrancy
  • Warm Bright Fade - Bright highlights, light shadows, warm, slightly faded
  • Warmly Lit - Flattening, decreased clarity, slight warmth


42 Tool Presets

Brightness (Light, Strong, Zero), Color (Less, More, Neutral), Contrast (More, Zero), Darken (Light, Strong, Zero), Drama, Feminine, Grain (Light, Strong, Zero), Green Neutral, Highlights (Brighter, Darker, Zero), Masculine, Protect Skin Tones (Regular & Strong, Red Reduction, Remove Noise (Light, Strong), Shadows (Brighter, Darker), Sharpen, Softness, Tone (Blue-Green, Cold, Green-Green, Green-Red, Reset, Warm, Yellow-Blue), Vignette Light, Mild, Strong, Reset)


15 Local Adjustment Brushes (LR only)

Burn, Cheeks Add Blush, Desaturate, Dodge, Eyes Dark Circles, Eyes Eyelash Boost, Eyes Iris Enhancer, Lips Color Enhancer, Lips Gloss, Sharpen, Skin Add Tan, Skin Brightener, Skin Softener, Skin Wrinkle Reducer, Teeth Whiten


Installing your Lightroom portrait presets or Photoshop ACR portrait presets is simple and we include instructions with every order. Also, check out our tutorials, How to Install Lightroom Presets and How to Install ACR Presets.

A big shout out to our featured photographers Carissa DavisStella DontuLorri Lang, Jodi LynnJovana Rikalo, Kristen PawloskiTara Rochelle, Laurens KaldewayLiz Straight, Suzy Moore, & Anna Volkovich!

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