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Luxe Bohemian Summer LR/ACR Presets

Summer is here! ūüėć This collection is oriented towards warmer and lower-contrast settings because the sun often introduces excessive contrast into the pictures. We‚Äôve also introduced several washed and muted tones for that coveted Bohemian look. Spend your time this summer soaking up the rays instead of hand editing stacks of pictures with this collection of 23 presets and 5 local adjustment brushes.¬†


Luxe Bohemian Summer Lightroom or Photoshop (ACR) Presets 

About this collection:

  • 18 summer general presets¬†
  • 5 summer tool presets¬†
  • 5 summer local adjustment brushes¬†¬†(LR 5, 6, or Classic CC only)
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, CC, Classic CC, & the mobile app*; Photoshop¬†CS 6 & CC
  • Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. *DNG presets do not include tool or layer presets.¬†
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Instant download
Luxe Bohemian Summer Lightroom and Photoshop ACR Presets

    18 Presets

    • Beach ‚Äď Warmed and washed look with medium to dark shadows, darkened and muted greens and blues; no grain.
    • B&W Bright Wash ‚Äď Black and white with a strong wash that emphasizes highlights, raised clarity and sharpening, slight grain, and minimal warmth.
    • B&W Dark Wash- Black & white with a strong dark wash, some grain, and slight vignette.
    • B&W Yellow/Red - Black & white with slightly clipped highlights and shadows, light split toning yellow on red, no grain, and raised dynamic range.
    • Bohemian Blast - Adds a strong wash by clipping shadows and highlights and lowering saturation; medium grain.
    • Colorful - Deep shadows, color enhancement; cleaning affect, skin protection, green control, and no grain.
    • Forest Wash ‚Äď Darkened wash, slight cool green overlay, muted colors, and medium grain.
    • Free Spirit ‚Äď Added contrast, deep shadows, slight fade, airy effect, and no grain.
    • Glowing - Brightening, high dynamic range, enhanced shadow detail, raised clarity, shadows cooling, warm highlights, and the slightest grain.
    • HDR Faded - High Dynamic Range with a slight faded. Raised clarity, pastel greens tint, warmth, and medium grain.
    • Light ‚Äď Simple and bright with brightened mid-tones, medium contrast, no grain, and slightly toned-down greens.
    • Red & Colorful ‚Äď Strong saturation with a red color cast in highlights and mid-tones, cool shadows, medium to high clarity, and the slightest grain.
    • Sand - Strong wash effect, brown color cast, saturated greens and blues, no grain.
    • Summer - Medium strength changes with slightly raised mid-tone brightness, faded shadows, no grain.
    • Summer Blast - Colorful, saturated, bright and clear, with no fade and no grain; Skin tone protection and slightly controlled greens.
    • Summer Fade - Sharp,¬†warm, silvery overcast, medium grain, and muted colors.
    • Warm & Clear - Flat contrast in highlights and mid-tones, medium deep shadows, muted greens and blues, warm color cast, medium grain, and high dynamic range.
    • Warm Wash -¬† High contrast wash, deep shadows, brightening, minimal grain, strong reds, pastel greens, and a warm color cast.


    6 Tool Presets
      • Add Blue / Blue Split Tone
      • Add Blue / Orange Split Tone
      • Add Yellow / Red Split Tone
      • Add Yellow / Yellow Split Tone
      • Add Lower Contrast & Clarity
      5 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom only)
          • Calm Highlights - Lowers exposure and highlights; good for skin tone protection.
          • Brighten Shadows - Raises exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and clarity slider; good for skin tone enhancement.
          • Noise & Details - Raises contrast, highlights, clarity, sharpening, and noise reduction; lowers shadows; protects details and removes unwanted noise.
          • Mute & Soften - Lowers clarity and saturation while slightly raising sharpness; Mutes tones and softens details.
          • Saturate & Sharpen - Raises clarity, saturation, and sharpness; Enhances and sharpens.


          A big shout out to our featured photographers Carissa Davis,  Tabatha Harbour, Jodi Lynn, Shelly Reis, Iza Lyson, Taylor Duggan, Carrie Hampton, D'Ann Boal, Rachel Keohane, Mama's Love Photography and Liz Straight.

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