All presets are compatible with all modern versions of Adobe Lightroom Desktop & Mobile, including CC and Classic CC.  This includes the free Lightroom CC mobile app. Additionally, presets are compatible with Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop.

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    The Luxe Lens

    Luxe Preset Bundle (19 collections) for Lightroom & Photoshop – Desktop & Mobile

    Introducing the Luxe Preset Bundle for Lightroom or Photoshop (ACR)! This bundle includes all presets, tool presets, and local adjustment brushes currently being sold in the store under the Luxe line of products, offered at a substantial savings. Thisincludes over 1000 presets, and close to 200 local adjustment brushes, from the Core Series (Essentials, Portraits MEGA, Weddings, Landscapes & Wildlife, and First Years Babies & Newborns), the Seasons Series (Autumn Touch of Tweed, Sip of Cider, Winter Let it Snow!, Log Cabin Winter, Spring Buds & Blooms, & Bohemian Summer), the Light & Airy series (Light & Airy Essentials, Light & Airy Portraits, Light & Airy Weddings) and the Limited Release Series (Wanderlust, Cinematic HDR, On the Farm, Interior Design & Real Estate, Fairytales). Please note, Luxe Lighthouse and Luxe Instagram brands are not included n this bundle. 

    For a limited time, we're also including the Luxe workflow guide for light and airy edits - FREE! 

    About this collection:

    • 1038 Presets included (613 general presets, 425 tool or layer presets)
    • 195 Local Adjustment Brushes (Exclusive to Lightroom 5, 6, or Classic)
    • Compatible with Lightroom (*CC, 1.0 and later), Lightroom Classic (5, 6, CC 2015, and later), & the Lightroom mobile app*; Photoshop CS6, CC, & 2020. Check your compatibility here
    • Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG (mobile) presets. *Note: DNG (mobile) presets do not include tool, layer, or special effect presets
    • Use with PC, Mac, Android*, or iOS*
    • Works on RAW & JPEG images
    • Instant download

    Looking for before and after pictures? Check out the individual collection pages!

    Luxe Core Collections: Essentials | Portraits | Weddings | Landscapes & Wildlife | First Years Babies & Newborns 

    Luxe Seasons CollectionsAutumn Touch of Tweed | Sip of CiderWinter Let it Snow! | Log Cabin WinterSpring Buds & Blooms | Bohemian Summer 

    Luxe Light & Airy Collections: Light & Airy Essentials | Light & Airy Portraits | Light & Airy Weddings

    Luxe Limited Release Collections: Wanderlust | Cinematic HDR | On the Farm | Interior Design & Real Estate | Fairytales


    Essentials Collection, 73 Presets: Action, Afternoon Hike, B&W Clear (3), B&W Faded Blue (3), B&W Golden (3), B&W Journalist, B&W Old (3), B&W Speed, Boost, Color & Contrast (3), Cool Water, Cross Process Yellow/Blue (3), Details (3), Dreamy (3), Foggy Moments, Gritty Brown (3), Jubilant, Lemongrass, Mountain Iris, Neutral Greens, Old Film, Olympics, Orange Wash (3), Pastel Film (3), Punchy Matte (3), Red/Blue (3), Skate Park, Standard (3), Vivid HDR (3), Warm & Colorful (3), Miami Vice (Layer), Alaska (Layer), Desaturate Edges (Layer), Warm & Bright Edges (Layer), Remove Layers, Some Pop, Strong Pop, Film Fade, Dark Fade, Matte, Dark Matte, Decrease Contrast + Increase Dynamic Range, Increase Contrast + Decrease Dynamic Range, Darken Blacks, Bring Back Highlight Details, Soften + Decreased Clarity

    Luxe General Portrait Collection, 60 Presets: B&W Neutral, B&W Sepia, Brighten, Cold Breeze, Freshen, Porcelain, Soften, Warm Intensity, Warm Highlights, Brightness Light, Brightness Strong, Brightness Zero, Color Less, Color More, Color Neutral, Contrast Less, Contrast More, Contrast Zero, Darken Light, Darken Strong, Darken Zero, Drama, Feminine, Grain Light, Grain Strong, Grain Zero, Green Neutral, Highlights Brighter, Highlights, Darker, Highlights Zero, Masculine, Protect Skin Tones Strong, Protect Skin Tones, Red Reduction, Remove Noise Light, Remove Noise Strong, Shadows Brighter, Shadows Darker, Sharpen, Softness, Tone Blue-Green, Tone Cold, Tone Green-Green, Tone Green-Red, Tone Reset, Tone Warm, Tone Yellow-Blue, Vignette Light, Vignette Mild, Vignette Reset, Vignette Strong, BW Soft, Blissful, Clean, Light & Lifted, Refresh, Saturated, Summer Skin, Sweet Angel, Warm Highlights

    Luxe Outdoor Portrait Collection, 20 Presets: B&W HDR, Boosted, Colors, Cool Bliss, Grunge, Olive Tree, Outdoor Portrait, Sharp, Sunny Film, Sweetheart, Warm Pastel, Watercolor, Coral Cream, Lifestyle, Lilacs, Muted Moss, Peach Silk, Soft Rose, Subtle Sunshine, Winter Tone

    Luxe Studio Portrait Collection, 20 Presets: B&W Crisp, B&W Washed & Clipped, Cinema, Coolly Lit, Drama, Glamour, Retro Green, Soften, Studio Fade, Studio Portrait, Warm Bright Fade, Warmly Lit, Clean & Boosted, Cool & Tan, Frosty Film, Light Magenta, Pale Mauve, Peach Gloss, Red Film, Soft & Filmy

    Landscape & Wildlife Collection, 44 Presets: Basic Landscape (Standard & Light), B&W Dusk, B&W Landscape, Bold Color Pop, Bright & Colorful, Bright Fade, Bright Sky, Cinematic Landscape (Standard & Light), Dessert Mountains, Dusk & Dawn, HDR Standard, HDR Extreme, HDR Matte, HDR Neutral, Martha's Vineyard, Neutral Greens (Standard & Light), Night Colorful, Night Dark Cool, Overcast, Simply Beautiful, Sunny Day (Standard & Light), Sunset Drama (Standard & Light), Sunset Fire (Standard & Light), Retro View (Standard & Light), Sunset Boulevard, Sweet, The Shire (Standard & Light), Yosemite, Dynamic Range High, Dynamic Range Low, Enhance Blue Sky, Enhance Blue Sky & Neutralize Greens, Remove Grain, Remove Lens Vignetting, Saturation High, Saturation Low

    Luxe Wedding Collection, 68 Presets: Beach Scene, B&W Classic, B&W Softened Details, B&W Street Cred, B&W Warm, Black Tuxedo, Boudoir, Bride Close-up, Bright & Airy, Bright Whites, Cover, Crushed Film, Details, Faded Warm, Flash in the Dark, Flash Indoors, Flat Film, Flowers, Food, Groom Close-up, In Vogue, Just Married, Large Group, Matte Brown, Matte Desaturate, Peach Dreams, Retro Shoot, Rich Film, Rings & Flowers, Sangria, Scenery, Small Group, Soft & Colorful, Soft Dreams, Softened Glow, Suit Up, Sunset, Urban Attitude, Wedding Standard, Whirlwind, White Dress, Color - Boost Blues, Color - Desaturate Greens, Curve - Contrast Boost, Curve - Film I, Curve - Film II, Curve - Strong Fade, Filter - Amethyst, Filter - Cool Highlights, Filter - Cool Highlights / Warm Shadows, Filter - Cool Shadows, Filter - Mint, Filter - Peach, Filter - Pink Frost, Filter - Warm Highlights, Filter - Warm Shadows, Grain - Heavy, Grain - Medium, Grain - Soft, Tonal - Brighten, Tonal - Brighten +, Tonal - Brighten Whites, Tonal - Darken, Tonal - Darken Blacks, Vignette - Light, Vignette - Strong

    First Years Babies & Newborns Collection, 82 Presets: Baby Blue, Baby Boost, Baby Soft, Black & White Film, Black & White Sleep, Black & White Soft, Black & White Soft Sepia, Black & White Teal & Gold, Calm, Delicate Film, Dreams, Dynamics Boosted, Feather, Love, Maternity, Memories, Newborn Basic, Peaches, Peaches Filmy, Quiet, Sharp & Clean, Simply Soft, Sleep, Soft Tan, Studio Session, Super Sweet, Velvet Film, Warm and Bright, Baby Soft +, Baby Soft ++, Baby Soft Extreme, Baby Soft Remove, Bokeh 1, Bokeh 2, Bokeh 3, Bokeh Remove, Clarity -, Clarity --, Clarity +, Clarity ++, Clarity Reset, Contrast -, Contrast --, Contrast +, Contrast ++, Contrast Reset, Curve Linear (reset), Curve Medium Contrast, Curve Strong Contrast, Frame Black, Frame White, Frame Remove, Grain +, Grain ++, Grain Reset, Highlights -, Highlights +, Highlights Reset, Remove Noise +, Remove Noise ++, Remove Noise Reset, Saturation -, Saturation +, Saturation Reset, Shadows Deepen +, Shadows Deepen ++, Shadows Lift +, Shadows Lift ++, Shadows Reset, Sharpen +, Sharpen ++, Sharpen Reset, Tone Cool, Tone Cool & Warm, Tone Green & Red, Tone Reset, Tone Violet, Tone Warmth, Tone yellow & Magenta, Vignette +, Vignette ++, Vignette +++, Vignette Reset.

    Fall Touch of Tweed Collection, 54 Presets: Autumn Color Play, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Orange, Autumn Rain, Autumn Red Vignette, B&W Dark, B&W Gold/Blue, B&W Light, B&W Red, Bright & Bold, Bright Fall, Cozy, Dark Warm, Fairy Tale, Film Fall, Golden Hour, Haze, Pastel Haze, Pumpkin Spice, Punchy Split Toning, Standard Warm, Soft Desaturate, Silence, Sun Glow (3 versions), Cool Gradient (bottom), Cool Gradient (top), Desaturated Gradient (left), Desaturated Add Fairies, Add Fairies Color Neutral, Add Fairies Light, Autumn Colors, Blacks Brighten, Blacks Darken, Blacks Neutral, Cool, Fish-Eye Effect, Highlights Brighten, Highlights Darken, Highlights Neutral, Saturation High, Saturation Low, Saturation Neutral, Shadows Brighten, Shadows Darken, Shadows Neutral, Warmth, Whites Brighten, Whites Mute, Whites Neutral.

    Luxe Sip of Cider Collection, 57: B&W Autumn Fade, B&W Sepia Leaves, B&W Soft Antique, B&W Subtle Depth, Beautifully Cool, Beautifully Warm, Beauty in Bloom, Brisk Air, Clear Skies, Fall Foliage, Festive Moods, Fierce Winds, Fresh Rain Evening, Fresh Rain Lavender, Frosted Dusk, Gorgeous Light, Harvest Desaturated, Joyful Traditions, Leaves Falling, Maple Swirl, November Tones, Overcast Skies, Pumpkin Latte, Russet Leaves, Sepia Fields, Subtle Breeze, Sweet Berry, Warm Cider, 4 Color Boost Tool Presets (Light, Medium, Strong, Reset), 4 Color Reduction Tool Presets (Light, Medium, Strong, Reset), 6 Filter Tool Presets (Cool-Cool, Cool-Warm, Peach-Cool, Peach-Warm, Warm-Cool, Warm-Warm), 2 HDR Tool Presets (Lifted, Max), 2 Lens Correction Tool Presets (Enable, Remove), 7 Tone Curve Tool Presets (Autumn Lift, Bright Light, Cool Seasons, Evening Light, S-Curve Light, S-Curve Strong, Warm Light), & 4 Vignette Framing Tool Presets (Basic, Boosted, Heavy, Remove).

    Luxe Winter Let it Snow! Collection, 47 Presets: B&W Blue/Red, B&W Chill, B&W Dark Faded, B&W Fade & Snow, B&W HDR, B&W Winter, Blue/Red Wash, Chill, Desaturated Wash, Distant Film, Dramatic Film, Dusk, Frostbite, Frosted Natural, Frosted Saturated, Glacier, Icicles, Moody, Muted Chill, Nostalgia, Pink Highlights, Radiant, Sharp & Clean, Simple Winter, Slope, Soft & Fluffy Snow, Tundra, Winter Dreams, Winter Chill, Winter HDR, Cooling Full (Heavy), Cooling Full (Subtle) Cooling Half (Lower), Cooling Half (Upper), Cooling Remove Full, Cooling Remove Half, Filter Base Cooling, Filter Base Warming, Filter Fire, Filter Ivy, Filter Mist, Filter Petals, Filter Rose, Filter Sky, Snow Large Foreground, Snow Small Heavy, Snow Small Light, Snow Small Soft, Snowy Mix Blizzard, Snowy Mix Heavy,  Snowy Mix Soft 01,  Snowy Mix Soft 02,  Snowy Mix Super Soft

    Spring Buds & Blooms Collection, 41 Presets: B & W Bright, B & W Moody, Blossom (Standard, Warm), Clean Lift, Clean Pop, Clouded Overcast, Cool Rain, Foliage Booster, Film for Spring (Dark, Light), Film Wash, Heaven, Lavender Mist, Lilacs, Pastel Sunrise, Pink Radiance, Rich Wash, Soft & Sweet, Spring & Pop (Standard, Boosted), Sunflower Blooms, Sunrise Sunset, Teal Light, Throwback, Time Warp, Violet Shadows, Warm Air Filmy, Warm Air Punchy, Warm Contrast, Warm Kick, Yellow/Purple Split Toning, Lightstreak (1, 2, 3, Remove), Saturation (All +, All -, Blue +, Green +, Red +)

    Summer Collection, 23 Presets: Beach, B&W Bright Wash, B&W Dark Wash, B&W Yellow/Red, Bohemian Blast, Colorful, Forest Wash, Free Spirit, Glowing, HDR Faded, Light, Red & Colorful, Sand, Summer, Summer Blast, Summer Fade, Warm & Clear, Warm Wash, Add Blue / Blue Split Tone, Add Blue / Orange Split Tone, Add Yellow / Red Split Tone, Add Yellow / Yellow Split Tone, Add Lower Contrast & Clarity.

    Cinematic HDR Collection, 31 Presets. Action HDR, B&W Punchy, B&W Faded, Blue, Bohemian, Classic, Cool, Detective, Documentary, Drama, Film, Historic, Hollywood, Indie, Romance, Street, Thriller, Underground, Vivid, Washed, Blackbars, Blackbars -, Blackbars +, Blackbars remove, Clarity +, Clarity ++, Clarity +++, Clarity reset, Vignette, Vignette +, Vignette reset

    On the Farm Collection, 33 PresetsAfternoon Depth, B&W Cedar, B&W Cool Film, B&W Dreams, B&W Radiance, Bright & Soft, Clean Boost, Delicate Dreams, Easy Analog, Evening Cool, Film Muted, Film Nostalgic, Film Warm, Harvest Time, Light & Airy, Neutralizing Lift, Mulberry Shade, Pasture & Prairie, Rich & Faded, Simply Straw, Smooth & Peaceful, Warm & Boosted, Split-tone color casts in Amber (+, ++), Campfire (+, ++), Carolina Blue (+, ++), Lilac (+, ++), Tangerine (+, ++), Violet (+, ++)

    Luxe Wanderlust Collection, 54 Presets. Alaska, Analog, Antarctica, Bali, Beach, Brazil, Caribbean Island, Disneyland, Hawaii, Hollywood, Jungle, Monaco, NYC, Old Town, Paris, Romantic Getaway, San Diego, Stormy, Sunshine, Vietnam, Adventurous, Cinematic, Deep Forest, Fields of Wheat, Lush Tropics, Sand Grains, Soft Wind, Stone Wash, Teal Water, Wild Flowers, Hue/Saturation/Luminance (HSL) Deep Blues, HSL Desaturated Greens, HSL Neutral, HSL Saturated Reds, HSL Variance I, HSL Variance II, Tone Curve (TC) Contrast B/Y, TC Modern, TC Modern Color, TC Modern Fade, TC Neutral, TC Neutral Contast, Clarity Boost Landscape, Clarity Reduce Landscape, Vignette Heavy, Vignette Light, Vignette Med, Vignette Remove, Cooling Filter, Evergreen Filter, Fire Filter, Olive Filter, Pastel Filter, Warmth Filter 

    Luxe Interior Design & Real Estate, 53 presets. B&W Exteriors Fine, B&W Exteriors Strong, B&W Interiors Fine, B&W Interiors Strong, Clean & Saturated, Clean w/ Light Boosted, Clean w/ Light Reduced, Enhancement Rich, Enhancement Subtle, External Architecture Clean, External Architecture Cool, External Architecture Warm, Floral Color Boosting, Give 'Em Light, Hint Of Pastels, Light & Cool, Light & Peachy, Light & Warm, Matted Details, Moody Room, Muted Matte, Natural Luminance, Open The Details, Peachy White, Rich Wood Tones, Soft & Dreamy, White Room Bright, 6 Filter Tool Presets (Cooling Full, Cooling Highs, Cooling Lows, Warming Full, Warming Highs, Warming Lows),  2 Filter Split Tool Presets (Peachy-Cool, Peachy War, 13 Tonal Tool Presets (Curve Heavy, Curve Light, Curve Medium, HDR Light ++, HDR Light +, Highlights Boost ++, Highlights Boost +, Highlights Reduce ++, Highlights Reduce +, Shadows Deepen ++, Shadows Deepen +, Shadows Lift ++, Shadows Lift, 4 Vignette Tool Presets (Heavy, Medium, Subtle, White Soft)

    Luxe Fairytales, 45 presets. B&W Charm, B&W Deep Glow, B&W Golden, B&W Gothic, Boosted Energy, Colorful Charm, Cool Push, Coral Dynamics, Desaturated Shimmer, Dusk Like Magic, Enchanted Light, Fire Flame, Illumination, Lavender Shine, Lifted Illusion, Magically Cool, Magically Warm, Mysterious Moods, Mystical Mist, Pale tones, Plum Glow, Retro Glimmer, Rich Elegance, Spectacular Highlights, Color Highlights (Cool, Peach, Plum, Teal, Warm), Color Shadows (Amber, Cool, Magenta, Navy, Warm), Color Split (Cool-Warm, Peach-Navy, Teal-Amber, Warm-Cool), Tone Curve (Lavender Magic, Pastel Magic, Retro Magic, Warm Plum Magic), Vignette (Lite, Medium, Strong)

    Luxe Winter, 53 presets. B&W Brightly Shining, B&W Childhood Memories, B&W Heart Warming, B&W Silver Bells, Brisk Breeze, By the Fire, Chilly Dusk, Cool Pines, Delightfully Delicious, Firewood Light, First Snow, Frosted Cane, Glowing Bright, Golden Valley, Joyful Tones, Melting Frost, Mistletoe, Mulled Cider, Peach Cobbler, Pear Trees, Pleasant Evening, Pleasant Morning, Rosy Soft, Skating Dreams, Sugarplums, Warm Hearth, White Light, Winter Glee, 4 Filter Tools (Frosted Fir, Holly Berries, Icy Freeze, Warm Firelight), 11 Snow Enhancements/Additions Tools (Snow & Whites Brightened, Snow & Whites Faded, Snow Flurries, Snow Flurries & Bokeh, Snowfall Light & Soft 01, Snowfall Light & Soft 02, Snowfall Soft & Faded, Snowfall Soft Crystals, Snowy Delightful Mix, Snowy Dream Bokeh, Snowy Soft Vignette), 10 Image Toning Tools (Soften Tones, Tone Curve Analog Simple, Tone Curve Analog Spice, ,Tone Curve Analog Sugar, Tone Curve Bright & Lifted, Tone Curve Clean & Simple, Tone Curve Deep & Rich, Tone Curve Iced Fade, Tone Curve Peach Frost, Tone Curve Snow Cream)

    Light & Airy Presets, 37 presets: Airy Analog, B&W Depth, B&W Light & Lifted, Bright & Colorful, Delightfully Cool, Gentle Touch, Ginger Cream, Glowing Bliss, Hazy Sunlight, Light-Hearted, Lightly Lifted, Luscious Tones, Peaceful Grove, Peachy Hues, Perfect Light, Pleasant Petals, Radiance, Rich & Pure, Ruby Soft, Soft Skin, Sweet Peach, Tender & Soft, Uplifting, Warm Breeze, Clarity (+/-), Curve Fade Shadows, Curve Fade Filmy, Curve Highlighting, Lens Correction Activate/Deactivate, Pop The Highlights (+,++), Toning Filter (Cooling, Peachy, Warming)

    Light & Airy Portraits, 20 presets: Airy Clean, Clear & Minimal, Lifted Shadows, Naturally Bright, Rise & Shine, Vanilla White, Baby Soft, Chantilly Clouds, Gently Soft, Light & Feathery, Portrait Glow, Rosy Bright, Silky Skin, Sweet Honey, Cotton Candy, Cozy Pastels, Gold Coast, Pale Blossoms, Sky Light, Velvety Tones

    Light & Airy Weddings, 20 presets: Bridal Details, Dressed In White, Family Portrait, Lifted Lace, Rich Tuxedo, Subtle Lift, The Bride, The Groom, Buttercream, Colorful Celebration, Floral Boost, Highlighted Details, Scenic Details, Warm Wedding, Airy Cool, Intimate Light, Light Pastels, Peach Tulle, Petal Tones, Sunlight Haze

    Light & Airy Adjustments Tools, 36 presets: Airy Overlay: Cooling, Pastels, Peaches, Warm Sun. Color Booster: +, ++, +++, Reset. Contrast Booster: +, ++, Reset. Curve: Diffused Highlights, Diffused Shadow & Highlight, Diffused Shadows, S-Boost Filmy, S-Boost Simple, Soft & Faded. Details: Highlights Diffused +, Highlights Diffused ++, Highlights Increased, Shadows Lifted +, Shadows Lifted ++, Softening +, Softening ++. Grain: +, ++, +++, Remove. Sharpen: +, ++, +++, Remove. Vignette: +, ++, +++, Remove

    195 Brushes (Lightroom 5, 6, & Classic desktop only)

    Essentials Collection: Brighten, Darken, Enhance Details, Lighten, Sharpen, Undo Warm Greens, Neutralize Over-saturation.

    Portrait MEGA Collection: Burn, Cheeks Add Blush, Desaturate, Dodge, Eyes Dark Circles, Eyes Eyelash Boost, Eyes Iris Enhancer, Lips Color Enhancer, Lips Gloss, Sharpen, Skin Add Tan, Skin Brightener, Skin Softener, Skin Wrinkle Reducer, Teeth Whiten. 

    Landscape & Wildlife Collection: Enhance Sky & Clouds, Enhance Land & Shadows, Brighten Shadows, Warm & Saturated, Neutral & Cool, Enhance Texture.

    Wedding Collection:Enhance Details, Enhance White Dress, Enhance Black Suit, Cool & Desaturate, Warm and Vibrant.

    First Years Babies & Newborns Collection: Bokeh Blur Heavy, Bokeh Blur Soft, Bokeh Light Heavy, Bokeh Light Soft, Burn +, Burn ++, Burn +++, Contrast -, Contrast --, Contrast +, Contrast ++, Desaturate +, Desaturate ++, Desaturate Full, Dodge +, Dodge ++, Dodge +++, Iris Booster, Milky Skin, Pink Skin, Props & Texture, Saturation +, Saturation ++, Saturation +++, Sharpen +, Sharpen ++, Skin Brightness, Skin Softener Heavy, Skin Softener Light. 

    Fall Touch of Tweed Collection: Orange Brush, Cool Brush, Haze Brush, Bloom / Dream Effect, Fairy Tool.

    Sip of Cider Collection: 3 Color Brushes (Color Cool, Color Soft Pink, Color Warm), 2 Tone Brushes (Tonal Booster, Tonal Softener), 2 Exposure Regulation Brushes (Burn, Dodge), 4 Desaturation Brushes (Desaturate & Cool, Desaturate & Pop, Desaturate & Soften, Desaturate & Warm), 4 Saturation Brushes (Saturate & Cool, Saturate & Pop, Saturate & Soften, Saturate & Warm).

    Winter Let it Snow! CollectionAdd Blue, Add Purple, Add Warmth, Snow +++, Snow ++, Snow +, Snow Light, Brighten Snow, Enhance Subject.

    Spring Buds & Blooms Collection: Haze (regular, dream), Saturate & Clarify (+, ++), Lightstreak (yellow, purple, blue), Floral Pop, Desaturate & Soften (+, ++), Depth & Pop.

    Bohemian Summer Collection: Calm Highlights, Brighten Shadows, Noise & Details, Mute & Soften, Saturate & Sharpen.

    Cinematic HDR Collection: Dehaze, Dehaze +, Desaturate, Desaturate +, Intensify, Intensify +, Saturate, Saturate +, Soften, Soften +

    On the Farm Collection: Skin Soften (+, ++, +++), Skin Warm & Tone (+, ++), Skin Cool & Desaturate (+, ++), Sharpen Hair & Grass (+, ++, +++)  

    Light & Airy:Add Depth, Color (Cooling, Peachy, Warming), Contrast & Clarity, Lift The Shadows, Lighten & Soften, Pop The Highlights (+,++), Saturation (Increase, Decrease) Touch Of Film

    Wanderlust: Cool & Desaturate, Counter Cool/Purple, Counter Warm/Green, Fix Overexposed +, Fix Overexposed ++, Overcast Clouds, Refine Buildings +, Refine Buildings ++, Soften, Texture +, Texture ++

    Interior Design & Real Estate: Color & Details Boost, Color & Details Soften, Coloring Cool, Coloring Pastel, Coloring Peach, Coloring Warm, Enhance Florals, Enhance Furniture, Enhance Light, Enhance Wood & Brick, HDR Toning, Highlights Brighten, Highlights Darken, Shadows Brighten, Shadows Darken

    Fairytales: Clover, Cool, Plum, Warm, Dreamy Desaturation, Dreamy Saturation, Dusk Moonlight, Magically Clear, Morning Sunlight, Pop the Light, Soft Glow, Tones Boosted, Tones Softened

    Log Cabin Winter: 2 Snow Brushes (Bright, White), 4 Toning Brushes (Fire, Ice, Peaches, Sunlight), 13 Basic Brushes (DB Burn, DB Dodge, Sharpening, Vignette Dark, Vignette Light, Cool Temperature, Warm Temperature, Desaturation, Add Saturation, Boost Depth, Soften Depth, Boost Clarity, Soften Clarity)


    A big shout out to our featured photographers Liz Straight, Taylor Duggan, Smitten & Swoon, Julie Jourdan, Iza Lyson, Jody Lynn Photography, Ian Waterson, Elm & Co Photography, Rachel Keohane, Mario Schmitt, Jessica Kelley, White Pear Photography, Natalie Gildersleeve, Amy Donohue Photography, Aaron Baxter, & Megann Robinson.

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