"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.


Everything Actions Bundle for Photoshop or Elements

Introducing the Luxe "Everything" Actions Bundle for Photoshop! This bundle includes all actions currently being sold in the store, offered at a substantial savings. This includes 485 actions from the Luxe Creative Workflow, Weddings, Perfect Portrait, Apple Orchards Autumn, Firewood & Frost Winter, Savannah Gardens Spring & Summer, Horizons Landscape, Painterly Pastels, Light & Airy, Watercolor, Paint, & More (PS only) & Brixton Film collections. Also included is the Luxe 40 Action Toolkit. New in 2020 is the addition of the 26-piece Lighthouse Jack Frost Winter actions collection, with a bonus 67-item Lighthouse Winter Toolkit included for free (for a limited time)! This collection represents the premiere actions package for the well-rounded photographer.

About this collection:

  • 485 actions + the Luxe 40 action toolkit 
  • 81 integrated watercolor, paint, & more brushes and 14 integrated unique patterns (PS only)
  • Lighthouse 67-action toolkit (free ad-on, for a limited time)
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Compatible with Photoshop* CS 6, CC, or 2020 and later; Photoshop Elements* v.15 and later (select format below before adding to cart)
  • Instant Download
  • *Basic software knowledge is necessary

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Check out the individual collection pages: Perfect Portraits | Creative Workflow | Weddings | Apple Orchards Autumn | Firewood & Frost Winter | Horizons Landscape | Savannah Gardens Spring & Summer | Painterly PastelsBrixton Film | Lighthouse Jack Frost Winter | Light & Airy | Watercolor, Paint, & More! (PS only) |

47 Brixton Film Actions

  • Film Looks - Light & Airy. Warm Base, Cool Base, Clean & Crisp, Rich Earth, Teal Feathers, Soft Peaches, Stained Glass, Raspberry Fields, Blush Skies, Fireside Glow, Evening Sun, Deep Sea, Coral Dawn, Velvet Smoke, Soft & Saturated, Deep & Desaturated.
  • Film Looks - Deep & Artistic. Honey Blossoms, Tweed, Dusty Violet, Cool Water, Bold Rose, Morning Colver, Deep Warm Film, Rich Plum, Dreams Bloom, Antique Moss, Magical Moonlight, Cross Processed I, Cross Processed II
  • Monochrome Looks. Basic, Analog, Antique Silver, Vintage Film, Vintage Film + Sepia, Charcoal, Charcoal + Cool
  • Cool Overlay Filters. Warming Filter, Fire Filter, Sweet Pink Filter, Icy Cool Filter, Turquoise Filter, Vintage Pastel Filter.
  • Light Leaks. Warm Sides, Warm Mix 1, Warm Mix 2, Cool Blue, Radiant

32 Creative Workflow Actions

  • Develop filters. Soft Rouge, Digital Blues, Quiet Drama, Major Drama, Summer Breeze, Punch Bowl, Cross Processed, Lightly Toasted, Radiant Glow, Slide Projector 
  • Analog Aging. Cool Chrome, Expired Red Shift, 60s Print, Faded Negative 
  • Monochromes. Old World, Worn Warmth, Antique Glow, Film Noir, Seattle, Grimy Grain, Tin Type 
  • Sunshine Controls. Golden Globe, Sunset Glow, Icy Glow, Golden Flare, Midsummer Gold, Summer Solstice, Frosty Morning, Permafrost 
  • Finishing Touches. Sharpen Details, Enhance Depth of Field, Boost Color 

28 Perfect Portrait Actions

  • Color Adjustments. Color Changer, Mute Color w/Brush, Mute Color w/Selection, Boost Color w/Brush, Boost Color w/Selection 
  • Lighting Brushes. Pop Highlights, Tone Down Highlights w/Curve, Tone Down Highlights, Darken Shadows, Brighten Shadows, Dodge & Burn, Add Contrast 
  • Skin Tone Brushes. Dodge & Burn Skin, Mute Color, Soft Color Boost, Medium Color Boost, Remove Red, Remove Orange, Remove Yellow, Remove Green, Remove Blue, Remove Magenta 
  • Model Retouching. Skin: Soften, Skin: Smooth with Detail, Eyes: Enhance and Whiten, Teeth: Brilliant Smile, Lip: Soft Color, Lip: Bold Color, Cheeks: Blush, Eyebrows: Fill 
    33 Weddings Actions
    • Painted Effect. Painted Details, Painted Details Custom, Painted Details Strong
    • Standard Wedding. Details: Looking Sharp, Fade Background with Brush, Even Exposure, Open Shadows, Moonlight Leaks, Sunlight Leaks, Beaming Bride, Baby Blues, All Eyes on Her, Pastel Romance, Cinema Chrome, Fall Wedding, Enhance Blue Sky & Clouds, Enhance Sunset & Clouds, Pop Flowers, Winter Wedding, Clean & Light, Summer Vows, Whiten Dress, Lush Bouquet, Buttercream, Rich Film
    • Black and White. Matte, Antique, Strong, B&W Basic, B&W Sepia, B&W Film I + Grain, B&W Film II + Grain
    • Wedding Brushes: Light & Fade Background, Boost Saturation, Vintage Desaturation, Defocus, Sharpen, Enhance Blue Sky & Clouds, Enhance Sunset & Clouds, Pop Flowers, Whiten Dress.

    63 Apple Orchard Autumn Actions

    • Face & Skin. Frequency Skin Tone Evening, Quick Skin Smoother, Iris Booster, Eye Whitening, Teeth Whitening
    • Brushes. Blur Soft, Blur Heavy, Color Increase, Color Decrease, Foliage Green to Yellow, Foliage Green to Orange, Foliage Reduce Fluorescent Greens
    • Vignettes. Light, Dark, Cool, Warm, Fire, Red, Pastel
    • Color Bases. 5PM, After Sunset, Analogue Autumn, Autumn Evening, Bright Autumn Day, Forget Me Not, Golden Hour, Harvest Wash, Morning Breeze, Peachy Blues, Pumpkin Patch, Purple Haze, Roses in September, Soft Cinnamon, Soft Romantic Light, Warm Daze 
    • Color Filters. Cooling Filter, Fire Filter, Greens to Orange Filter, Greens to Yellow Filter, Pastel Filter, Warming Filter 
    • Light Leaks. Citrus Light , Damaged Cam, Expired Film One, Expired Film Two , Fire & Ice, In Flames, Neon Light, Softest Blue, Sun Damage
    • Sun Bursts. Golden, Red
    • Black & White Bases. Basic, Modern Clean, Vintage Soft, Rich & Classic, Dark Film 
    • Black & White Filters. Sepia, Autumn Cooling, Autumn Fire, Autumn Pastel, Autumn Sepia & Cyan

    49 Firewood & Frost Winter Actions

    • Winter Face & Skin Actions. Frequency Skin Tone Evening, Quick Skin Smoother, Iris Booster, Eye Whitening, Teeth Whitening
    • Winter Brushes. Blur Soft, Blur Heavy, Color Increase, Color Decrease
    • Winter Vignettes. Light, Dark, Warm, Cool, Red, Pink, Purple
    • Winter Color Bases. Snow White Cool, Snow White Warm, Soft Frost, Pale Rose, Winter Forest, Soft Pastels, Midnight Blues, Winter’s Eve, Dark Pines, Dreams of Magenta, Distant Nostalgia, Cinematic Frost. Ice Cold Dusk 
    • Winter Color Filters. Warm Filter, Frost Filter, Ice Filter, Pastel Filter, Red & Cyan Filter 
    • Winter Black & White Bases. Basic, Modern Clean, Vintage Soft, Rich & Classic, Dark Film 
    • Winter Black & White Filters. Sepia, Vintage Pastel, Vintage Frost, Vintage Ice, Vintage Red & Cyan
    • Snow Actions. Full Snow Soft, Full Snow Heavy, Individual Snow Small, Individual Snow Medium, Individual Snow Large

    60 Savannah Gardens Spring & Summer Actions

    • 16 Color Bases.Black & White: Basic, Black & White: Nostalgic Film, Black & White: Rich Black & White: Soft, Blooming Blossoms, Cooling Dusk, Pastel Spring Evening, Rainbows, Raspberry Sangria, Seasonal Dream Booster, Seasonal Wash, Soft Warm Dusk, Summer Solstice, Warm Golden Evening, Warm Peach Evening, Warm Spring Day, Wildflowers
    • 7 Color Overlays. Warm, cool, pink, teal, purple, fire, pastel
    • 6 Sunburst Overlays. Warm half sunrise/sunset, red half sunrise/sunset, sunburst (light, warm, fire, red)
    • 9 Seasonal Enhancements. Earth & sky dodge & burn, rain overlay (small, medium, large, foreground), seasonal dream booster (light, heavy), highlight glow overlay (light, heavy)
    • 22 Brushes.Enhance depth of field (light, heavy), warming (shadows, highlights), cooling (shadows, highlights), boost saturation (light, heavy), saturation reduction, increase drama (light, heavy), reduce drama (light, heavy), floral color change (yellows to green, oranges to green, greens to yellow), floral saturation pop, sky color shift (navy blues, cyans, purples), sky enhance (blue sky & clouds, sunset & clouds)

    57 Horizons Landscape Actions

    • High Dynamic Range Styles:HDR (soft, medium, strong), HDR saturated (soft, medium, strong)
    • Color Bases:Deep Sangria, Rich Earth, Saphire Skies, Desert Fire, Full Dynamic Boost, Light Film, Deep Film, Cool Dusk Film, Day Turned Dusk Cool, Day Turned Dusk Warm, Day Turned Dusk Fire, Day Turned, Night Cool, Black & White Crunch, Black & White Crunch Film
    • Color Overlays:Warm (+, ++), cool (+, ++), pink (+, ++), purple (+, ++), fire, pastel
    • Brushes:Blur, sharpen, add drama (light, heavy), reduce drama (light, heavy), boost saturation (light, heavy), reduce saturation, warm (highlights, shadows), cool (highlights, shadows), earth (yellows to green, oranges to green, greens to yellow, greens to orange, reduce fluorescent greens, cool the greens, floral pop), water (add teal green, add rich blues), sky (blues to navy blues, blues to cyan, blues to purple, enhance blue sky & clouds, enhance sunset & clouds)

    43 Painterly Pastels Actions:

    • Color Bases: Clean Depth, Naturally Colorful, Cool & Bright, Warm & Bright, Deep Vibrance, Pastel Canvas, Evergreen Light, Crisp Dynamic Range, Peaches & Teal, Cool Mint, Velvet Shades, Orange Wheat, Violet Essence, Blue Harmony, Lush Blush, Cool Dusk, Vanilla Matte, Peppermint Palette, Cool & Warm Film, Sunshine Radiance
    • Color Washes: Crimson, Rose, Sienna, Blackberry, Lemon, Sky Blue
    • Filter Overlays: Warming, Cooling, Peachy, Pink, Purple, Teal, Green
    • Brushes: Color Saturate, Color Desaturate, Light Increase, Light Decrease, Blur Subtle, Blur Heavy, Rich Overlay Subtle, Rich Overlay Heavy, Dreamy Overlay Subtle, Dreamy Overlay Heavy

    39 Light & Airy Actions:

    • 20 Color Tones: Light & Airy Warm, Light & Airy Cool, Light & Airy Peach, Lavender Light, White & Bright, A Little Pop, Colorful Mist, Shine So Bright, Magenta Memories, Wandering Sunlight, Color Fade, Bright & Beautiful, Analog Lift, Soft Firelight, Peach Love, Lifted Rose, Sweet Sugar Pop, Summertime, Cool Breeze, Lavender Film
    • 5 Monochromes: Brightened Light, Softened Glow, Faded Analog, Sepia Tone, Cool Tone
    • 6 Overlay Color Filters: Warm, Cool, Peach, Mint, Lilac, Pastel
    • 8 Brushes: Contrast Light & Airy,  Boost Highlights & Whites, Lift Shadows, Soften Colors, Floral Saturation, Cooling Highlights, Warming Highlights, Peachy Highlights

    Watercolor, Paint, & More (PS only): 12 actions, with 81 integrated brushes and 14 integrated unique patterns 

    • Modern Graphic Watercolor, Ink and Watercolor, Artistic Watercolor, Mixed Watercolor, Smooth Watercolor, Script Watercolor, Artistic Painting, Portrait Painting, Oil HDR, Pencil Sketch, Stamp Art 

    Luxe 40 Action Toolkit

    • 3 Quick Access Items: Duplicate Image, Flatten All Layers, Flatten All Layers to New Layer
    • 21 General Workflow: Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure (Increase, Decrease), Contrast (Increase, Decrease), Depth Contrast, Highlight (Booster, Dimmer, Recovery), Midtone (Booster, Dimmer), Shadow (Booster, Cruncher, Recovery), Temperature (Warmer, Cooler), Saturation (Increase, Decrease), Haze (Add, Remove), Dodge & Burn
    • 6 Grain Actions: Normal Grain (Low, Medium, High), Film Grain (Low, Medium, High)
    • 10 Final Sharpening Actions: Basic & Pro LAB: Full Size, 2500px, 1500px, 750px, 72dpi (Web)

    26 Lighthouse Jack Frost Actions 

    • Cool Winds -A cool-purple toned look with softened contrasts
    • Plum Overtones -Soft magenta shadows under peachy-pink highlights
    • Soft Overcast -A muted contrast look with cooling overtones 
    • Cool Winter Portrait -A rich & colorful look with deep contrast and cool filtering
    • Warm Winter Portrait -Warm tones overlay lifted shadows and reduced highlights
    • Sweater Weather -A subtle look with natural coloring and slightly boosted depth
    • Touch Of Ice -Boosted overall contrast and saturation, with a cool-purple haze overlaid
    • Warm & Comforting -A filmy-warm look with reduced highlights and lifted shadows
    • Gingerbread Cookies -Peachy-warm filtering overlays soft contrast tones
    • December Dusk -A reduced exposure look with rich, warm sunlight-toned highlights
    • Frosted Evergreen -A poppy look with cool-evergreen toned highlights and shadows
    • Light & Cool -A simply-soft look with light, cooling overtones
    • Light & Warm - Warming filtering overlay beautifully soft contrast
    • Sweet Cane -A saturated look with cherry-cinnamon toned highlights and shadows 
    • Golden Fleece -Rich, warming shadows and highlights, along with a subtle color pop
    • Soften The Whites -An action for toning down snowy-white highlights
    • Jack Frost -A very cold, dusk-toned look, with rich contrast and saturation
    • Winter Wine - Red wine colored shadows meet slightly cooled highlights and a saturation lift
    • Firewood Light -Soft warming shadows under boosted contrast tones
    • Deep Forest - A rich analog-inspired look with green shadow toning and peachy highlights
    • B&W Tones: Basic Desaturate, Soft Light, Crisp Tones, Delightfully Analog, Cinnamon Stick, Deep Film

    Lighthouse Winter Toolkit (free ad-on!):

    • Quick Items: Duplicate, Flatten All Layers, Flatten All Layers to New Layer
    • Toolkit: Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure Increase/Decrease, Contrast Increase/Decrease, Depth Contrast, Highlight Booster/Dimmer, Midtone Booster/Dimer, Shadow Booster/Cruncher/Recovery, Highlight Recovery, Temp Warmer/Cooler, Saturation Increase/Decrease, Haze Add/Remove, Dodge & Burn
    • Winter Overlay Filters: Warm, Cool, Fire, Ice, Pastel
    • Winter Snow: Small Snowflakes, Medium Snowflakes, Large Snowflakes, Light Snow Mix, Heavy Snow Mix, Blizzard Mix
    • Effects: Dreamy Contrast Light, Contrast Boosted
    • Brushes: Brighten & Cool Snow, Soften & Cool Snow, Reduce Skin Redness, Boost Saturation Light, Boost Saturation Heavy, Reduce Saturation Light, Reduce Saturation Heavy, Warm The Highlights, Warm The Shadows, Cool The Highlights, Cool The Shadows, Greens to Evergreen, Vignette Soft/Medium/Deep
    • Grain: Normal Low/Med/High, Film Low/Med/High
    • Final Sharpening: Basic Full/2500px/1500px/750px/72dpi (Web), Pro LAB Full/2500px/1500px/750px/72dpi (Web)

    A big shout out to our featured photographers Prudence RufusIain Waterston, Kristen PawloskiStella Dontu, Anna Volkovich and Tara Rochelle!