Luxe Firewood & Frost Winter Photoshop Actions


Luxe Firewood & Frost Winter Photoshop Actions

Winter has arrived, along with our all new 2018 release of winter actions. Enhance cold and snowy outdoor shots along with warm and rich indoor shoots that characterize this rich holiday-filled time of year. We've completely revamped our approach to actions with this seasonally-themed collection of 69 actions! The collection contains 21 General Workflow Actions, 5 Face & Skin Actions, 4 Brushes, 7 Vignettes, 18 Bases, 10 Filters, 5 Snow Actions, 6 Grain Actions, and 10 Final Sharpening Actions. The various bases, filters, actions, and final touches were designed to be stacked for individualized editing. Together, these actions magnify the warm and cool colors of the season. This set pairs perfectly with Luxe Snow Overlays (sold separately), but note that 5 snow actions are already included with this set. 

About this collection:

  • 69 Photoshop Actions total
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Compatible with Photoshop* CS 5-7 and the Creative Cloud
  • Instant Download with Installation Instructions Provided
  • *Photoshop actions require basic working knowledge of Photoshop
Luxe Firewood & Frost Winter Photoshop Actions Feature


21 General Workflow Actions

Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure Increase, Exposure Decrease, Contrast Increase, Contrast Decrease, Depth Contrast, Highlight Booster, Highlight Dimmer, Shadow Booster, Shadow Cruncher, Midtone Booster, Midtone Dimmer, Shadow Recovery, Highlight Recovery, Temperature Warmer, Temperature Cooler, Saturation Increase, Saturation Decrease, Haze Add, Haze Remove, Dodge & Burn 

5 Winter Face & Skin Actions

Frequency Skin Tone Evening, Quick Skin Smoother, Iris Booster, Eye Whitening, Teeth Whitening

4 Winter Brushes

Blur Soft, Blur Heavy, Color Increase, Color Decrease

7 Winter Vignettes

Light, Dark, Warm, Cool, Red, Pink, Purple

13 Winter Color Bases

  • Snow White Cool – Soft film look with cool temperatures and pastel pink highlights.
  • Snow White Warm – Desaturated warm overcast with light hints of creamy pastels.
  • Soft Frost – Cool shadows, a glimmer of pink in the mids, and a cold winter highlight - all combined to create a frosty winter morning feel.
  • Pale Rose – Soft rosy overtones with cool magenta shadows and a boost to contrast and color to complete.
  • Winter Forest – A winter forest haze, complete with hints of warm greens and cooling shadows.
  • Soft Pastels – Dreamy soft pink and purple pastels, reminiscent of vintage films from days past.
  • Midnight Blues – A very dark film look with cold gothic shadows, soft pink mids, and desaturated white highlights.
  • Winter’s Eve – A filmy tone with teal highlights, magenta shadows, and a color pop to boost.
  • Dark Pines – Frigid cold blue-green shadows and warming magenta mids, with lightly frosted teal highlights to ice things over.
  • Dreams of Magenta – Heavy magenta overtones with a hint of purple richness in the deep shadows.
  • Distant Nostalgia – A very nostalgic film look that mixes peachy overtones with cold pastel undertones.
  • Cinematic Frost –Cold and darkness mixed with deep magenta shadows, freezing cold mids, and cyan highlights; cinematic winter at its finest.
  • Ice Cold Dusk – A dark film look, infusing peach and magenta skin tones with icy blues in the shadows and highlights; perfect for a cold and foggy evening.

5 Winter Color Filters

  • Warm Filter –Hint of sun warmth.
  • Frost Filter –Cooling filter with magenta mid-tones and cyan highlights.
  • Ice Filter –Cinematic cooling filter for adding cold highlights and deep magenta shadows.
  • Pastel Filter –Creamy pastel filter that adds a vintage film look to your image.
  • Red & Cyan Filter –Filmy rich reds in the shadows and cooling cyan blues in the highlights.

5 Winter Black & White Bases

Basic, Modern Clean, Vintage Soft, Rich & Classic, Dark Film 

5 Winter Black & White Filters

Sepia, Vintage Pastel, Vintage Frost, Vintage Ice, Vintage Red & Cyan

5 Snow Actions

Full Snow Soft, Full Snow Heavy, Individual Snow Small, Individual Snow Medium, Individual Snow Large

6 Grain Actions

Normal Grain Low, Normal Grain Medium, Normal Grain High, Film Grain Low, Film Grain Medium, Film Grain High

10 Final Sharpening Actions

Basic Full Size, Basic 2500px, Basic 1500px, Basic 750px, Basic 72dpi (web), Pro LAB Full Size, Pro LAB 2500px, Pro LAB 1500px, Pro LAB 750px, Pro LAB 72dpi (web)


A big shout out to our featured photographers Anna Melnikova, Bree Friesen, Iza Lyson, Megann Robinson, D'Ann Boal, and Tatyana Tomshichkova

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