All presets are compatible with all modern versions of Adobe Lightroom Desktop & Mobile, including CC and Classic CC.  This includes the free Lightroom CC mobile app. Additionally, presets are compatible with Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop.

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    "I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

    "OMG these are amazing. I had never used overlays until now but now I'll never be able to look back." Sarah I


    The Luxe Lens

    Watercolor, Paint, & More! Photoshop Actions, Brushes, & Overlays

    This collection contains complex actions, brushes and textures. It is compatible with Photoshop. It is not compatible with Elements or Lightroom. 

    Transform your photos into works of art with the Luxe Watercolors, Paints, and More! Photoshop actions collection. This highly versatile collection of complex actions adds a variety of creative effects to images, such as watercolor painting, portrait painting, oil painting, pencil sketch, and graphic effects. These realistic and stylistic edits can be created with Photoshop actions, brushes, and textures – all of which are included within this creative collection.

    For a limited time only, enjoy our exclusive Luxe Watercolor Brushes and Overlays collection as a free add-on ($89 value) when you purchase this stand alone Photoshop action collection (does not come free within the actions bundle). This versatile product addition includes 20 unique watercolor overlays and 71 watercolor brushes (54 authentic, 11 digitally enhanced, 3 color dynamic, and 3 mixer). 

    About this collection:

    • 12 actions, with 81 integrated brushes and 14 integrated unique patterns
    • Luxe 40 action toolkit
    • Works on RAW & JPEG images
    • Compatible with Photoshop* CS 6, CC, or 2020 and later
    • Instant Download
    • *Basic software knowledge is necessary

    12 Actions

    • Modern Graphic Watercolor
    • Ink and Watercolor
    • Artistic Watercolor
    • Mixed Watercolor
    • Smooth Watercolor
    • Script Watercolor
    • Artistic Painting
    • Portrait Painting
    • Oil HDR
    • Pencil Sketch
    • Stamp Art 


      Luxe 40 Action Toolkit

      3 Quick Access Items: Duplicate Image, Flatten All Layers, Flatten All Layers to New Layer

      21 General Workflow:Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure (Increase, Decrease), Contrast (Increase, Decrease), Depth Contrast, Highlight (Booster, Dimmer, Recovery), Midtone (Booster, Dimmer), Shadow (Booster, Cruncher, Recovery), Temperature (Warmer, Cooler), Saturation (Increase, Decrease), Haze (Add, Remove), Dodge & Burn

      6 Grain Actions: Normal Grain (Low, Medium, High), Film Grain (Low, Medium, High)

      10 Final Sharpening Actions: Basic & Pro LAB: Full Size, 2500px, 1500px, 750px, 72dpi (Web)


      A big shout out to our featured photographer Carissa Davis!