All presets are compatible with all modern versions of Adobe Lightroom Desktop & Mobile, including CC and Classic CC.  This includes the free Lightroom CC mobile app. Additionally, presets are compatible with Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop.

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    The Luxe Lens

    Light & Airy Photoshop Actions

    Presenting the all new Light & Airy Photoshop Action collection. 

    Change to smart object, dehaze, mask, HSL adjustments coupled with preferred tone curves, targeted brushes...this is just a snippet of the complex editing process necessitated by light & airy photo edits. Do you have the time to complete this process with every photo from your shoot? Nope. Do you need to deliver flawless light & airy edits that are on trend & professional? Yup. Enter Light & Airy Photoshop actions. Inspired by the highly popular Light & Airy Lightroom preset collections for Lightroom & Photoshop (ACR), this Photoshop action collection flawlessly lightens & brightens your photos using an automated process that saves you time & delivers remarkable results. 

    Edit your images with both speed & precision using the combination of color & monochrome actions, color overlays, & brushes in this all new & on trend actions collection. This collection includes 31 light & airy styled actions & 8 light & airy styled brushes. 

    About this collection:

    • 31 light & airy actions + 8 light & airy brushes
    • Works on RAW & JPEG images
    • Compatible with Photoshop* CS 6, CC, or 2020 and later; Photoshop Elements* v.15 & later (select format below before adding to cart)
    • Instant Download
    • *Basic software knowledge is necessary

    20 Light & Airy Color Tones:

    • Light & Airy Warm - A clean, lifted look, with warming overtones
    • Light & Airy Cool - Soft highlights & lifted shadows, with lightly cooled filtering
    • Light & Airy Peach- Peachy coloring over beautifully-soft contrast tones
    • Lavender Light - An analog-inspired preset with filmy, plum-toned shadows
    • White & Bright - A boosted look with brightened highlights & whites
    • A Little Pop - A clean look with subtle pops to the contrast & overall coloring
    • Colorful Mist - Pushed shadows, pulled highlights, & soft peachy overtones
    • Shine So Bright - An overly bright look with cooling highlights & a vibrance pop
    • Magenta Memories - Heavily lifted shadows & peachy-warm filtering create a nostalgic-rich vibe
    • Wandering Sunlight - Rich warm filtering over lifted shadows & boosted highlights
    • Color Fade - A soft, desaturated look with a slight contrast boost & brightened whites
    • Bright & Beautiful- A clean look with subtle boosts to the saturation & vibrance
    • Analog Lift - A film-toned style with subtle color changes & a saturation lift
    • Soft Firelight - Slightly decreased exposure, warm & peachy filtering, & softened shadows & highlights 
    • Peach Love - A beautifully-soft preset with bright, peachy highlights, & warming shadows
    • Lifted Rose - A soft, rosy-toned style, with increased shadows & highlights
    • Sweet Sugar Pop - A very colorful preset with bright highlights & softened shadows
    • Summertime - A warm, rich look with a boost to the vibrance & saturation
    • Cool Breeze - Peachy-cool highlights, lifted shadows, & an increase in overall saturation
    • Lavender Film - A soft & playful look inspired by classic light & airy film styles

    5 Light & Airy Monochromes:

    • Brightened Light - A lifted black & white look with bright whites & softened overall contrasts
    • Softened Glow - A simple, clean black & white look with subtle glowing highlights
    • Faded Analog- A film-inspired monochrome preset with lifted shadows & decreased highlights
    • Sepia Tone - A soft & classic monochrome look with warming overtones
    • Cool Tone - Silvery-cool tinting overlays clean black & white toning

    6 Overlay Color Filters:
    Warm, Cool, Peach, Mint, Lilac, Pastel

    8 Brushes:
    Contrast Light & Airy,  Boost Highlights & Whites, Lift Shadows, Soften Colors, Floral Saturation, Cooling Highlights, Warming Highlights, Peachy Highlights



      A big shout out to our featured photographers Nikola Joubert, White Pear Photography, Beth Philippidis, Jamie Eilts, Sweenshots, Robert Marcillas, Aaron Baxter, Natalie Gildersleeve, Tim Laielli, & Laura Helle!