Free Lightroom Presets Collection

Editing a picture to get a specific look can take hours and often necessitates specific training in editing technique and theory. Lightroom presets take the work out of photo editing. In a nutshell, a preset is a predefined collection of editing settings in Adobe Lightroom that can be applied to pictures with the click of a button. Each of our presets change an average of 20-50 settings within Lightroom, based on industry-standard technique and theory, to achieve a certain look. While this sample is by no means a reflection of our comprehensive collections, it will allow you to get a sense of what presets are and how they work.

Detailed installation instructions are available in written and video format. Please add us to your safe senders list so that your presets don't end up in your spam folder. Please allow up to 20 minutes for delivery. 

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Sample Presets

  • B&W Red – From the Luxe Fall Collection. Black and white with red shadows and warm highlights; modern and retro
  • Cinematic Landscape – From the Luxe Landscapes Collection. Colorful, high dynamic range, high clarity, and a matte tone curve that softens the feel by clipping the shadows and highlights.
  • Cool Film – From the Brixton Film Essentials Collection. Strong fade, with a cool color cast and a hint of red shadows, softening, medium grain, and mild color contortion.
  • Details - From the Luxe Essentials Collection. High contrast, saturation, vibrancy and sharpness with a strong vignette; ideal for detail shots
  • Warm Intensity – From the Luxe Portraits Collection. Strong warm tone, with saturated orange and pink tones
  • Wedding Standard - From the Luxe Weddings Collection. A standard enhancement, adding contrast, dynamic range, and saturation, while protecting greens and skin tones.