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Luxe Cinematic HDR Presets LR/ACR

Please note: ACR presets work in Adobe Camera Raw. They are not Photoshop actions. For those, shop our collection of Photoshop actions.

Luxe Cinematic HDR Lightroom or Photoshop (ACR) Presets 

Introducing our all new limited release collection of Cinematic HDR presets. This set comes with 20 presets, 11 tools, and 10 brushes. Recreate the vivid artistic and dramatic tones of popular films and movies with a single click. 

About this collection:

Cinematic HDR Presets for Lightroom and ACR

    20 Presets

    • Action HDR – Brightened with high dynamic range
    • B&W Punchy - High dynamic range with extended contrast, very bright highlights, high clarity, deep blacks
    • B&W Faded - Film noir look, faded contrast, sharp; moody & dark
    • Blue - Punchy, high dynamic range, high clarity, cool color cast, slight grain, & vignette
    • Bohemian - Fading, muted highlights, deep blacks & shadows, & slight blue/red split-tone
    • Classic – Brightened, lightened, & warmed; high clarity, clipped highlights, slightly faded shadows, & slight grain
    • Cool - Cold, slightly muted, slightly cut blacks & whites, & medium clarity
    • Detective - Brightened mid-tones, high dynamic range, very low vibrancy, high saturation, & warm/cold split toning.
    • Documentary – Cool & deep, slightly faded shadows
    • Drama - High contrast & clarity, bright & bold, deep shadows, & light blue/green split tone
    • Film – Muted & muddy colors; dark shadows, slight fade, low contrast, & high clarity
    • Historic – Strong fading, muting, saturated reds & magentas, warm highlights & mid-tones
    • Hollywood – Brightened with high vibrancy & bright mid-tones
    • Indie – Muted & faded with high clarity, deep shadows, slight grain, & a warm/cold color cast
    • Romance – Soft & warm; red/pink toning with intense red saturation, slight cool cast in highlights, & slight grain
    • Street - Increased dynamic range with deep blacks, nice contrast, muted greens, & slight cool color tone in the shadows
    • Thriller - Punchy, intense, some muted colors, desaturated greens, high clarity, slight fade, & cool tones
    • Underground - Deep blacks, low vibrancy, high saturation; & desaturated green, yellows, & orange color ranges
    • Vivid - Bright, colorful, saturated, & high dynamic range.
    • Washed - Flat, low contrast, dark, deep blacks, muted, & brown/blue split tone
    11 Tool Presets:

    Blackbars, Blackbars -, Blackbars +, Blackbars remove, Clarity +, Clarity ++, Clarity +++, Clarity reset, Vignette, Vignette +, Vignette reset

    10 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom only):

    Dehaze, Dehaze +, Desaturate, Desaturate +, Intensify, Intensify +, Saturate, Saturate +, Soften, Soften +


    A big shout out to our featured photographers Kristin Pawloski, Luka MD'Ann Boal, and Iain Waterston!

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