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Luxe Perfect Portraits Photoshop Actions

At long last, we're pleased to announce our Photoshop Actions! Our Perfect Portraits Collection allows you to fully adjust brightness, temperature, color, skin tones, and make-up - all with the click of a button. Realistically retouched skin? Click. Change outfit color? Click. Perfect lighting? Click. Fully customize each of your portraits with this essential collection of 34 actions for Photoshop. 

About this collection:

  • 34 Photoshop Actions
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS 6 and the Creative Cloud
  • Standard and button mode
  • Basic Photoshop knowledge is necessary
  • Instant download
  • Written and video instructions included
Portrait Photoshop actions

    Brightness and Temperature

    • Lighten Entire Image – Brightens and fixes underexposure.
    • Darken Entire Image – Darkens overexposed images.
    • Cool It Down – Cools down the overall temperature.
    • Warm It Up – Warms up the overall temperature.
      Color Adjustments
      • Color Changer – Use this action to completely alter the color of a portion of an image, change a garment color, the color of flowers… anything!
      • Mute Color w/Brush – Manually brush in areas to lower the saturation.
      • Mute Color w/Selection – Select a range of colors where you want to lower the saturation.
      • Boost Color w/Brush – Same as above, but with added saturation.
      • Boost Color w/Selection – Same as above, but with added saturation.


          • Pop Highlights – Gives the brighter areas of an image an extra boost.
          • Tone Down Highlights w/Curve – Tones down overexposure.
          • Tone Down Highlights – Tones down the bright areas of an image with your input, allowing you to see the result and make adjustments.
          • Darken Shadows – Gives the darker areas of an image more punch.
          • Brighten Shadows– Brings out shadow detail with your input, allowing you to see the result and make adjustments.
          • Dodge & Burn – Manually brush in areas you’d like to lighten or darken.
          • Add Contrast – Boosts contrast without losing detail in the whites or blacks.

          Skin Tones

          • Dodge & Burn Skin – An alternate version of the Lighting Dodge & Burn action; creates a softer effect for skin.
          • Mute Color –Brush over areas of skin and mute red and yellow tones.
          • Soft Color Boost – Adds color back into skin via the brush.
          • Medium Color Boost – A heavier addition of color to skin tones via the brush.
          • Remove Red – Brush over areas of skin to soften red tones.
          • Remove Orange – Brush over areas of skin to soften orange tones.
          • Remove Yellow – Brush over areas of skin to soften yellow tones.
          • Remove Green– Great for garden shoots, which result in too much green light on the subject.
          • Remove Blue– Great for warming things up after a cold-toned shoot
          • Remove Magenta– Balance out the magenta cast of skin.

          Model Retouching

          • Skin: Soften – Evens out skin tones.
          • Skin: Smooth with Detail – Subtly smooths skin, while maintaining detail and texture
          • Eyes: Enhance and Whiten – Adds contrast while whitening eyes.
          • Teeth: Brilliant Smile – Whitens and brightens teeth.
          • Lip: Soft Color – Adds a subtle pink lip color.
          • Lip: Bold Color – Adds a bold red lip color.
          • Cheeks: Blush – Adds a soft blush to cheeks.
          • Eyebrows: Fill – Sample the color of your model’s eyebrows and paint it in to darken and enhance them.

            A big shout out to our featured photographers Stella Dontu, Iain Waterston, Liz StraightKristen Pawloski, Tara RochelleAnna Volkovich, and Christa Gable-Smothers!

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