"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.


Film Photoshop Actions

Presenting the all new Brixton Film Photoshop Action collection. Inspired by the highly popular Brixton Film preset collections for Lightroom and Photoshop (ACR), this fully encompassing set of film-emulation actions and tools brings film and creative chemical processing into the modern Photoshop digital world. From light & airy styles that replicate instant films and classic analog formats, to heavily matted looks and deeply artistic elements, such as cross processing, highlight blooms, and light leaks, the Brixton Film Photoshop Action collection will transform your images into beautiful, film-like photos. Edit your images in all new and creative ways with our classically inspired monochrome looks, colored-gel-like filters, and film-mimicking grain overlays. This collection includes 47 Brixton Film Photoshop Actions and our Brixton Film 46 action toolkit.

About this collection:

  • 47 Brixton Film actions + the Brixton 46 action toolkit 
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Compatible with all current subscription versions of Photoshop and the latest version of Photoshop Elements. 
  • Compatible with Photoshop* CS 6, CC, or 2020 and later; Photoshop Elements* v.15 and later (select format below before adding to cart)
  • Instant Download
  • *Basic software knowledge is necessary

 Film Looks - Light & Airy

  • Warm Base - A simple soft look, with light contrasts and warming filters
  • Cool Base - A simple soft look, with light contrasts and cooling filters
  • Clean & Crisp - Slightly modified individual color tones, overlapped with increased contrast and saturation.
  • Rich Earth - A rich, filmy tone, with boosted colors and added warmth.
  • Teal Feathers - Light contrasts, lifted curves, and teal highlights to finish.
  • Soft Peaches - A very soft analog style, with peach toned highlights. 
  • Stained Glass - Cooling-purple shadows & warming highlights, under earthly tones and slightly boosted contrast.
  • Raspberry Fields - Moody magentas mix with soft pinks, along with a clean contrast boost.
  • Blush Skies - Soft, blush colored tones fade into rich warming shades, creating a silky film look.
  • Fireside Glow - Fire-toned shadows overlay blurred and brightened highlights.
  • Evening Sun - A deep warm look with lifted shadows and heightened contrasts.
  • Deep Sea - Increased highlights, deepened shadows, and soft, filmy color tones.
  • Coral Dawn - Brown-magenta shadows meet lifted warm highlights and rich color tones.
  • Velvet Smoke - A hazed look with cooling purple overtones and overly soft contrasts.
  • Soft & Saturated - Reduced highlights, raised shadows, and filmy, natural coloring.
  • Deep & Desaturated - A heavy analog look with hazy shadows and highlights, along with overly desaturated tones.

Film Looks - Deep & Artistic

  • Honey Blossoms - Bright & washed, with boosted shadow warmth and slightly cooled highlights.
  • Tweed - Very deep blacks and warming whites; A classic, heavy contrast film tone.
  • Dusty Violet - Slightly faded shadows and highlights, with a rich pink-purple overtone.
  • Cool Water - A colder look with increased saturation and blue shadows.
  • Bold Rose - Creamy highlights and deepened shadows, under magenta overtones.
  • Morning Clover - A stylistic look with a deep yellow-green filter over desaturated colors.
  • Deep Warm Film - Heavy warm overall toning with lifted film-like shadows.
  • Rich Plum - A rich style with purple toned shadows and extra warm highlights.
  • Dreams Bloom - Blurring soft colors and a dream-like overall presence.
  • Antique Moss - Rich teal-green highlights over deeply warmed shadows and boosted contrasts.
  • Magical Moonlight - A heavy decrease in exposure, with cool navy-blue tones and saturated colors.
  • Cross Processed I - A very artistic cross-processed film look with deep mauve shadows and teal highlights. 
  • Cross Processed II - An old-school cross-processed film look with overly rich yellow highlights and deep purple shadows.

Monochrome Looks

  • Basic - A soft and clean black & white base filter.
  • Analog - A darker medium contrast black & white with lifted shadows 
  • Antique Silver - Rich dark details, increased highlights, and boosted overall contrast.
  • Vintage Film - A classic black & white film look with lifted shadows and reduced highlights.
  • Vintage Film + Sepia - Same as the above preset, but with a warm-toned color overlay.
  • Charcoal - Very heavy shadows, soft highlights, and a contrast boost.
  • Charcoal + Cool - Same as the above look, but with a soft cooling-blue filter.

Color Overlay Filters

  • Warming Filter - A classic soft orange & sepia toned filter.
  • Fire Filter - Rich warm and red toned filter.
  • Sweet Pink Filter - Pastel pink toned overlay filter.
  • Icy Cool Filter - A cool blue toned filter.
  • Turquoise Filter - Turquoise and teal color toning.
  • Vintage Pastel Filter - Soft purple shadows and light pink highlights.

Light Leaks

  • Warm Sides - Thin warm red vertical light leaks on the left & right.
  • Warm Mix 1 - Multiple warmer light leaks, creating an expired film look.
  • Warm Mix 2 - Several diagonal leaks, creating an expired film look.
  • Cool Blue - Airy blue diagonal leaks on both sides of the image.
  • Radiant - Soft pastel purples, reds, oranges, and blues mixed throughout.

Brixton Film 46 Action Toolkit

6 Grain: Normal Grain (Low, Med, & High), Film Grain (Low, Med, & High)

3 Quick Access Items: Duplicate Image, Flatten All Layers, Flatten All Layers to New Layer

21 General Workflow: Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure (Increase, Decrease), Contrast (Increase, Decrease), Depth Contrast, Highlight (Booster, Dimmer, Recovery), Midtone (Booster, Dimmer), Shadow (Booster, Cruncher, Recovery), Temperature (Warmer, Cooler), Saturation (Increase, Decrease), Haze (Add, Remove), Dodge & Burn

6 Grain Actions: Normal Grain (Low, Medium, High), Film Grain (Low, Medium, High)

10 Final Sharpening Actions: Basic & Pro LAB: Full Size, 2500px, 1500px, 750px, 72dpi (Web)

A big shout out to our featured photographers Monica TerryAnna Caitlin Photography, Beth PhilippidisJodi Lynn, Breezy Photography, Danae Martin, Danielle Navratil, David Merron, Shelby Robinson, Sollena PhotographyTara Rochelle, and Shiloh Colleen.