"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

Installation Toubleshooting

Can’t open the download link

  • The download link is a zipped file. Right-click the file and then click on extract.
  • When downloading your file after purchasing, select the “save” option instead of opening the file. If you do not specify a download location, the file will often be found in a folder labeled “downloads”.
  • Some computers may require an external program to unzip the file. 7-Zip is a free and well-known software that compresses and extracts files. PeaZip is another free option.


Unzipped files aren’t recognized by my computer

  • Make sure that you have Lightroom software installed on your computer. This is required in order for your computer to recognize the files.


There is no pre-existing “local adjustment presets” folder

  • It’s ok to create this folder within the Lightroom folder if it doesn’t already exist. Make sure that you name it exactly as shown above.


Presets or brushes not loading

  • Check to see that the presets have been transferred to the correct folder. Presets go to the pre-existing “develop presets” folder and brushes go to the pre-existing “local adjustment presets” folder.
  • Completely close and restart Lightroom.
  • Make sure “store presets with this catalog” is unchecked.
  • If the preset collection name shows in Lightroom on the left hand menu, but you don’t see the names of the individual presents, click the triangle to the left of the collection name and the individual preset names will drop down.
  • To see brushes, click on the brush icon located on the right hand menu. Beneath the word “new”, you will see one upright triangle stacked on one upside-down triangle. Click on this and the brush drop-down menu will pop-up.


Special effects like snow or fairy not working

  • Presets that heavily rely on the radial filter may take longer to load – particularly on older computers.
  • Here are some tips to reduce loading time: 1) make sure other background programs like PowerPoint or Photoshop are closed 2) defragment your drive 3) delete temporary and downloaded files because these can take up extra space 4) scan for malware and viruses.