"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

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Welcome to the Luxe Partner Hub! 

Review program details, get updates, and upload edits all right here

Here we'll provide info on seasonally relevant updates to our program to avoid bogging you down with email updates when we have new releases or program changes! Be sure to bookmark this page and check in for seasonal updates! DM me via @theluxelens on IG or FB if you need this link again. Do not share or list this link. 

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Luxe Program Basics

Our hybrid organic program is focused on authentic, supportive, and mutually beneficial relationships with our fellow photographers & creatives

  • 25% of sale reward with a 30-day cookie

  • 20% off discount for your followers 

  • Partner dashboard with accurate datafeed via GrowthHero

  • Custom referral link & smart links

  • Monthly PayPal Payouts

  • Always-on partner support; Available 7 days a week CST

Sharing your link

Stories + Posts + Reels

One of the best ways to share your Luxe edits and discount link is in on social media with your organic and genuine use!

Link in Bio + Highlights

Having your link available for seekers in your bio or available in your pinned Highlights is always a great idea!

Blog + Site + Course

You can highlight products you genuinely use  in educational resources about your workflow or recommended lists.

Social Sharing

Share genuinely within photography and editing groups or when asked by followers, friends, family, or mentees.

Summer Updates

Click a topic below to read more about exciting new program updates!

Discount Code Update

Your short link discount has increased from 15% to 20%! Whenever someone uses your short link it should redirect to the Luxe homepage, drop a 30-day cookie, and they should see a 20% discount at checkout. 

Now through Cyber Week we've temporarily increased discount to 30%! 

We are working on adding a "You are shopping with X!" message when the page redirects to avoid confusion and make it easier than every to quickly test your link on different devices. 

Smart Links - Share Specific Pages w/ Discount

You may have noticed that if you make a product-specific link of your own that it isn't dropping your discount! To work around this we are assigning functioning Smart Links!

Smart links allow you to direct someone to a specific product while still getting your 20% discount. 

When you log into your Growthhero dashboard you can see which smart links are already available to you. You can email me via this link to request additional product-specific Smart Links. 

Remember, the more you share with examples of your beautiful work, the more sales you'll make and the bigger your monthly payout! 

Upcoming Product Releases

We've been busy bees this year and would love for you to try and share about some of our latest releases! As we release new products I will send them your way as a new order with a fresh download link. If I send them your way pre-release, I will add them to an existing order and resend an older link! 

Recent Releases:
Luxe Wedding Pro AI Toolkit
Atmosphere Bundle
On the Farm 2.0
Luxe Portrait Pro AI Toolkit

ColorMade Sweater Weather 2.0 

ColorMade Single Palette Refreshes (Copper, Warm Petals, Street Chic, Chateau, and Royal Gardens

Brixton Film Film Essentials 2.0

DigiFilm Earthborn Hues 2.0
ColorMade Winter

DigiFilm Sand & Stone 2.0

AI Toolkit for iPhone/iPad (DNG) 
DigiFilm Portraits 2.0 

Luxe Wanderlust 2.0 

ColorMade Weddings Pro Workflow

Luxe Sports

Continued Product 2.0 updates
More AI Toolkits 

I am always happy to provide detailed product support, take feedback, or answer any questions you may have via email HERE

Photo Upload Feature

We love when you share your latest edits with us! If it's been tricky emailing directly or knowing where/how to best send images, we've got a brand new solution!

Use the new Photo Uploader & Gallery above to easily share your Luxe edits with us with your workflow details in the caption! 

Alternatively feel free to share with workflow details directly with me via this email link! 

Request Resources

More ways to get involved! 

We love community at Luxe and if you'd love more ways to share, we'd love for you to be a part of what makes Luxe great! 

Luxe Facebook Community- We would love to grow our Luxe community on Facebook! We would love for our Affiliates to join and invite any friends, associates, or mentees that may be using Luxe products in their editing! 

Copy Example when inviting others to the group: 
"We'd love to have you in the Luxe community! A space for sharing your Luxe edits, asking for recommendations or detailed workflow questions, uplifting one another, and celebrating a love for editing with Luxe!

Instagram Seasonal Hashtag - You can also encourage image sharing with our seasonal Hashtag on Instagram

Current Hashtag: #LUXESUMMEREDIT  

"Hey friends, if you use Luxe Lens presets or tools in your edits - your work could be featured on their blog/socials and you can be entered for a chance to win a $25 shop credit by sharing your images with the #LUXESUMMEREDIT hashtag this season!

My Luxe Edit - Have Mentees, friends, or family that you have referred to Luxe that might want to share their edits with us? We've got a page for them HERE

Partner Page Feature- Are you not already on our Partner Pageand would like to be? Request to be added HERE! Or have you not recently added recent work or updated your favorite products? Request Updates HERE

Luxe Blog Feature - We'd love to collab or feature you on the blog! Reach out HERE!  We would love to feature detailed educational content featuring your images and professional or creative tips! We'd love more overlay, action, mobile, and stylistic or seasonal Lightroom workflow content featuring some of you all and your beautiful work! 


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Have Questions or need product support? 
If you have any questions about our program or your participation as an affiliate, please reach out to me via email! If you have a referee that runs into trouble after buying new presets or other digital resources based on your recommendation, please refer them first to our Help Center and for thorough 1:1 support!