"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.


The Luxe Lens

Stack-Its Color Pop — Stackable Tool Presets (Desktop & Android ONLY)

Stack it, boost it, tone it – any way you like it.  Introducing a new type of collection created to make individualized refinements to image - particularly after applying a primary preset. This versatile collection gives you personalized control over your image to achieve that final professional touch – a touch that’s unique to each image.  This stack-it preset collection comes with 72 stackable presets! Gain control over your post-processing refinements and save precious editing time with Stack-Its from The Luxe Lens. This exclusive collection is only available as an add-on purchase and is not included within any preset collection bundles. 

How does this collection work? We recommend you first apply a standard preset from an appropriate collection. Then, for final professional-grade refinements to your image, you can apply 1 preset from each category of stack-its. Select your category based on the unique needs of your image. For additional assistance, check out our visual guide to using Stack-Its Color Pop Presets.

About this collection:

  • 72 Stackable Presets. 8 base presets, 9 tone-curve presets, 9 HSL presets, 8 split-toning presets, 4 camera-calibration presets, 4 clarity presets, 3 vibrance presets, 1 sharpening preset, 2 noise reduction presets, 2 shadow/highlight presets, 4 contrast presets, 2 black presets, and 16 color-pop presets. 
  • Compatible with all current creative cloud subscription versions of Lightroom for DESKTOP. 

  • Compatible with Lightroom (*CC subscription, 1.0 and later), Lightroom Classic (5, 6, CC 2015, and later); & Photoshop CS6, CC, & 2020+. Check your compatibility here

  • Compatible with all current subscription versions of Lightroom and Photoshop for desktop. 
  • This collection is not compatible with Lightroom mobile on iOS
  • Choose from XMP or LRT presets. 
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Use with Mac and PC
  • Instant download

Learn More About the Stack-It Presets

  • 8 Base Presets: Consider using these presets as a primary preset if you don’t own any additional collections.
  • 9 Tone-Curve Presets: The Tone-Curve changes the overall luminosity and contrast of an image. These presets also adjust color curves, providing an overall color filter on your image.
  • 9 HSL Presets: HSL stands for Hue-Saturation-Luminance. These adjustments brighten, emphasize specific saturations, and control the hue of specific colors.
  • 8 Split-Toning Presets: Split toning applies tones only to certain luminance values within an image. This allows you to add one color at a certain saturation level to the highlights and another color at a different saturation level to the shadows.
  • 4 Camera-Calibration Presets: Calibrate your preset output by adding additional color adjustments via the color portion of the calibration section.
  • 4 Clarity Presets: Clarity boosts the mid-tones within your image, which has the effect of bringing out more or less contrast and detail.
  • 3 Vibrance Presets: Vibrance increases the intensity of muted colors while leaving saturated colors untouched.
  • 1 Sharpening Preset: Sharpening creates the illusion of detail and sharpness by adding contrast to edges within the image.
  • 2 Noise Reduction Presets: Noise Reduction smooths image pixels and removes fine detail.
  • 2 Shadow/Highlight Presets: Shadows presets expose and/or give more depth to already preset shadow tones. Highlights presets bring back detail to bright areas of an image or brighten highlights while protecting against clipping.
  • 4 Contrast Presets: Contrast adjustments darken the darker mid-tones and lighten the lighter mid-tones across the entire image.
  • 2 Black Presets: Deepen the blacks within the image
  • 16 Color-Pop Presets: Maximize the intensity of specific, high-trend color combinations


A big shout out to our featured photographers Julie Jourdan, Pol Miquel, Anka Melnikova, Smitten & Swoon, Bree Friesen, & Jessica Kelley

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