"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

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Welcome to The Luxe Lens 60-Day Challenge

Unfortunately, our challenge course is now full. 

Are you ready to grow as a photographer? To join a community of like-minded peers?

The 60-day challenge (April 3rd, 2017 - May 29th, 2017) is an 8-week program designed to provide online photography training through 8 photo challenges. Participants receive weekly guidance, tips, and tricks; weekly personalized feedback on your photo submissions; 40 free presets; a 50% discount code; and are eligible to receive prizes.

Exactly what you'll get from the $29 entrance fee ($570 value): expert training, personalized coaching, Lightroom presets, Luxe discount, and more! 

  • 8 weeks, 8 photo challenges
  • Weekly topic-specific guidance, tips, and tricks sent to your email inbox each week
  • Weekly feedback on your photo challenge submissions from experts in the field
  • Weekly feedback and connections from a community of peers
  • A total of 40 free, topic-oriented presets, delivered to your email inbox weekly (5 per/wk.)
  • A one-time-use 50% discount code that works on sale prices
  • Prizes for peer-driven awards by skill category, like most improved and best in show

Unfortunately, our challenge course is now full. Ready to take the plunge? SIGN UP HERE. Interested in additional information? Read on.


Purpose. The purpose of this challenge is to bring together a community of like-minded photographers that seek to grow in their genre-specific expertise, artistic expression, technical aptitude, and Lightroom proficiency. All levels of photographers are welcome.

When. Monday, April 3rd, 2017 – Monday, May 29th, 2017

Weekly Challenge Topics:

* Emotion                           * Photojournalism
* Abandoned Spaces         * Inspiration
* Landscape                       * Self-insight
* Natural Portraits             * Studio Portraits

How it works. At the beginning of each challenge week, you'll receive a challenge email with a topic-oriented article that has advice on composition, technique, use of Lightroom, and photographic gear tips and tricks. This email will also contain links to relevant blog articles available on this topic, along with 5 free presets each week, designed to enhance the topic of focus for that week.

After reading the challenge materials, each person enrolled in the challenge will be given the option to post their challenge photo to the challenge area. Here, participating and non-participating challenge members will be able to vote on their favorite pictures and provide peer-to-peer feedback. In addition to this feedback, a team of two external photography experts will provide feedback to each submitted photograph.

    Weekly challenge votes will be tallied and at the end of the 8-week challenge, winners in amateur and professional categories will receive prizes for best in show. Prizes will also be awarded for most improved and most helpful peer-to-peer feedback. All participants, regardless of whether they won a prize, will receive 40 free presets and a one-time-use 50% discount code to use on Luxe Lens products. The code works on sale prices and on both Lightroom and Photoshop products.



    Expert I Bio. Don Wright, who has worked for the Associated Press and The Washington Post, has published in magazines, newspapers, and websites worldwide. Among the publications are: Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, U.S. News & World Report, Sports Illustrated, ESPN magazine, The Sporting News, Player magazine, and USA Today. Don is the former team photographer for the Washington Redskins. Don will be providing feedback on photojournalism, natural portraits, emotion, and self-insight.

    Expert II BioDeena Danielle is an award winning, internationally published, nomadic photographer, whose work focuses on fashion, swimwear, beauty, and travel photography. She is currently based in Miami, FL. Deena Danielle attended the University of Iowa, and graduated with Honors in the Bachelor's of Fine Arts with a specialization in Photography. Deena will be providing expert feedback in the areas of landscape, natural portraits, studio portraits, and self-insight. 

    Expert III Bio. Taya Iv is a blogger for the Luxe Lens who has had her photography widely published. Currently, Taya makes her living working professionally as a photographer and training others in photography techniques. Her 500px accountpictures have been viewed over 7 million times. She's terrifically excited about meeting each and every one of you and contributing to expert feedback on the challenge photos. Taya will be providing expert feedback in the areas of emotion, abandoned spaces, inspiration, and self-insight. 

    Expert IV Bio. Adrienne Wenner is a New York Times bestseller for her book Pride Over Pity, which features her photography. She’s a fine arts graduate of Hofstra University, where she received her formal photography training. In addition to published literature, Adrienne’s work has been shown in national exhibitions. Adrienne will be providing expert feedback in the areas of inspiration, emotion, and abandoned spaces. 

    Expert V Bio. Michael Duryea is a photographer and creative director based in Seattle, Washington. A graduate of The Academy of Art University, Michael has an unmistakable style. His talent for capturing light and fleeting atmosphere imbue his portfolio with a sense of cinematic, elegant, majestic, and bold. Michael will be providing expert feedback on landscapes, studio portraits, and abandoned spaces.

    Expert VI Bio. Matt Harding received his formal training in photojournalism from Wayne State University. A former stringer for Associated Press, Matt’s work has been featured in national magazines, newspapers, books, and commercial projects. Currently, he lives in Arizona and works as a reporter and photographer for the Yuma Sun. Matt will be providing expert feedback on photojournalism.

    Contributor. Angelina Lin received her formal photography training at Williams College, an alma mater that recently awarded her a $25,000 grant for her photography career. Her training focused on black and white film photography (35 mm and large format), digital photography, and the human image. She is currently working for Aperture Foundation, one of the foremost publishers of photography, where she recently contributed to the selection of this year's Portfolio Prize winner.


    Unfortunately, our challenge course is now full. Join the movement. SIGN UP HERE. 



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    1. Why is this program priced so low? Is there some kind of catch?

    No catch! We believe that photography and photo editing should be accessible to everyone - not just the elite. Because we make our products accessible to more photographers, we're able to sell a larger volume, and this keeps us profitable.

    2. Do I need to be a professional to participate?

    Absolutely not! Our goal is to make photography accessible to all. Come as you are. 

    3. Do I need to have special gear or software to participate?

    A good camera and Lightroom software is recommended, but certainly not required. In fact, if you are on the look-out for some new gear, we'll include our recommendations during the challenge.