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Photographer Feature Friday: Look Inward With Bri Viglianco

With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner - we're so excited to have a master of editing greens, Bri Viglianco (@briviglianco) on the blog! 

We paused last week to work on some upcoming goodies for you all, but we are so excited to continue this interview series highlighting inspiring photographers and creatives who share in our goal to inspire, educate, create, and connect! 

This week we chatted with Bri Viglianco, a multi-talented photographer and educator who has made the world brighter with storybook captures of her boys and their furry friends! 

Bri is a lifestyle and family photographer known for honoring and elevating true to life tones and creating breathtaking art of authentic moments as she documents life at home. So much of her work is infused with a clear sense of humor, real life energy and vulnerability, and a magical dash of pop culture which makes each image all the more relatable and memorable. With a thoughtfully refined palette and a hybrid painterly approach, Bri unites indoors and out like no other - she'll have you suspending disbelief with a fluffy white clouds in the den and whisked away in the magic of anything that crosses her lens! 

We beckon you to fall under her spell and stay a while as we discuss balancing authenticity and art in capturing childhood, how your approach evolves as dynamics shift, reflecting yourself in your work, and developing your editing style. 



Overjoyed to have you on the blog, Bri! If you don’t mind, we’d love a little introduction and to learn more about what you do in your own words.  

So happy to do this! I’m Bri - a lifestyle and family photographer in Michigan. Mainly, I try to turn my family’s little moments into big moments through my lens. I want my children to have beautiful little nuggets of their childhood to keep forever.



You are the quintessential queen of greens! Do you recall an “Aha!” moment editing greens, or did you develop your approach over time?

I appreciate this a ton because it’s one of the areas I’m most self-critical! It definitely took time to develop my greens. Mainly, really grasping color theory and how to adjust the subtleties of color within Photoshop.


You have such a way with capturing your motherhood in such an authentic and vulnerable way – what would you advise to others who want to share their own experience through photography? Is there anything you would advise against? 

My best advice here is to capture it all. If it feels significant in your day-to-day life - it’s significant enough to capture. Also, not to worry about what other people are capturing of their own lives. I think we all tend to follow trends and get worked up about how our work is received but to really capture authentic moments and ones that your children will look back on fondly - look inward!


What is your personal method of creating timeless art at home? How much styling is involved behind the scenes? 

This one totally depends on the individual image. I don’t pose my children unless it’s a very specific portrait but I’m for sure staging the background and props indoors. I want real reactions, expressions and moments so I do a lot of nudging but try not to be forceful about posing.


For a long time, you’ve expertly captured your Milo and furry family members (as well as friends and cousins) in all the stages and seasons of early childhood, how have things changed for you as you’ve introduced your sweet twins into the mix? 

Quite a bit has changed but mainly my thought process toward my work. Now that they’re here, the difficulties we faced trying to get them here and knowing how fleeting this time is - I’m shifting to less posing/staging and more natural moments. It’s important to me to capture their little quirks and traits and I don’t think posed portraits always do a great job at that.


Your sense of humor, whimsy, and magical nods to fantastical storybook and film characters seem to blend so naturally into your work. For photographers who think they need to tone-down or hide the more pop culture and louder elements of themselves, what advice would you give?

I definitely think that your interests are part of your personality and if you love something, make it a part of your art! Your art is an extension of your heart and you shouldn’t leave any part of it out. 


Your composites are so natural that we can’t help but suspend our disbelief, you make us believe the magic! When did you first feel like you cracked it? 

I was part of an Instagram photo loop that took a new storybook every month and created an image based on it. That loop expanded my Photoshop abilities and composite work a TON. I just didn’t stop playing after the loop ended!


What is your recommendation to someone who is intimidated by Photoshop, or afraid to begin? 

Photoshop is one of those platforms that has a lot of tools and it can be overwhelming to enter into. Once you learn the basic techniques, you’ll be able to do anything you want! I’d recommend YouTubing one thing you want to do at a time. I started with changing colors, then went to small composites, and then felt more comfortable to expand and explore.


What makes for the hardest subject: self, children, toddlers, pets, or twins? 

Twins. Hands down. Distracting and entertaining one baby/toddler is work. Trying to manage two… almost impossible lol. This is where that composite knowledge comes in handy!


How do you tend to engage with conceptual art and do you plan each of your shots? How much of your art happens before the shot and how much after?

Conceptual art always has to have a personal meaning for me. I have a hard time putting my heart into something that I feel no personal connection to. My shots are always drawn from an idea, prepped with props or anything I need, and then shot. I try my hardest to get most of what I need done in camera so that post processing is as easy as possible.


What is your favorite part of working with brands as someone with such an established photographic style? Did you work collaboratively as you were still defining your style?

This is hard for me because I love so many things about working with brands! It’s always so much fun working products into my images in the most natural way I can. It’s always a collaborative project because each product has different elements that need showcased in different ways. It’s 50/50 when it comes to my artistic touch and the brands requirements.


It’s clear that no matter what you use or photography, your images have your clear fingerprint - How do you engage with digital tools like Photoshop Overlays, LUTs, Presets, and Actions – some people worry that they’re giving something up when they use digital resources - how would you describe the way you maintain creative control when utilizing resources like this in post?

Nothing is a “one click wonder” in my opinion. No matter what you add to your image, you’re going to have to edit it in some way. If you have developed a style and personal preference it’ll shine through no matter what you add! If it’s enhancing my image I’m not going to say no to using it!



We hope this interview has you fired up to capture and create! What a delight to have Bri on the blog! We can't get enough of her masterful blues and greens! Speaking of suspending disbelief - we can never spot when she's seamlessly used one of our overlays in her work until she's tagged us! Stay Inspired: You can follow Bri on Instagram here