"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

Leading influencers have beautiful, aesthetically pleasing feeds and stories. Their secret? Professional-grade Lightroom presets.

At Luxe we’ve perfected photo edits around niche aesthetics and single-color palettes that allow you to transform your images or video clips to match your unique brand in just one tap!

New to editing? No expert knowledge is required! Snap your perfect shot & edit content to match right from your phone in the FREE Adobe Lightroom Mobile app!

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Story Templates for FB & IG (for Photoshop)

A $69 value

4 different themes and 44 designs that are customizable and easy to use. Compatible with Photoshop CS6, CC, & 2020. Personalize with your own text and images .

FREE with the purchase of any Instagram preset collection. Product included with downloadable files when purchasing presets (no need to add to cart).

How do IG presets work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special app or software to use these?

Professional-grade presets work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Our presets also work with the Lightroom mobile app, which is available as free or subscription-based software.

What's the difference between a "preset" and a "filter"?

Presets, often referred to more specifically as Lightroom presets, make global changes to an image. On average, our presets change 30-50 settings within an image. Filters often change only basic settings within an image or add a basic graphic to an image. They can’t be modified and are often limited to use within specific programs like Instagram or smart phones. Presets provide much more advanced editing options and controls versus filters. They’re used within software applications known as a gold-standards within the photography industry, making them much more complex and adaptable to the unique features of photos.

Do I need a laptop or desktop to use these?

While many professional photographers and editors prefer to edit images on a larger screen (desktop vs mobile) or with more robust software (Lightroom subscription vs free mobile app), it certainly is not necessary or required. All images can easily be shot, edited, and posted from a mobile device. In fact, using presets when working on mobile will help to ensure an ideal mobile-friendly edit. Luxe presets work seamlessly between desktop and mobile and you can easily transfer between devices. Do what works for you!

How do I install and use presets?

We offer detailed installation instructions – video, illustrative, and written - within our online help center.

What if I run into issues or need more help?

Our customer service team is here to help. We provide 1:1 personalized help that tackles any issue you may come across while using your presets. 

Beautiful one-tap edits

Luxe Instagram presets are built around defined color themes—perfect for photogs, influencers, and anyone else looking for a cohesive photo aesthetic.

An amazing resource for quickly nailing the picture perfect feed is Lightroom Instagram presets. These are quick-click editing tools, specifically designed for branding and beautifying Instagram feeds, that can be utilized by both paid and free users of the Lightroom mobile app. Instagram presets allow you to quickly adjust dozens of image settings with a single click. Achieve a full photo edit workflow in three simple steps: Light. Color. Preset. And you'll get the perfect edit every single time.
We’re here to encourage you to own your space in social media in 2021 by breaking down what makes the modern creative successful and by providing key tips on authenticity, audience, content, branding, engagement, and networking. We’ll work though what these things mean for you and how you can use these to dominate your online spaces while remaining true to yourself.  
More than 20 years ago, in a now-classic manifesto, Tom Peters announced to the world that branding was no longer the domain of companies alone. Everyday people must also become marketers for their own brand — the brand called You — and actively ensure that the world perceives them as they wish to be perceived. That once-novel idea has become an integral part of the way we live now, in large part thanks to social media, where set of precocious toddlers can gain millions of YouTube subscribers, and a household cat can become a household name.

Looking For More?

Although the collections above were specifically designed for Instagram feeds, all presets sold at Luxe are compatible with the Lightroom Mobile app. Choose from over fifty collections!