"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

Why Doesn’t Luxe Sell Lightroom Presets on Etsy?

With so many amazing Lightroom preset sellers on Etsy, why isn’t Luxe selling on Etsy? As a small business founded and run by Photographers, we’re big proponents of buying small and supporting other photographers. Etsy would seem the perfect fit. But it isn’t. And we’re happy to talk about why.

The Luxe Lens is dedicated to provision of an end-to-end experience for photographers at any level, from casual phone photographers to seasoned professionals. This includes custom recommendations, educational resources, accessible pricing, and personalized guidance. This isn’t something we can provide on a large marketplace like Etsy and it’s also not something we’re willing to compromise.

By not offering our Lightroom presets and mobile presets on a Marketplace like Etsy, we’re able to offer and ensure high standards in quality, cost, and support.

Distinct, Curated Content that’s Vetted for Quality

While an open marketplace like Etsy may offer users limitless options for Lightroom presets, these options aren’t vetted for quality or beta-tested, nor do they always account for specific file formats and software platforms. All brands and products on Luxe have been extensively tested for quality across subjects and shooting conditions, for users at various skill levels. We aim to not only offer the best quality Lightroom presets, but Lightroom presets that have been cross-condition and cross-subject tested prior to release. This results in maximum versatility and consistent results no matter the gear, environment, or subject.

Further, we understand that every photographer has his or her own editing style and goals. In response, we’ve collaborated with a mix of exceptional and distinct brands under the Luxe umbrella - each with their own strengths and vision. By housing each of these vetted brands on the Luxe site, we’re able to offer the same level of quality, support, and customer-facing resources as our Luxe branded collections. 

Accessible Pricing for Customers Across the Globe

The Luxe Lens was founded on the guiding principle that Lightroom presets should be both high quality and affordable. Our customers hail from all over the world, and we’re conscious of the fact that affordability may look different from different parts of the globe. With no middleman, and no fees, we’re able to keep our prices among the most competitive in the market. We consistently price our lightroom presets at deep discounts sitewide. These discounts are made even deeper with added discounts that come with email sign-up, customer appreciation, and seasonal promo codes. Further, we offer both branded, best-selling, and themed bundles for even more savings.  Photography is expensive. Your Lightroom presets shouldn’t be.

On-Trend & Up-to-date Resources

One of our core values is continuous growth and development in order to keep our photo editing tools both versatile and on-trend. We think that it’s important to ensure that our products are not only aesthetically modern, but functional across multiple platforms. We do so by closely monitoring photography trends, listening to customer requests and needs, staying on top of Adobe releases and updates, and tracking ongoing computer and mobile operating system updates. If we were to sell our Lightroom presets on Etsy, we’d be penalized for frequent product updates, which we believe is necessary for a product so dependent on trends, style, and changes to software and operating systems.

Next-Level Customer Service

The Luxe Lens is equipped with a highly trained customer service team that offers personalized support. This team is positioned to provide exceptional order, product, and technical support. Our team is made up of people who are passionate about photography. Each of our team members is able to offer custom recommendations, tips, and tricks to users at any level. This same team stays ever vigilant in learning as new software emerges, feature updates are released, and operating system functionality evolves across multiple devices. Armed with this knowledge, they provide quick and efficient problem-solving and customer service.

The technology that we use to manage our customer service is directly tied to our website and our orders. That means that our team can address your issues faster and more knowledgeably than via an Etsy notification that someone has a question about a product. Our customer service is also tied to our finely tuned and detailed Help Center for those that prefer to problem-solve on their own.

Customer-Centric Order Management

When you purchase a digital good from Etsy, it can be difficult to keep track of the purchase, especially when it gets mixed in with all other physical product purchases. It can also be difficult to quickly locate avenues of support, such as help with installation or use of Lightroom presets on desktop or mobile.  

All Luxe Lens customers receive a secure link via email to download purchased products. Each order placed under the same email address will be associated with that email address in our system, and visible under your user account when you create an account with our site. While you don’t have to create an account to purchase, download, or use your products, you can create an account at any time to access ALL of your past and future purchases in one secure place (no need to keep track of emails, contact sellers, or sort through your order history). Our online order system is directly tied to our customer service system, so you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to access your purchases, and ask questions about those purchases, in a central location that’s easy to use.

Learner-Friendly & Streamlined Experience

Etsy is great resource for one-off products or for businesses with a specific niche or small inventory. But it’sdifficult to facilitate a product-driven environment of supplemental learning or growth on a generic platform like Etsy. At The Luxe Lens, we value beginners and experts alike and we understand that it takes time, effort, and a good dose of expert guidance to become wholly familiar with the Adobe suite of products, along with the skill and the art of photography. We strive to develop, offer, and encourage learning at all levels. We provide free tools such as blog tutorials that walk you through important Lightroom and Photoshop processes and features. We also sell complete, guided courses taught by seasoned experts for learning at your own pace, on your own time.

Etsy is an amazing platform that supports independent artists from around the world. However, this platform simply doesn’t offer the resources, experiences, and pricing that our customers demand. We’ve found that we can best maintain our core values and holistic experience by exclusively selling our products at