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How to Apply Sky Overlays Using the Photoshop Sky Replacement Feature

Adobe recently announced an array of exciting new AI features at MAX 2020. One of the most talked about new features was Photoshop's new Sky Replacement function. This new feature provides smart, quick, seamless, and realistic sky replacements without the need to manually layer, blend, and mask. 

If you've previously purchased sky overlays from us, or if you're considered purchasing, then this powerful little tool is for you! The process is both quick and easy.

In this article, learn to import and apply Luxe Sky Overlays using Photoshop's smart Sky Replacement function.

Launch Photoshop and open your image to get started!

1. Select Edit > Sky Replacement. 


2. From the Sky Replacement window, select the sky gallery drop-down. Click on the folder icon to name and create a new Sky Group. 


3. Right-click or two-finger tap your new group and select "Import Skies from Images..." Locate your Luxe Sky Overlays for Import, Select all and click "Open." 

You can import all of your Luxe skies at once into that new group via "Import Skies from Images..." Simply locate your luxe sky overlays, select all or just your favs, and click  "Open" to add to your new group! 

4. Preview imported skies on your image. 

5. Adjust settings to create the perfect blend.

Then, select whether you want your sky edit to appear as a duplicate image in your layers (your image combined with the new sky overlay) or as a new layer group containing your sky and adjustments as masked layers. Click OK to apply. 

6. Perfect and finalize your edit or simply save your edited image. 

It's that easy! For more info about how this new feature works and the specific adjustment options available to you in the Sky Replacement window, you can review the official Adobe article HERE

Featured Image by: Natalie Gildersleeve