Lighthouse Winter Wonderland — Lightroom & Photoshop Presets

Winter Wonderland is an extremely versatile collection of winter presets crafted for those who wish to tap into the magic of the season and to document those winter moments forever. With carefully crafted tones for capturing both the glowing warmth of fervently penned letters to Santa and smiling nostalgia over steaming mugs of hot cocoa in front of a cozy fireplace, to cool snowy scenes of winter white and snowflakes melting on waiting tongues. For dreamers, our hand-painted snow effect presets will make your wishes for snow come to life, and add a touch of wonder to any winter scene!


Included in this collection:
  • 20 winter general workflow presets
  • 24 stackable tool presets (tools are not included with the LR mobile DNG downloads), including our Lightroom snow effects!

Be sure to check software compatibility information below, prior to purchase!

About This Collection:

Compatibility: Users must have at least one compatible software from Adobe in order to use this collection:

  • Lightroom Classic or CC, versions 5.0 or later (purchased or monthly subscription versions; PC or Mac)
  • Lightroom CC for mobile (purchased or free versions; iOS, Android, Chrome)
  • Photoshop CS6 or CC (purchased or monthly subscription versions; PC or Mac)

Format: Immediate digital download. Three lifetime downloads of each file type. All downloads include XMP, LRT, and DNG files.

License/Use: These presets may be used for personal or professional editorial use, including social media. Preset files may not be shared beyond the immediate buyer.

The Collection (20):

  • Black & White Basic Base -A simple black & white look for building upon
  • Black & White Deep & Rich -A heavier B&W look with deep contrasts 
  • Black & White Frosted Fade -A nostalgia-inspired monochrome preset with heavily faded shadows and highlights
  • Black & White Tinseltown - Silvery highlights over rich, contrasty shadows 
  • Blue Spruce -A cool look with soft-blue highlights and plum-flavored shadows
  • Chestnuts Roasting -Tan highlights overlay softened magenta shadows
  • Cloudy Days -Reduced highlights and lifted shadows under light-purple color tones
  • Cocoa Treats -Overly warm filtering, reduced contrast, and slightly altered individual color tones
  • Cozy Fire -A beautiful, warm preset, with rich, red-warm shadows and peachy highlights
  • Deep Analog -A deep, filmy look with heavily faded shadows and highlights 
  • Desaturated & Faded -Colors heavily reduced, contrasts softened, and cooling filters added
  • Festive Film -A rich, plum-filtered look with softened highlights
  • Frozen Berries -Cool, faded whites and a saturation pop
  • Holiday Cheer - An overly saturated look with cooled greens and warmed yellows
  • Icicles Melting -Contrast softened, individual colors slightly modified, and a cooling color filter overlaid
  • Leaves Of Aspen -An end-of-fall look with desaturated coloring and warming overtones
  • Navy Dusk -A desaturated, cool preset, with the exposure dropped and contrast reduced
  • Piney Green -Evergreen shadows, olive highlights, and boosted contrast tones
  • Snow White -Cooled, boosted whites, with lifted shadows and increased highlights
  • Winter Sun -A boosted look with raised contrast, saturation, and overall warming

Tool Presets (24):

  • Snow Tool: Flurries, Foreground + Flurries, Foreground, Let It Snow, Light & Fluffy, White Winter
  • Winter Overlays: Full Cooling, Full Evergreen, Full Pastels, Highlights Cooling, Highlights Warming, Shadows Cooling, Shadows Warming
  • Tone Curve: Berry Tones, Icy Cool, Winter Analog
  • Tone: HDR, Highlights Brighten, Highlights Fade, Shadows Deepen, Shadows Fade
  • Vignette: Light, Medium, Remove


Photo Attribution: The photos featured in this collection are being used with permission from these amazing photographers: Natalie Gildersleeve, Evelyn Leigh PhotographyDoralinda PhotographyLindsey Shedd, Erica Eldridge, and Campbell & Co Photography. They may not be distributed, edited, or re-produced in any way without explicit and written consent from the photographers.

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