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Luxe Weddings LR/ACR Presets

Adoration. Joy. Commitment. Sentiment. Hope. How do you capture the raw beauty of a wedding? You create it. This classic wedding includes 43 presets, 25 tool presets, and 5 brushes. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a proud friend, you’ll benefit from this original collection of wedding presets. 

This collection is compatible with the paid and free versions of the Lightroom CC mobile app for iOS or Android!

Luxe Weddings Lightroom or Photoshop ACR Presets Collection

About this collection:

  • 43 wedding general presets 
  • 25 wedding tool presets 
  • 5 wedding local adjustment brushes (LR 5, 6, or Classic CC only)
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC, & CC desktop & mobile; Photoshop CS 6 & CC
  • Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include tool or layer presets. See instructions after purchase for more information.
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Instant download
Wedding Lightroom presets

    43 Presets

    • B&W Classic  A vintage black & white look with boosted contrasts & medium grain overlay.
    • Beach Scene – Soft & warm, slight fade, desaturated greens, & boosted blues for sky & water
    • B&W Softened Details  – Rich B&W with heavy contrast boosts and reduced clarity for added overall softness.
    • B&W Street Cred  HDR B&W with slight grain & dark shadows
    • B&W Warm – Light B&W with slightly warm color cast; classic bride portrait
    • Black Tuxedo – Strong shadows & deep blacks.
    • Boudoir – Skin tone protection, skin softening, color saturation, & slightly warmed highlights
    • Bride Close-up – Soft, with reduced clarity & added skin tone protection; lowered saturation for reds & oranges
    • Bright & Airy – Slightly cool, with color adjustments that emphasize reduced green saturation
    • Bright Whites – White brightening, color enhancement, & slight grain
    • Clean & Cool –Cooling teal highlights & soft magenta shadows overlay slightly reduced contrasts, & a medium vibrance boost.
    • Cover  High contrast, cool, & desaturated, with intense reds & enhanced details
    • Crushed Film  – Lifted curve shadows & reduced highlights, along with slightly cooled shadow tones, & modified overall hues
    • Details – High contrast, sharpening, clarity, boosted saturation, & vibrancy
    • Faded Warm – Matte & slightly warm, exposure bump for mid tones; light grain
    • Flash in the Dark – Enhances dark scenes photographed with flash, noise reduction, contrast enhancement
    • Flash Indoors – Brighten & pop, while managing overexposure & reducing ISO noise. 
    • Flat Film – Cool, flat, desaturated look - especially with greens. Strong saturation boost to reds, blues, & purples; small grain & vignette
    • Flowers – High detail emphasis, with added saturation & punch
    • Food – High detail emphasis, with reduced saturation & increased dynamic range & clarity
    • Groom Close-up – An edgy preset; high dynamic range, clarity, and sharpening
    • In Vogue – Bright image with cold & desaturated, pastel greens. Ideal for brighter images with green grass
    • Just Married – Standard wedding, high contrast, color enhancement, & slight grain
    • Large Group – Adds contrast, color, light vignette & high clarity
    • Matte Brown – Stylized look. A matte tone curve with slightly brown color cast & desaturation
    • Matte Desaturate – Matte preset, low saturation, slight color cast, & vignette
    • Peach Dreams  – A soft peach toned style with lifted shadows, reduced highlights, and a saturation boost.
    • Petals  – A very clean look with slightly boosted contrast, vibrance, and saturation, and modified individual color tones.
    • Retro Shoot  Strong fading, green on red split toning, medium grain, washed tones, & softened details.
    • Rich Film – A beautiful film look with altered hues, warm shadows & highlights, heightened clarity, and overall reduced contrasts.
    • Rings & Flowers – Detail enhancement, high contrast, saturation, clarity, & medium grain.
    • Sangria  – Soft magenta tones overlay lifted shadows & reduced highlights, creating a beautifully rich color palette.
    • Scenery – HDR, deep blacks, & vibrant colors. Blue skies & colorful reds & oranges.
    • Small Group – Adds contrast, color, standard vignette, & mild clarity.
    • Soft & Colorful– Soft, but vibrant colors with deep contrast & reduced clarity
    • Soft Dreams  – Heavily reduced clarity and lifted shadows creates a dreamy look, with boosted contrast and modified individual color hues.
    • Softened Glow  – Heavily pushed highlights, dropped contrast, and a saturation boost, with light purple highlights & shadows.
    • Suit Up – Enhances dark areas (suits, tuxedos), muted tones, sharpening, & clarity.
    • Sunset – Creates a powerful sunset look. Deep & saturated colors, slightly warm highlights, & pink shadows. 
    • Urban Attitude  Muted tones, enhanced reds, darkened greens, medium grain, high contrast, & sharpening
    • Wedding Standard – Standard enhancement, adding contrast, dynamic range, & saturation, while protecting greens & skin tones
    • Whirlwind  – Clean, bright, saturated look with lifted shadows and reduced highlights.
    • White Dress  – Formulated for a bride's white dress. Enhanced contrast, vibrancy & bright whites

       25 Tool Presets

      • Color -Boost Blues, Desaturate Greens
      • Curve -Contrast Boost, Film I, Film II, Strong Fade
      • Filter -Amethyst, Cool Highlights, Cool Highlights / Warm Shadows, Cool Shadows, Mint, Peach, Pink Frost, Warm Highlights, Warm Shadows
      • Grain -Heavy, Med., Soft
      • Tonal -Brighten, Brighten +, Brighten Whites, Darken, Darken Blacks
      • Vignette -Light, Strong
      5 Local Adjustment Brushes (LR only)
      • Enhance -Details, White Dress, Black Suit 
      • Cool & Desaturate 
      • Warm & Vibrant 

            A big shout out to our featured photographers Amy Donohue, Elm & CoPrudence Rufus, Jamie Eilts, Robert Marcillas, White Pear Photography Studios & Iain Waterston!

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