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Luxe Weddings Lightroom Presets

Luxe Weddings Lightroom Presets Collection

Adoration. Joy. Commitment. Sentiment. Hope. How do you capture the raw beauty of a wedding? You create it. Introducing the Luxe Wedding Collection – 22 presets, 5 post add presets, and 5 brushes. This classic collection was designed to perfect the most common photos taken at weddings. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a proud friend, you’ll benefit from this original collection of wedding presets. 

About this collection:

  • 22 Lightroom Presets
  • 5 Lightroom Post Add Presets
  • 5 Lightroom Local Adjustment Brushes
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Perfect for Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and the Creative Cloud
  • Instant Download
  • Instructions Included
Wedding Lightroom presets

    22 Lightroom Presets

    • B&W Warm – Create the classical bridal portrait with this light B&W preset with slightly warm color cast, good for beautiful bridal portraits.

    • Black Tuxedo – Specially formulated for a groom’s black suit or tuxedo. Strong shadows and deep blacks.

    • Bride's Close-up Soft preset, ideal for close-up portraits of females. Reduced clarity and add skin tone protection; lowered saturation for reds and oranges.

    • Bright & Airy Slightly cool, with color adjustments that emphasize reduced green saturation.

    • Destination Wedding – Perfect for beach scenes. Soft and warm, slight fade, desaturated greens, and boosted blues for sky and water.

    • Details Ideal for photos of rings, jewelry, shoes, etc. High contrast, sharpening, clarity, boosted saturation and vibrancy.

    • Faded Warm Matte and slightly warm, exposure bump for mid tones, light grain.

    • Flash Indoors Great for photos taken with a strong flash in a darker environment. Gives brightness and pop, while managing overexposure and reducing ISO noise. HINT: To brighten or darken the image (exposure) after the preset is used, try changing the "Highlights" slider, instead of the "Exposure" slider.

    • Flat Film – Cool, flat, desaturated look - especially with greens. Strong saturation boost to reds, blues, and purples; small grain and vignette.

    • Flowers – High detail emphasis, with added saturation and punch.

    • Food – High detail emphasis, with reduced saturation and increased dynamic range and clarity.

    • Groom's Close-up An edgy preset, ideal for close-up portraits of males. High dynamic range, clarity, and sharpening.

    • In Vogue A trendy and popular wedding photo editing style. Bright image with cold and desaturated, pastel greens. Ideal for brighter images with ample green grass and leaves.

    • Large Group – Adds contrast, color, light vignette and high clarity.

    • Matte Brown Stylized look. A matte tone curve with slightly brown color cast and desaturation.

    • Matte Desaturate Matte preset, with low saturation, color tweaks, slight color cast, and vignette.

    • Scenery – Perfect for a landscape or scenery photo of the wedding venue. High dynamic range, deep blacks, and vibrant colors. Blue skies and colorful reds and oranges.

    • Small Group Adds contrast, color, standard vignette, and mild clarity.

    • Soft & Colorful – Enhances make-up and color accents. Soft, but vibrant color preset, with deep contrast and reduced clarity.

    • Sunset – Creates a powerful sunset look. Deep and saturated colors, slightly warm highlights, and pink shadows. HINT: Change the mood and colors of your sunset photos by changing the HUE values in the "Split Toning" tab in Lightroom.

    • Wedding Standard A standard enhancement, adding contrast, dynamic range, and saturation, while protecting greens and skin tones.

    • White Dress – Specially formulated for a bride's white dress. Enhanced contrast, vibrancy and bright whites.

    5 Lightroom Post/Add Presets

    • Add Boost Blues Boosts and saturates all blue colors.
    • Add Brighten Whites Brightens highlights and whites of any image (i.e. wedding dress). *Does not brighten whites for "2. White Dress" preset.

    • Add Darken Blacks Darkens shadows and blacks of any image (i.e. dark suit). *Does not darken blacks for "3. Black Tuxedo" preset.

    • Add Desaturate Greens Tones down the saturation for greens.

    • Add Strong Vignette Adds a strong vignette to bring out the subject in focus.

      5 Lightroom Local Adjustment Brushes

      • Enhance Details  Adds clarity and contrast.

      • Enhance White Dress  Brightens, desaturates, and adds clarity.

      • Enhance Black Suit  Darkens, desaturates, and adds clarity.

      • Cool & Desaturate - Desaturates and cools down specific areas of an image.

      • Warm and Vibrant - Enhances vibrancy and warmth. Also great for sunsets.

      A big shout out to our featured photographers Prudence Rufus and Iain Waterston!

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