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    All presets are compatible with all modern versions of Adobe Lightroom Desktop & Mobile, including CC and Classic CC.  This includes the free Lightroom CC mobile app. Additionally, presets are compatible with Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop.

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    Our overlays are compatible with any software that allows for layers, including Photoshop, Elements, Gimp (including the free version), Affinity Photo, and more. This does not include Adobe Lightroom.

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    The Luxe Lens

    Luxe Wedding Photographer's Bundle — Presets, Actions, & Marketing Kit

    We are thrilled to introduce the Luxe Wedding Photographer's Bundle! This bundle combines all of our Luxe wedding collections, making it the ultimate toolkit for any wedding photographer. Included are 68 wedding presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR, 5 local adjustment brushes for Lightroom, and 73 wedding Photoshop actions. Plus, we've also added in our new Luxe Watercolor Marketing Kit for Wedding Photographers, which includes logos, price lists, social media banners, thank you cards, save the date cards, marketing cards, and business cards!

    About this collection:

    • 68 presets (LR 5, 6, Classic CC, & CC; Photoshop CS6, CC, & 2020)
    • 5 local adjustment brushes (LR 5, 6, or Classic CC)
    • 73 actions (PS CS6, CC, or 2020; Elements versions 15 and later)
    • Luxe Watercolor Marketing Kit for Wedding Photographers (PS CS6, CC, & 2020 or Illustrator CC)
    • Works on RAW and JPEG images
    • Instant download


    Looking for more before and after pictures?  Check out the individual collection pages:  Wedding Lightroom & Photoshop PresetsWedding Photoshop Actions | Watercolor Marketing Kit for Wedding Photographers


    Luxe Wedding Presets, 68 Presets: Beach Scene, B&W Classic, B&W Softened Details, B&W Street Cred, B&W Warm, Black Tuxedo, Boudoir, Bride Close-up, Bright & Airy, Bright Whites, Cover, Crushed Film, Details, Faded Warm, Flash in the Dark, Flash Indoors, Flat Film, Flowers, Food, Groom Close-up, In Vogue, Just Married, Large Group, Matte Brown, Matte Desaturate, Peach Dreams, Retro Shoot, Rich Film, Rings & Flowers, Sangria, Scenery, Small Group, Soft & Colorful, Soft Dreams, Softened Glow, Suit Up, Sunset, Urban Attitude, Wedding Standard, Whirlwind, White Dress, Color - Boost Blues, Color - Desaturate Greens, Curve - Contrast Boost, Curve - Film I, Curve - Film II, Curve - Strong Fade, Filter - Amethyst, Filter - Cool Highlights, Filter - Cool Highlights / Warm Shadows, Filter - Cool Shadows, Filter - Mint, Filter - Peach, Filter - Pink Frost, Filter - Warm Highlights, Filter - Warm Shadows, Grain - Heavy, Grain - Medium, Grain - Soft, Tonal - Brighten, Tonal - Brighten +, Tonal - Brighten Whites, Tonal - Darken, Tonal - Darken Blacks, Vignette - Light, Vignette - Strong

    Luxe Wedding Local Adjustment Brushes, 5 brushes: Enhance Details, Enhance White Dress, Enhance Black Suit, Cool & Desaturate, Warm and Vibrant.

    Luxe Wedding Actions, 33 actions: 

    • Painted Effect. Painted Details, Painted Details Custom, Painted Details Strong
    • Standard Wedding. Details: Looking Sharp, Fade Background with Brush, Even Exposure, Open Shadows, Moonlight Leaks, Sunlight Leaks, Beaming Bride, Baby Blues, All Eyes on Her, Pastel Romance, Cinema Chrome, Fall Wedding, Enhance Blue Sky & Clouds, Enhance Sunset & Clouds, Pop Flowers, Winter Wedding, Clean & Light, Summer Vows, Whiten Dress, Lush Bouquet, Buttercream, Rich Film
    • Black and White. Matte, Antique, Strong, B&W Basic, B&W Sepia, B&W Film I + Grain, B&W Film II + Grain
    • Wedding Brushes: Light & Fade Background, Boost Saturation, Vintage Desaturation, Defocus, Sharpen, Enhance Blue Sky & Clouds, Enhance Sunset & Clouds, Pop Flowers, Whiten Dress.
    Luxe 40 Action Toolkit
    • 3 Quick Access Items: Duplicate Image, Flatten All Layers, Flatten All Layers to New Layer
    • 21 General Workflow: Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure (Increase, Decrease), Contrast (Increase, Decrease), Depth Contrast, Highlight (Booster, Dimmer, Recovery), Midtone (Booster, Dimmer), Shadow (Booster, Cruncher, Recovery), Temperature (Warmer, Cooler), Saturation (Increase, Decrease), Haze (Add, Remove), Dodge & Burn
    • 6 Grain Actions: Normal Grain (Low, Medium, High), Film Grain (Low, Medium, High)
    • 10 Final Sharpening Actions: Basic & Pro LAB: Full Size, 2500px, 1500px, 750px, 72dpi (Web)

    Luxe Watercolor Marketing Kit for Wedding Photographers: logos, price lists, social media banners, thank you cards, save the date cards, marketing cards, and business cards

    A big shout out to our featured photographers Amy Donohue, Jamie Eilts, and Elm & Co!