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Luxe Seasons - Winter Lightroom Presets

Luxe Winter Lightroom Preset Collection

It's time to put on that flannel and cozy up to a crackling fire. Winter has arrived! Transform dismal and overcast into ice-kissed and enchanted with this versatile collection. This winter wonderland set comes with 17 Lightroom Presets, 7 Post Add Presets, and 7 Local Adjustment Brushes.

About this collection:

  • 17 Winter Lightroom Presets
  • 7 Winter Post/Add Presets, Including Luxe Winter Add Snow Effects!
  • 7 Winter Local Adjustment Brushes
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Perfect for Lightroom 4*, 5, 6, and the Creative Cloud
  • Instant Download
  • Instructions Included
  • International Orders Gladly Accepted
  • *Note: Snow and fairy effects do not work in Lightroom 4
Winter Lightroom presets

    17 Lightroom Presets

    • Bright Winter - Whitens and brightens
    • Cold Winter - Cold, bright, high contrast look with red highlights and blue shadows
    • Soft & Snowy - Soft and subtle fade with golden warmth, vignette, and snow
    • Winter Vintage - A film camera look, with green on purple color cast 
    • Frozen - Cold and blue, with color desaturation
    • Winter HDR - Clear, sharp and vibrant HDR look, with saturated blue tones
    • Blue/Red Color - A subtle infusion of blue and red
    • Cool & Muted - A dynamic infusion of winter colors set with a matte look; low contrast but dark shadows
    • Deep - Deep shadows and bright highlights, with a subtle blue cast
    • Frost - Bright, vibrant, and cold with frost vignette
    • Arctic - Low contrast and low saturation; soft and calm preset with a silver infusion
    • B&W HDR - High dynamic range with added contrast and clarity
    • B&W Winter - Black and white version that is white and bright
    • B&W Cold - A blue and cold black and white
    • B&W Blue/Red - Black and white with cold highlights and red shadows; high contrast
    • B&W Dark Faded - Black and white with a strong vintage fade
    • B&W Fade & Snow - Black and white with moderate fade and high contrast; added snow effect

    7 Lightroom Post/Add Presets

    • Add Snowflakes Standard - Adds a snow effect via the radial filter tool
    • Add Snow Landscape - Adds a snow effect that is ideal for landscape shots 
    • Add Subtle Snow Portrait - Adds a snow effect that is ideal for portrait shots
    • Add Large Bright Snow - A billowy variation of the snow effect
    • Add Tiny Snow - A flurry variation of the snow effect
    • Add Subtle Cool - Adds a subtle winter cool
    • Add Color Cool - Adds a strong winter cool, with aqua/green highlights and purple shadows

    6 Lightroom Local Adjustment Brushes

    • Snowflakes 1 - Strong and bright snowflake enhancement
    • Snowflakes 2 - Normal and bright snowflake enhancement
    • Snowflakes 3 - Normal and subtle snowflake enhancement
    • Snowflakes 4 - Weak and subtle snowflake enhancement
    • Brighten Snow - Use to increase the brightness of snow; decreases saturation, add brightness, increases highlights, and darkens shadows 
    • Enhance Subject - Use to highlight the subject of the photo; adds saturation, dynamic range, color depth, and sharpness.

    A big shout out to our featured photographer Iwona Podlasińska

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