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Luxe Spring Lightroom or Photoshop ACR Preset Collection

Unpack your shorts and sandals and enjoy the breeze. Spring is here! In this seasons collection, enjoy 29 spring-toned presets, along with 5 local adjustment brushes. Introduce light into pictures with our featured lightstreaks feature - available as a global or local adjustment. 

About this collection:

  • 20 Spring Presets (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 9 Spring Tool Presets, Including Luxe Lightstreak Effects! (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR*)
  • 5 Spring Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom 4-6 or Classic only)
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4*-6, Classic, & CC; Photoshop* CS6 & CC
  • Instant Download
  • Instructions Included
  • International Orders Gladly Accepted
  • *Note: Lightstreak effects do not work in Lightroom 4 or Photoshop ACR
Spring Lightroom presets

    20 Presets

    • B & W Bright - Bright and airy B&W, with blown up highlights and raised shadows. Best for darker images.
    • Bloom – Bright, colorful, and strong preset for spring detail shots. Adds a lot of saturation, vibrancy, clarity, and extends dynamic range - all toned to spring colors.
    • Bloom Warm – A take off the Bloom preset, with added warmth and color-specific saturation.
    • Bounce – Light, airy, and fresh with a pop of saturation and color.
    • Bright Teal – A versatile, bright wash which ads color, warmth, and a light teal tint.
    • Clean – A solid, standard spring preset.
    • Foliage – HDR plus all-around scenery pop.
    • Heaven – A creative look that desaturates the image, while adding softening and bloom effects; slight cold/purple tint.
    • Pink Blossom - Perfect for colorful, spring blossoms; pink overcast, boosted blues, raised clarity, and added saturation.
    • Soft & Sweet – Calming and sweet, with a red overcast, softer tones, and matted clarity and contrast.
    • Spring & Pop – An ideal, general enhancement preset. Adds contrast and dynamic range; brightens the image.
    • Spring Colors - Based on the Spring & Pop preset, but adds more saturation and color to enhance the beautiful colors of spring.
    • Spring Sunrise – Strong, with added warmth and color. Enhanced dynamic range and strong tone changes. Excellent for scenery, sunrise, garden views, etc. Not recommended for portraits.
    • Sun & Shadows – Ideal for outdoor images taken in direct sunlight that has high contrast and dark shadows. Brightens shadows, adds vibrancy, and decreases scenery saturation.
    • Throwback - Laid back and calm,  with the slightest tinted fade, low contrast and clarity, and muting.
    • Time Warp – Gives a film-look to bright, spring pictures.
    • Warm Contrast - Punchy and colorful, with high contrast, clipped highlights, boosted reds and blues, and slight blue and orange split toning.
    • Warm Kick - Deep blacks and a golden overcast, strong vignette, and significant color revisions embedded within the camera calibration settings.
    • Washed – A golden washed look, flattening, reduced punch and a slight overcast warm-up. Best for bright images.
    • Yellow/Purple - A creative look with contrasting yellow and purple split toning; enhanced color and warmth.

      9 Tool Presets

      • Add Blue Kick - Increases saturation for blues
      • Add Green Kick - Increases saturation for greens
      • Add Lightstreaks 1 – Adds a combination of radial filters to create a lightstreaks effect
      • Add Lightstreaks 2 - Adds a combination of radial filters to create a lightstreaks effect
      • Add Lightstreak Subtle - Much more subtle variation of the lightstreaks effect
      • Add Mute Saturation - Decreases saturation for all colors
      • Add Red Kick - Increases saturation for reds
      • Add Remove Lightstreaks - Removes all radial filter lightstreaks with one click
      • Add Saturation - Increases saturation for all colors

        5 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom only)

        • Lightstreak Purple - A single lightstreak, tinted purple
        • Lightstreak Blue - A single lightstreak, tinted blue
        • Lightstreak Yellow - A single lightstreak, tinted yellow
        • Saturate + Clarity - Increase saturation, clarity, contrast, and sharpness
        • Desaturate + Soften - Decrease saturation, clarity, contrast, and sharpness

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