Luxe Autumn Touch of Tweed Lightroom & Photoshop Presets

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Luxe Autumn Touch of Tweed Lightroom or Photoshop ACR Presets

Fall is here! The leaves are turning vibrant browns, yellows, and golds; and the air is turning crisp. This season brings some of the most beautiful images, and we're here to help by introducing the all new Luxe Autumn Touch of Tweed Preset Collection. This set comes with a whopping 54 Lightroom Presets and 5 Local Adjustment Brushes. With this collection, you'll get our trademark fairy presets, along with our new sun glow presets.  

About this collection:

  • 26 Presets (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 6 Layer Presets (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 22 Tool Presets, Including the Luxe Fairies and Sun Glow Effect! (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 5 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom 5, 6, or Classic only)
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, Classic, & CC desktop; Photoshop* CS6 & CC
  • Instant Download and Instructions Included
  • *Fairy and sun glow effects will not work in Photoshop
Luxe Touch of Tweed Autumn Lightroom & Photoshop Presets


26 Presets

  • Autumn Color Play - Blues change to aqua, greens to brownish yellow, and pinks get a boost.
  • Autumn Leaves - A dynamic range that emphasizes browns, yellows, and greens .
  • Autumn Orange - Low contrast, soft, and warm, with an orange tint.  
  • Autumn Rain- Cool, but still saturated and vibrant.
  • Autumn Red Vignette - Red vignetting with a film-like feel; perfect for an autumn sunset.
  • B&W Dark - Dark, slightly matted black and white; flat and calm.
  • B&W Gold/Blue- Matted black and white with golden/warm highlights and blue/cold shadows.
  • B&W Light - Faded black and white, with a simple and easy-going feel.
  • B&W Red - Black and white with red shadows and warm highlights; modern and retro.
  • Bright & Bold - Similar to Bright Fall, but with more contrast, saturation, and color enhancement .
  • Bright Fall - Subtle matte look, soft, warm color and deep blacks, while giving an overall lower contrast look.
  • Cozy - Simple preset, not too drastic. Adds saturation and contrast, deep reds and saturated greens, as well as blues and slight split toning.
  • Dark Warm - Dark shadows, slightly washed, warmth and slight green in highlights.
  • Fairy Tale - Autumn Orange + "Fairies" (radial filter spots that add warmth and exposure).
  • Film Fall - Film look, softened image, low contrast, orange color cast, warm greens and grain.
  • Golden Hour - Warm, saturated and slightly faded, purple in the shadows, strong greens and blues.
  • Haze - Simple, low contrast, with haze and muted tones; warm and saturated greens and blues.
  • Pastel Haze - Light and airy feel that emphasizes pastels and warm tones.
  • Pumpkin Spice - Warm, bright and colorful; warm greens and slightly warmed split toning.
  • Punchy Split Toning - High dynamic range, clear and contrasty, warm greens, with split toning (warm highlights & cold shadows).
  • Standard Warm – A good all-around fall preset with added warmth and saturation.
  • Soft Desaturate - Simple and calming.
  • Silence - Flattening, with slightly clipped highlights and shadows, raised vibrancy and saturated reds.
  • Sun Glow (3 versions) - A sun glow effect, with several variations.

6 Layer Presets  



  • Cool Gradient (bottom), Cool Gradient (top), Desaturated Gradient (left), Desaturated Gradient (right), Warm Gradient (bottom), Warm Gradient (top).

22 Tool Presets

  • Add Fairies, Add Fairies Color Neutral, Add Fairies Light, Autumn Colors, Blacks Brighten, Blacks Darken, Blacks Neutral, Cool, Fish-Eye Effect, Highlights Brighten, Highlights Darken, Highlights Neutral, Saturation High, Saturation Low, Saturation Neutral, Shadows Brighten, Shadows Darken, Shadows Neutral, Warmth, Whites Brighten, Whites Mute, Whites Neutral

5 Local Adjustment Brushes

  • Orange Brush, Cool Brush, Haze Brush, Bloom / Dream Effect, Fairy Tool

A big shout out to our featured photographers Tatyana Tomsickova, Rob ButtleSusan GrimesAnna VolkovichShelley ReisStella Dontu, and Prudence Rufus!

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