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Luxe Seasons – Fall Lightroom Presets

Fall is here! The leaves are turning vibrant browns, yellows, and golds; and the air is turning crisp. This season brings some of the most beautiful images, and we're here to help by offering the Luxe Seasons – Fall Collection. This wonderful set comes with 17 Lightroom Presets, 5 Fall Post Add Presets, and 5 Fall Local Adjustment Brushes.
  • 17 Fall Lightroom Presets
  • 5 Fall Post Add Presets, Including the Luxe Fall Add Fairies Effect!
  • 5 Fall Local Adjustment Brushes
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Perfect for Lightroom 4*, 5, 6, and the Creative Cloud
  • Instant Download
  • Instructions Included
  • *Note: Snow and fairy effects do not work in Lightroom 4

17 Fall Lightroom Presets

  • Autumn Orange - Low contrast, soft, warm, orange (greens are more orange as well, giving an autumn feel)
  • Haze - Simple, low contrast, with haze and muted tones; warm and saturated greens and blues
  • Standard - Similar to our Luxe Essentials standard preset, but also adds warmth and saturation
  • Film Fall - Film look, softened image, low contrast, orange color cast, warm greens and grain
  • Punchy Split Toning - Higher dynamic range, clear and contrasty, warm greens, with split toning (warm highlights & cold shadows)
  • Gold/Blue B&W - Matte black and white with golden/warm highlights and blue/cold shadows
  • Dark B&W - Dark, slightly matted black and white; flat and calm
  • Light B&W - Faded black and white, with a simple and easy-going feel
  • Red B&W - Black and white with red shadows and warm highlights; modern and retro
  • Autumn Red Vignette - Red vignetting with a film and artistic feel; perfect for an autumn sunset
  • Autumn's Color Play - Blues change to aqua, greens to brownish yellow, and pinks get a boost
  • Pastel Haze - Light and airy feel that emphasizes pastels and warm tones 
  • Soft Desaturate - Simple and calming
  • Autumn Leaves - A dynamic range that emphasizes browns, yellows, and greens 
  • Fairy Tale - Autumn Orange + "Fairies" (radial filter spots that add warmth and exposure) 
  • Bright Fall - Subtle matte look, soft, adds a lot of warm color and deep blacks, while giving an overall lower contrast look 
  • Bright & Bold - Similar to Bright Fall, but with more contrast, saturation, and color enhancement 

5 Lightroom Post Add Presets

  • Add Fairies 1
  • Add Fairies (light)
  • Add Fairies (color neutral)
  • Add Warmth
  • Add Cool
For best results with the Add Fairies effects, use the radial filter and delete any spots that are unwanted (on the face, body, etc.)


5 Fall Local Adjustment Brushes

  • Orange Brush
  • Cool Brush
  • Haze Brush
  • Bloom / Dream Effect
  • Fairy Tool

A big shout out to our featured photographers Stella Dontu and Adam Petto!

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