Local Adjustment Brushes for Lightroom

Local Adjustment Brushes bundles all of our preset brushes into a single toolkit. This indispensable mix of 96 local adjustment brushes includes all themes currently being sold in the store. Speed up your workflow and enhance the beauty of your pictures with this brush bundle. 
  • 96 Lightoom local adjustment brushes
  • Works on RAW and JPEG images
  • Perfect for Lightroom 5, 6, and the Creative Cloud
  • Instant Download 
  • Instructions Included

Luxe Essentials 

Brighten, Darken, Enhance Details, Lighten, Neutralize Oversaturation, Sharpen, Undo Warm, Add Contrast

    Luxe Portraits

    Cheeks Add Blush, Eyes Dark Circles Fix, Eyes Eyelash Boost, Eyes Iris Enhancer, Lips Color Enhancer, Lips Gloss, Skin Add Tan, Skin Brightener, Skin Softener, Skin Wrinkle Reducer, Teeth Whitener

        Luxe Fall

        Orange , Cool , Haze , Bloom / Dream Effect, Fairy Tool

          Luxe Winter

          Snow +, Snow ++, Snow +++, Brighten Snow , Subject Enhancement

            Luxe Spring

            Lightstreak Purple , Lightstreak Blue , Lightstreak Yellow , Saturate + Clarity , Desaturate + Soften

              Luxe Summer

              Brighten Shadows, Calm Highlights, Mute & Soften, Noise & Details, Saturate & Sharpen

                Luxe Weddings

                Enhance Details , Enhance White Dress , Enhance Black Suit , Cool & Desaturate , Warm & Vibrant 

                  Luxe Landscapes

                  Enhance Sky & Clouds , Enhance Land & Shadows , Brighten Shadows , Warm & Saturated, Neutral & Cool , Enhance Texture

                    Luxe Newborns

                    Bokeh 1, Bokeh 2, Milky Skin, Pink Skin, Props & Texture

                      Brixton Essentials

                      Add Clarity, Add Contrast, Add Saturation, Black & White, Desaturate
                      Less Contrast, Recover Highlights, Sharpen, Unsharpen

                        Brixton Modern

                        Brighten, Cooler, Recover Highlights, Reduce Green Color Cast, Warmer

                          Brixton Portraits

                          Blackout, Burn, Burn +, Burn ++, Contrast & Saturate, Contrast &, Saturate +, Desaturate, Desaturate +, Desaturate 100%, Details, Details +, Dodge, Dodge +, Dodge ++, Eye Whitener, Iris Enhancer, Lip Enhancer, Sharpen, Soften Skin, Subtle Teeth, Whiteout

                            Brixton Vintage

                            Sharpen, Boost, Burn, Dodge, Wash Out


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