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Lightroom Classic Intermediate Video Course

  • 16+ video lessons in HD
  • Exclusive, interactive bonus content
  • Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime
  • Skill Level: Intermediate


This course was designed for photographers who have foundational knowledge of Lightroom Classic, but are seeking more in-depth training. Adobe Lightroom Classic is a time-honored photo editing software that is commonly used by photographers of all levels. While this software can easily serve amateur photographers, who have a basic knowledge of the program, its advanced functionality is ideal for more seasoned or professional photographers.

If you have successfully completed the Adobe Lightroom Classic 101 (Basics) course or already have a functional and basic working knowledge of the software, you’re ready for Luxe Academy’s Adobe Lightroom Classic Intermediate course.

Our seasoned instructor, Jonathan Veith, will guide you through some of the more advanced editing features and techniques of Lightroom Classic. Comprehensively build your skills as a well-rounded photo editor and learn advanced methods to maximize your workflow. After all, who doesn’t want to edit their photos in less time and more efficiently? In this course, we’ll give you the knowledge to do so skillfully and with confidence.

At the end of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your new understanding to some fun projects that are designed to put into practice your newly-learned skills. Increase your confidence, skills, and knowledge with our easy to follow videos and downloadable tip sheets.

Here are a few featured elements of the Lightroom Classic Intermediate course.

  • Remove and/or fix unwanted aspects of an image.
  • Create them, import them, download them, and use them.
  • Create your own custom adjustment brushes.
  • Learn how to use spot removal tool.
  • Use and apply range selection.
  • Apply your knowledge with hands-on projects.