"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.


Jack Frost Winter Photoshop Actions

Storytellers rejoice. From scene-driven toning and special effects, to hand-painted, realistic snow effects, the Jack Frost Winter actions were crafted with you in mind! Capture the childlike joy of playing in freshly falling snow, moments of comfort and gratitude by firelight, or memorable times spent with family and friends over the holidays. With a wide array of tools to correct, enhance, and transform your winter photography, Jack Frost actions for Photoshop and Elements is a delightful addition to your winter workflow, whatever the temperature! Looking for hand-painted snow in Lightroom? Checkout our Winter Wonderland presets for Lightroom.
  • 93 actions for Photoshop (PS) or Photoshop Elements (PSE) 

Be sure to check software compatibility information below, prior to purchase!

About This Collection:

Compatibility: Users must have at least one compatible software from Adobe in order to use this collection:

  • Adobe Photoshop* CS6, CC, & 2020 and later
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements* versions 15 and later
  • *Basic software knowledge is necessary 

Format: Immediate digital download. Three lifetime downloads of each file type. 

License/Use: These actions may be used for personal or professional editorial use, including social media. Action files may not be shared beyond the immediate buyer.

The Collection (26):

  • Cool Winds -A cool-purple toned look with softened contrasts
  • Plum Overtones -Soft magenta shadows under peachy-pink highlights
  • Soft Overcast -A muted contrast look with cooling overtones 
  • Cool Winter Portrait -A rich & colorful look with deep contrast and cool filtering
  • Warm Winter Portrait -Warm tones overlay lifted shadows and reduced highlights
  • Sweater Weather -A subtle look with natural coloring and slightly boosted depth
  • Touch Of Ice -Boosted overall contrast and saturation, with a cool-purple haze overlaid
  • Warm & Comforting -A filmy-warm look with reduced highlights and lifted shadows
  • Gingerbread Cookies -Peachy-warm filtering overlays soft contrast tones
  • December Dusk -A reduced exposure look with rich, warm sunlight-toned highlights
  • Frosted Evergreen -A poppy look with cool-evergreen toned highlights and shadows
  • Light & Cool -A simply-soft look with light, cooling overtones
  • Light & Warm - Warming filtering overlay beautifully soft contrast
  • Sweet Cane -A saturated look with cherry-cinnamon toned highlights and shadows 
  • Golden Fleece -Rich, warming shadows and highlights, along with a subtle color pop
  • Soften The Whites -An action for toning down snowy-white highlights
  • Jack Frost -A very cold, dusk-toned look, with rich contrast and saturation
  • Winter Wine - Red wine colored shadows meet slightly cooled highlights and a saturation lift
  • Firewood Light -Soft warming shadows under boosted contrast tones
  • Deep Forest - A rich analog-inspired look with green shadow toning and peachy highlights
  • B&W Tones: Basic Desaturate, Soft Light, Crisp Tones, Delightfully Analog, Cinnamon Stick, Deep Film

Lighthouse Winter Toolkit (67 actions):

  • Quick Items: Duplicate, Flatten All Layers, Flatten All Layers to New Layer
  • Toolkit: Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure Increase/Decrease, Contrast Increase/Decrease, Depth Contrast, Highlight Booster/Dimmer, Midtone Booster/Dimer, Shadow Booster/Cruncher/Recovery, Highlight Recovery, Temp Warmer/Cooler, Saturation Increase/Decrease, Haze Add/Remove, Dodge & Burn
  • Winter Overlay Filters: Warm, Cool, Fire, Ice, Pastel
  • Winter Snow: Small Snowflakes, Medium Snowflakes, Large Snowflakes, Light Snow Mix, Heavy Snow Mix, Blizzard Mix
  • Effects: Dreamy Contrast Light, Contrast Boosted
  • Brushes: Brighten & Cool Snow, Soften & Cool Snow, Reduce Skin Redness, Boost Saturation Light, Boost Saturation Heavy, Reduce Saturation Light, Reduce Saturation Heavy, Warm The Highlights, Warm The Shadows, Cool The Highlights, Cool The Shadows, Greens to Evergreen, Vignette Soft/Medium/Deep
  • Grain: Normal Low/Med/High, Film Low/Med/High
  • Final Sharpening: Basic Full/2500px/1500px/750px/72dpi (Web), Pro LAB Full/2500px/1500px/750px/72dpi (Web)


Photo Attribution: The photos featured in this collection are being used with permission from these amazing photographers: Bree Friesen, Lindsey Shedd, Erica EldridgeMegann RobinsonSmitten & Swoon and Campbell & Co Photography. They may not be distributed, edited, or re-produced in any way without explicit and written consent from the photographers.