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The Everything Preset Bundle for LR/ACR

Introducing the Luxe & Brixton Presets Everything Bundle for Lightroom or Photoshop (ACR)! This bundle includes all presets, tool presets, layer presets, and local adjustment brushes currently being sold in the store under the Luxe and Brixton lines, offered at a substantial savings. Thisincludes 527 presets, and 98 local adjustment brushes from the Luxe Core Series (Essentials, Portraits MEGA set, & Landscapes & Wildlife), the Luxe Seasons Series (Fall Touch of Tweed, Winter Let it Snow!, Spring, & Bohemian Summer), the Luxe Limited Release Series (Newborn, Wedding), and the Brixton Core Series (Essentials, Portraits, Modern, & Vintage. This bundle includes all presets currently sold in the store.

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Check out the individual collection pages for Luxe: Essentials | Portraits | Winter Let it Snow!| Autumn Touch of Tweed | Wedding | Landscapes & Wildlife | Spring | Bohemian Summer | Newborns |

And for Brixton: Essentials | Portraits | Modern | Vintage

About this collection:

  • 333 General Presets (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 176 Tool Presets (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 18 Layer Presets (Lightroom or Photoshop ACR)
  • 98 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom 5, 6, & Classic only)
  • Works on RAW and JPEG Images
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, Classic, & CC; Photoshop* CS6, CS7, & CC
  • Instant Download
  • Written and Video Instructions Included
  • International Orders Gladly Accepted
  • *Note: Some special effects like snowflakes, fairy, lightstreaks, framing, and bokeh effects do not translate from Lightroom to Photoshop ACR
Professional Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions

    Luxe Essentials Collection, 73 Presets: Action, Afternoon Hike, B&W Clear (3), B&W Faded Blue (3), B&W Golden (3), B&W Journalist, B&W Old (3), B&W Speed, Boost, Color & Contrast (3), Cool Water, Cross Process Yellow/Blue (3), Details (3), Dreamy (3), Foggy Moments, Gritty Brown (3), Jubilant, Lemongrass, Mountain Iris, Neutral Greens, Old Film, Olympics, Orange Wash (3), Pastel Film (3), Punchy Matte (3), Red/Blue (3), Skate Park, Standard (3), Vivid HDR (3), Warm & Colorful (3), Miami Vice (Layer), Alaska (Layer), Desaturate Edges (Layer), Warm & Bright Edges (Layer), Remove Layers, Some Pop, Strong Pop, Film Fade, Dark Fade, Matte, Dark Matte, Decrease Contrast + Increase Dynamic Range, Increase Contrast + Decrease Dynamic Range, Darken Blacks, Bring Back Highlight Details, Soften + Decreased Clarity

    General Portrait Collection, 51 Presets: B&W Neutral, B&W Sepia, Brighten, Cold Breeze, Freshen, Porcelain, Soften, Warm Intensity, Warm Highlights, Brightness Light, Brightness Strong, Brightness Zero, Color Less, Color More, Color Neutral, Contrast Less, Contrast More, Contrast Zero, Darken Light, Darken Strong, Darken Zero, Drama, Feminine, Grain Light, Grain Strong, Grain Zero, Green Neutral, Highlights Brighter, Highlights, Darker, Highlights Zero, Masculine, Protect Skin Tones Strong, Protect Skin Tones, Red Reduction, Remove Noise Light, Remove Noise Strong, Shadows Brighter, Shadows Darker, Sharpen, Softness, Tone Blue-Green, Tone Cold, Tone Green-Green, Tone Green-Red, Tone Reset, Tone Warm, Tone Yellow-Blue, Vignette Light, Vignette Mild, Vignette Reset, Vignette Strong

    Outdoor Portrait Collection, 12 Presets: B&W HDR, Boosted, Colors, Cool Bliss, Grunge, Olive Tree, Outdoor Portrait, Sharp, Sunny Film, Sweetheart, Warm Pastel, Watercolor 

    Studio Portrait Collection, 12 Presets: B&W Crisp, B&W Washed & Clipped, Cinema, Coolly Lit, Drama, Glamour, Retro Green, Soften, Studio Fade, Studio Portrait, Warm Bright Fade, Warmly Lit 

    Landscape & Wildlife Collection, 44 Presets: Basic Landscape (Standard & Light), B&W Dusk, B&W Landscape, Bold Color Pop, Bright & Colorful, Bright Fade, Bright Sky, Cinematic Landscape (Standard & Light), Dessert Mountains, Dusk & Dawn, HDR Standard, HDR Extreme, HDR Matte, HDR Neutral, Martha's Vineyard, Neutral Greens (Standard & Light), Night Colorful, Night Dark Cool, Overcast, Simply Beautiful, Sunny Day (Standard & Light), Sunset Drama (Standard & Light), Sunset Fire (Standard & Light), Retro View (Standard & Light), Sunset Boulevard, Sweet, The Shire (Standard & Light), Yosemite, Dynamic Range High, Dynamic Range Low, Enhance Blue Sky, Enhance Blue Sky & Neutralize Greens, Remove Grain, Remove Lens Vignetting, Saturation High, Saturation Low.

    Luxe Wedding Collection, 46 Presets: Beach Scene, B&W Street Cred, B&W Warm, Black Tuxedo, Boudoir, Bride Close-up, Bright & Airy, Bright Whites, Cover, Details, Faded Warm, Flash in the Dark, Flash Indoors, Flat Film, Flowers, Food, Groom Close-up, In Vogue, Just Married, Large Group, Matte Brown, Matte Desaturate, Retro Shoot, Rings & Flowers, Scenery, Small Group, Soft & Colorful, Suit Up, Sunset Urban Attitude, Wedding Standard, White Dress, Boost Blues, Brighten, Brighten +, Brighten Whites, Contrast Curve, Cool Highlights, Cool Shadows, Darken, Darken Blacks, Desaturate Greens, Strong Fade, Strong Vignette, Warm Highlights, Warm Shadows

    Luxe Fall Touch of Tweed Collection, 54 Presets: Autumn Color Play, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Orange, Autumn Rain, Autumn Red Vignette, B&W Dark, B&W Gold/Blue, B&W Light, B&W Red, Bright & Bold, Bright Fall, Cozy, Dark Warm, Fairy Tale, Film Fall, Golden Hour, Haze, Pastel Haze, Pumpkin Spice, Punchy Split Toning, Standard Warm, Soft Desaturate, Silence, Sun Glow (3 versions), Cool Gradient (bottom), Cool Gradient (top), Desaturated Gradient (left), Desaturated Add Fairies, Add Fairies Color Neutral, Add Fairies Light, Autumn Colors, Blacks Brighten, Blacks Darken, Blacks Neutral, Cool, Fish-Eye Effect, Highlights Brighten, Highlights Darken, Highlights Neutral, Saturation High, Saturation Low, Saturation Neutral, Shadows Brighten, Shadows Darken, Shadows Neutral, Warmth, Whites Brighten, Whites Mute, Whites Neutral.

    Luxe Winter Let it Snow! Collection, 39 Lightroom Presets: B&W Blue-Red, B&W Chill, B&W Dark Faded B&W Fade & Snow, B&W HDR, B&W Winter, Blue-Red Wash, Chill, Desaturated Wash, Frostbite, Icicles, Moody, Muted Chill, Nostalgia Radiant, Simple Winter, Slope, Soft & Fluffy Snow, Tundra, Winter Dreams, Winter Chill, Color Cool, Cool Lower Half, Cool Upper Half, Remove Snowflakes Effect, Reset Split Toning, Reset Upper-Lower Half Edit, Snowflakes Big Light, Snowflakes Delicate, Snowflakes Landscape, Snowflakes Large Bright, Snowflakes Portrait, Snowflakes Soft, Snowflakes Standard, Snowflakes Super Light, Snowflakes Super Tiny, Snowflakes Tiny, Subtle Cool

    Luxe Spring Collection, 29 Presets: B & W Bright, Bloom, Bloom Warm, Bounce, Bright Teal, Foliage, Heaven, Pink Blossom, Soft & Sweet, Spring & Pop, Spring Colors, Spring Sunrise, Sun & Shadows, Throwback, Time Warp, Warm Contrast, Warm Kick, Washed. Yellow/Purple, Add Blue Kick, Add Green Kick, Add Lightstreaks 1, Add Lightstreaks 2, Add Lightstreak Subtle, Add Mute Saturation, Add Red Kick, Add Remove Lightstreaks, Add Saturation.

    Luxe Bohemian Summer Collection, 23 Presets: Beach, B&W Bright Wash, B&W Dark Wash, B&W Yellow/Red, Bohemian Blast, Colorful, Forest Wash, Free Spirit, Glowing, HDR Faded, Light, Red & Colorful, Sand, Summer, Summer Blast, Summer Fade, Warm & Clear, Warm Wash, Add Blue / Blue Split Tone, Add Blue / Orange Split Tone, Add Yellow / Red Split Tone, Add Yellow / Yellow Split Tone, Add Lower Contrast & Clarity.

    Luxe Newborn Collection, 20 Presets: Baby Blue, Baby Soft, B&W Sleep Calm, Feather, Love, Maternity, Memories, Newborn Basic, Quiet, Sleep, Studio Session, Super Sweet, Warm and Bright, Add Clarity & Sharpening, Add Boost Contrast & Exposure, Add Bokeh, Add Bokeh Remove, Add Frame White, Add Frame Black 

    Brixton Essentials Collection, 59 Presets: Aqua Chill, Aspen, B&W Aged Film, B&W Cool, B&W Fade, B&W Gold, B&W Neutral Film, B&W Sepia Film, B&W Soft Film, B&W Vintage Film, Blue on Red Matte Film, Bohemian Summer, Calm Before Storm, Captured Moments, Contemporary Film, Cool Film, Cool Pastel, Deep Notes, Intensity, Lifestyle, Light Film, Mad Men, Matte Film, Miami Nights, Millennial Film, Minnetonka, Mod Film, Muted Cool Film, Playful, Polar Moods, Polaroid Film, Purity, Retro Film, Santa Cruz, Soft Film, Soft Pastel Film, Standard Film, Teakwood, The Breakfast Club Film, Vintage Film, Warm & Cold Film, Warm Film, Warm Memories, Winding Down, Heavy Grain, Improve Dynamic Range, Light Grain, Lower Dynamic Range, Remove Grain, Reset Grain, Super Soft, Tone Curve Fade, Tone Curve Fade Strong, Tone Curve Wash, Unsharpen, Unsoften, Boost, Neutralize, Reset Layers.

    Brixton Portraits Collection, 62 Presets: B&W Blues, B&W Soft Gold, B&W Old, B&W Dragan, Bright & Faded, Deep Nights, Dragan Light, Dragan Strong, Film Portrait, Feather, Neutral, Pasadena Glow, Santa Fe, Santa Monica, Soft & Warm, Soldier, Steel Cut, Stylized, Sweet Dreams. Warm Pastel, Baby Soft, Clarity -, Clarity +, Clarity 0, Contrast -, Contrast +, Contrast 0, Exposure -, Exposure --, Exposure ---, Exposure +, Exposure ++, Exposure +++, Exposure 0, Grain 0, Grain Heavy, Grain Light, Grain Medium, Highlights -, Highlights +, Noise Reduction 0, Noise Reduction High, Noise Reduction Medium, Saturation -, Saturation +, Saturation 0, Shadows -, Shadows +, Sharpening High, Sharpening Low, Sharpening Medium, Soft Skin Detail, Split Tone Blue/Green, Split Tone Green/Green, Split Tone Green/Red, Split Tone Reset, Split Tone Yellow/Blue, Tone Cold, Tone Warm, Vignette Light, Vignette Strong, No Vignette.

    Brixton Modern Collection, 25 Presets: Avant-garde, B&W Contrast, B&W Faded Warm, B&W Flat, Blast, Boost + Punch, Cold & Sharp, Dynamic Edge, Hot & Cold, Metallic, Modern Boost, Modern Film, Muted Grain, Pastel Chill, Positive Energy, Romance, Smooth, Soft & Violet, Streets, Summer Vibes, Cool [Counter Yellow], Sharp [Counter Soft/Low Contrast], Soft [Counter Contrast/Clarity], Violet [Counter Green], Warm [Counter Blue/Cold].

    Brixton Vintage Collection, 26 Presets: B&W Classic, B&W Wash, Bleached, California, Calm & Gentle, Carnival, Fade & Grain, Instant Cool, Instant Warm, Marlow, Moss, Rich Depth, Sweet Candy, Tintype, Verde Classico, Vintage History, Worn & Torn, Retro Film, 1984, School Days, Grain, Grain +, Grain ++, No Grain, Vignette, Vignette +

    90 Brushes (Lightroom only)

    Luxe Essentials Collection: Brighten, Darken, Enhance Details, Lighten, Sharpen, Undo Warm Greens, Neutralize Over-saturation. Luxe Portrait Collection: Burn, Cheeks Add Blush, Desaturate, Dodge, Eyes Dark Circles, Eyes Eyelash Boost, Eyes Iris Enhancer, Lips Color Enhancer, Lips Gloss, Sharpen, Skin Add Tan, Skin Brightener, Skin Softener, Skin Wrinkle Reducer, Teeth Whiten. Luxe Landscape Collection: Enhance Sky & Clouds, Enhance Land & Shadows, Brighten Shadows, Warm & Saturated, Neutral & Cool, Enhance Texture. Luxe Wedding Collection:Enhance Details, Enhance White Dress, Enhance Black Suit, Cool & Desaturate, Warm and Vibrant. Luxe Fall Collection: Orange Brush, Cool Brush, Haze Brush, Bloom / Dream Effect, Fairy Tool. Luxe Winter Let it Snow! CollectionAdd Blue, Add Purple, Add Warmth, Snow +++, Snow ++, Snow +, Snow Light, Brighten Snow, Enhance Subject. Luxe Spring Collection: Lightstreak Purple, Lightstreak Blue, Lightstreak Yellow, Saturate + Clarity, Desaturate + Soften. Luxe Summer Collection: Calm Highlights, Brighten Shadows, Noise & Details, Mute & Soften, Saturate & Sharpen. Brixton Essentials Collection: Add Clarity, Add Contrast, Add Saturation, Black and White, Desaturate, Less Contrast, Recover Highlights, Sharpen, Unsharpen. Brixton Portraits Collection: Blackout, Burn ++, Burn +, Burn, Dodge, Dodge +, Dodge ++, Whiteout, Contrast + Saturate, Contrast + Saturate +, Desaturate, Desaturate +, Desaturate 100%, Details, Details +, Sharpen, Soften Skin, Eye Whitener, Subtle Teeth Whitener, Iris Enhancer, Lips Enhancer. Brixton Modern Collection: Cooler, Warmer, Brighten Shadows, Recover Highlights, Reduce Green Color Cast. Brixton Vintage Collection: Wash Out, Boost, Sharpen Detail, Burn Tool, Dodge Tool


    A big shout out to our featured photographers Jodi Lynn, Tatyana Tomsickova, De Westelinck Photography, and Iza Lyson

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