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[Bundle] Best Sellers - Presets for LR/ACR (5 Preset Collections)

Looking for our hottest presets? Introducing the Best Sellers Preset Bundle for Lightroom or Photoshop (ACR)! We've packaged our biggest sellers for 2019 into a single bundle. This bundle includes 5 of our most popular collections: Luxe Essentials, Brixton Film Earthy Moods, Luxe Portraits, Luxe Weddings, and Luxe Buds & Blooms Spring Presets!

This collection is compatible with the paid and free versions of the Lightroom CC mobile app for iOS or Android!

The Best Sellers Preset Bundle for LR/ACR

Looking for before and after pictures? Check out the individual collection pages:

Luxe Essentials | Luxe Portraits MEGA | Luxe Weddings | Luxe Buds & Blooms Spring Presets | Brixton Film Earthy Moods

About this collection:

  • 375 general workflow, tool, & layer presets 
  • 67 local adjustment brushes (LR 5, 6, or Classic CC only)
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC, & CC desktop; Photoshop CS 6 & CC
  • Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include tool or layer presets. See instructions after purchase for more information.
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Instant download
Professional Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions

    Presets (Photoshop ACR or Lightroom)

    Luxe Essentials Collection, 73 Presets: Action, Afternoon Hike, B&W Clear (3), B&W Faded Blue (3), B&W Golden (3), B&W Journalist, B&W Old (3), B&W Speed, Boost, Color & Contrast (3), Cool Water, Cross Process Yellow/Blue (3), Details (3), Dreamy (3), Foggy Moments, Gritty Brown (3), Jubilant, Lemongrass, Mountain Iris, Neutral Greens, Old Film, Olympics, Orange Wash (3), Pastel Film (3), Punchy Matte (3), Red/Blue (3), Skate Park, Standard (3), Vivid HDR (3), Warm & Colorful (3), Miami Vice (Layer), Alaska (Layer), Desaturate Edges (Layer), Warm & Bright Edges (Layer), Remove Layers, Some Pop, Strong Pop, Film Fade, Dark Fade, Matte, Dark Matte, Decrease Contrast + Increase Dynamic Range, Increase Contrast + Decrease Dynamic Range, Darken Blacks, Bring Back Highlight Details, Soften + Decreased Clarity

    Luxe General Portrait Collection, 60 Presets: B&W Neutral, B&W Sepia, Brighten, Cold Breeze, Freshen, Porcelain, Soften, Warm Intensity, Warm Highlights, Brightness Light, Brightness Strong, Brightness Zero, Color Less, Color More, Color Neutral, Contrast Less, Contrast More, Contrast Zero, Darken Light, Darken Strong, Darken Zero, Drama, Feminine, Grain Light, Grain Strong, Grain Zero, Green Neutral, Highlights Brighter, Highlights, Darker, Highlights Zero, Masculine, Protect Skin Tones Strong, Protect Skin Tones, Red Reduction, Remove Noise Light, Remove Noise Strong, Shadows Brighter, Shadows Darker, Sharpen, Softness, Tone Blue-Green, Tone Cold, Tone Green-Green, Tone Green-Red, Tone Reset, Tone Warm, Tone Yellow-Blue, Vignette Light, Vignette Mild, Vignette Reset, Vignette Strong, BW Soft, Blissful, Clean, Light & Lifted, Refresh, Saturated, Summer Skin, Sweet Angel, Warm Highlights

    Luxe Outdoor Portrait Collection, 20 Presets: B&W HDR, Boosted, Colors, Cool Bliss, Grunge, Olive Tree, Outdoor Portrait, Sharp, Sunny Film, Sweetheart, Warm Pastel, Watercolor, Coral Cream, Lifestyle, Lilacs, Muted Moss, Peach Silk, Soft Rose, Subtle Sunshine, Winter Tone

    Luxe Studio Portrait Collection, 20 Presets: B&W Crisp, B&W Washed & Clipped, Cinema, Coolly Lit, Drama, Glamour, Retro Green, Soften, Studio Fade, Studio Portrait, Warm Bright Fade, Warmly Lit, Clean & Boosted, Cool & Tan, Frosty Film, Light Magenta, Pale Mauve, Peach Gloss, Red Film, Soft & Filmy

    Luxe Wedding Collection, 68 Presets: Beach Scene, B&W Classic, B&W Softened Details, B&W Street Cred, B&W Warm, Black Tuxedo, Boudoir, Bride Close-up, Bright & Airy, Bright Whites, Cover, Crushed Film, Details, Faded Warm, Flash in the Dark, Flash Indoors, Flat Film, Flowers, Food, Groom Close-up, In Vogue, Just Married, Large Group, Matte Brown, Matte Desaturate, Peach Dreams, Retro Shoot, Rich Film, Rings & Flowers, Sangria, Scenery, Small Group, Soft & Colorful, Soft Dreams, Softened Glow, Suit Up, Sunset, Urban Attitude, Wedding Standard, Whirlwind, White Dress, Color - Boost Blues, Color - Desaturate Greens, Curve - Contrast Boost, Curve - Film I, Curve - Film II, Curve - Strong Fade, Filter - Amethyst, Filter - Cool Highlights, Filter - Cool Highlights / Warm Shadows, Filter - Cool Shadows, Filter - Mint, Filter - Peach, Filter - Pink Frost, Filter - Warm Highlights, Filter - Warm Shadows, Grain - Heavy, Grain - Medium, Grain - Soft, Tonal - Brighten, Tonal - Brighten +, Tonal - Brighten Whites, Tonal - Darken, Tonal - Darken Blacks, Vignette - Light, Vignette - Strong

    Luxe Spring Buds & Blooms Collection, 41 Presets: B & W Bright, B & W Moody, Blossom (Standard, Warm), Clean Lift, Clean Pop, Clouded Overcast, Cool Rain, Foliage Booster, Film for Spring (Dark, Light), Film Wash, Heaven, Lavender Mist, Lilacs, Pastel Sunrise, Pink Radiance, Rich Wash, Soft & Sweet, Spring & Pop (Standard, Boosted), Sunflower Blooms, Sunrise Sunset, Teal Light, Throwback, Time Warp, Violet Shadows, Warm Air Filmy, Warm Air Punchy, Warm Contrast, Warm Kick, Yellow/Purple Split Toning, Lightstreak (1, 2, 3, Remove), Saturation (All +, All -, Blue +, Green +, Red +)

    Brixton Film Earthy Moods Collection, 33 Presets:Afternoon Sun, Aged Grit, Avant-Garde, Blast, Calm Before the Storm, Cooling Notes, Deep Roots, Dynamic Boost, Earth, Earth-Tones, Evening Light, Fall Forest, Feathers, Fields of Wheat, Glowing Pasadena, Intensity Warm, Lift Me Up, Lifted Purity, Mad Med, Minnetonka Pop, Modern Analog, Muted Grains, Pale Pallet, Peaches & Cream, Rich Film, Sepia in Color, Soft Forest, Soil & Moss, Stylized Film, Teakwood Soft, The Breakfast Club, Warm Days, Winter Mood

    Brixton Film Tool Kit, 70 Tool & Layer Presets: Clarity (-, --, ---, +, ++, +++, 0), Contrast (-, --, ---, +, ++, +++, 0), Curve Fade (+, ++), Curve Wash, Dynamic Range +, ++), Exposure (-,  --,  ---, +, ++, +++, 0), Grain (+, ++, 0), Highlights (-, +, 0), Noise (-, --, 0), Saturation (-, --, ---, +, ++, +++, 0), Shadows (-, +, 0), Sharpening (+, ++, +++, 0), Soften (+, 0), Soften Details, Split Tone (Blue-Green, Green-Green, Green Red, Yellow Blue, Reset), Tone (Warm, Cool), Vignette (+, ++, 0), Boost, Cool [Counter Yellow], Neutralize, Reset Layers, Sharp [Counter Soft - Low Contrast], Soft [Counter Contrast – Clarity], Violet [Counter Green], Warm [Counter Blue – Cold]

    Brushes (Lightroom only)

    Luxe Essentials Collection: Brighten, Darken, Enhance Details, Lighten, Sharpen, Undo Warm Greens, Neutralize Over-saturation. Luxe Portrait Collection: Burn, Cheeks Add Blush, Desaturate, Dodge, Eyes Dark Circles, Eyes Eyelash Boost, Eyes Iris Enhancer, Lips Color Enhancer, Lips Gloss, Sharpen, Skin Add Tan, Skin Brightener, Skin Softener, Skin Wrinkle Reducer, Teeth Whiten. Luxe Wedding Collection:Enhance Details, Enhance White Dress, Enhance Black Suit, Cool & Desaturate, Warm and Vibrant. Luxe Spring Buds & Blooms Collection: Haze (regular, dream), Saturate & Clarify (+, ++), Lightstreak (yellow, purple, blue), Floral Pop, Desaturate & Soften (+, ++), Depth & Pop. Brixton Film: B&W, Blackout, Boost, Burn (+, ++, +++), Clarity +, Contrast (-, +), Contrast & Saturate, Cool, Desaturate (+, ++, +++), Details (+, ++), Dodge (+, ++), Eye Whitener, Highlights + Iris Enhancer, Lips Enhancer, Reduce Green Color Cast, Saturation (-, +), Shadows +, Sharpen (-, +), Soften Skin, Teeth Whitener, Warm Wash, Whiteout  

    A big shout out to our featured photographers Tara Rochelle, Carissa Davis, Mama's Love Photography, and Taylor Duggan.

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