How to Install Presets & Brushes with the NEW (Oct. 2017) Lightroom CC.


  1. Open Lightroom CC.



  1. Click on the editing icon.



  1. Click on the Presets button



  1. Click on the row of three dots to open a drop-down menu. Within the drop-down menu, click on Open Presets Folder.


  1. Once the Develop Presets folder is open, copy and paste your presets and brushes into this location.



  1. Shut down Lightroom and then restart it.


  1. Access your presets by clicking on the Presets button and then selected your preset from the drop-down.



  1. Access your brushes by clicking on the brush icon. All presets can now be used to apply local adjustments, so there is no need to install separate brushes. Presets designed as exclusive brushes should can be used in Lightroom Classic, but not Lightroom CC.

Please not that it is not yet possible to use presets with Lightroom CC on your mobile, with the exception of the presets that come pre-installed with your program.