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5 Reasons you should already be using Luxe AI Presets


See why thousands have upgraded their workflow with Luxe AI Retouch Toolkits

Image by @tustidowell

1. Solves Real Problems FAST

At Luxe we are committed to not only releasing high quality products we would and do use ourselves, but we build our collections with real customer feedback and experience in mind.

image by @fourpondsliving
2. Truly One-Click Results
Each AI retouching tool has been thoughtfully tuned to be effective, unique, and offer rapid one-click results for most needs. What's more? ALL of our AI presets are Amount Slider compatible for quick strength adjustment directly from the preset panel! 

image by: Anna Ascari

3. Quick Bulk Retouching

Get your money's worth and your time back with presets that do exactly what they promise - not just for one image, but all of them! Sync any AI preset workflow across entire photo sets for rapid retouching! 

image by: @familyonthemarsh
4. Restore Your Faith in Presets!
We know you have heard it all when it comes to presets, and maybe you've been burned a time or two. But we are here to restore your faith in presets! Maybe we won't save the world from bad presets, but we'd love to save your workflow! 

image by: @briviglianco

5.  Perfect for any workflow

What's special about our AI Retouching toolkits is their unique flexibility to be used by anyone, at any skill level, with seamless integration into any workflow. These won't change your style, they'll elevate it! 

Chocolate -  It's all about love

Want to create Holiday magic with dynamic storytelling images? 

This delightfully inspired image by @thedesertshallrejoice feels cinematic! What's her secret? She applied AI Toolkit presets from Luxe Wedding Pro AI: Background Moody Backdrop, Background Ethereal Glow, Subject Clothing Enhance Details, Subject Skin Even Skin Tone, Subject Skin Face Brighten Highlights, Whole Subject Sharpen, Whole Subject Exposure Pop, and finished up her edit with "Subject Reflector Silver" from our ColorMade Copper AI Toolkit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's AI about these presets? 

Our AI Presets are powered by Adobe Sensei AI, a traditional, not generative AI which helps the program detect your image and create masks of certain parts of your images so our professional settings can be applied to very specific parts of your image in just one click! Further the AI allows these settings to be synced across multiple images and adapt to each individual image. So if you whiten teeth with an AI preset on one image, and sync that edit across multiple images, it will map the teeth whitening to the only teeth visible in each individual image!

How are these different from the ones in Lightroom?

Our are unique! Lightroom is designed to allow for limitless creativity, with endless combinations of settings available to edit images. Thus you could have thousands upon thousands of completely different presets - even if they target the same areas! Presets are created by saving unique manual combinations of settings. As with all of the products we offer, our settings are unique to us and designed with editing trends, our professional experience, and common customer requests and problems in mind as we dial in settings!

Can these be used in Photoshop? 

Yep! These presets can be used in the latest up-to-date subscription versions of Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop (via Adobe Camera Raw). These can also be directly installed in the Premium Subscription Lightroom Mobile app for Android, and synced from Lightroom (CC) to iOS/iPadOS. 

Can you remove changes from specific people when editing group images? 
We offer a full walkthrough with visuals for each collection featuring a full example workflow in each compatible software including details on how to quickly subtract adjust or subtract subjects from changes! We also offer 1:1 support, advice, and recommendations via 

How are the 3 collections different? Is there overlap? 

Each of our Luxe AI Retouch toolkits are unique. Even when the same zone is targeted, the changes will be different from collection to collection. Our Luxe Wedding Pro AI and Luxe Portrait Pro AI collections have unique and specialized differences that are also designed to be universally flexible - including directional light reflector emulating presets and unique problem-targeting presets. Luxe Portrait Pro AI features Multi Adaptive Tools with pre-mixed combinations of localized changes to reflect common retouching workflows!