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Photographer Feature Friday: Stay Golden with Amber Connor

Our Photographer Feature Friday series continues! As spring welcomes golden light, we're so thrilled to have brand and portrait photographer Amber Connor (@fourpondsliving) on the blog! 

As temps heat up, flowers bloom, and evening sun turns everything to gold, we plan to continue this interview series highlighting inspiring photographers and creatives who share in our goal to inspire, educate, create, and connect! 

This week we spoke with Amber Connor of Four Ponds Living! We talked home and brand styling, maintaining authenticity, cultivating beautiful spaces, and Instagram as a tool for exposure. 

Amber is a brand and portrait photographer known for making a beautiful life and art on her PNW farm, Four Ponds. She not only beautifully documents her own family (alpacas, pups, goats, and chicks included), makes client dreams of snuggling baby animals come true, and brings to life stunning brand projects, but has brought her own dreams to life with thoughtfully cultivated garden, studio, and home spaces. Her clearly refined sense of whole life branding marks every project like a midas touch with a whimsical storybook sensibility that is instantly recognizable in each of her images. 

We hope you'll be swept into the beautiful world she has lovingly crafted and carry away with you a bit of fairy dust and sunshine into your next project inside or out! 



It’s so great to finally have you on the blog, Amber! What sparked your passion to pursue photography seriously – does that same source still function as a sense of inspiration or has what inspires you evolved along the way?  

It’s a pleasure to join you on the blog! I'm Amber, and my journey into photography began with my children and the unwavering support of my husband, eventually evolving into a career.


With even the quickest scroll of your Instagram feed or website – your sense of brand identity comes across clear as a bell even across diverse projects. Is styling something that comes naturally to you?

When it comes to my brand identity, styling has been an inherent part of who I am. Ever since I started decorating my own spaces, I found joy in the creative process. Despite growing up in an environment where aesthetics weren't prioritized, it fostered a unique perspective that now influences my design sensibilities and photography style.


What has been the most exciting technical photography trick/technique you’ve learned so far? 

One of the most thrilling techniques I've mastered is the use of brushwork in my images. It's become an essential element in defining my style.


As you’ve approached new subject matter like interior décor, how does your process change, if at all? 

When exploring new subjects like interior décor, I leverage my photography background to play creatively. While the technical aspects may differ, my approach remains fluid and intuitive.


It is evident that you’ve put a lot of hard work into creating beautiful spaces that appear effortless. For the beginner who doesn’t feel like they’ve got a very beautiful space, what advice would you give for overcoming that insecurity? 

For beginners hesitant about their space's beauty, I recommend starting with simplicity and adding small, meaningful touches like vintage pieces or fresh flowers. Beauty can be found in the most minimalist of spaces.


Your imagery feels like a storybook with thoughtfully selected details and genuine movement/emotion – what advice would you give photographers who struggle to find balance between style and authentic moments? 

Balancing style with authenticity is a journey I navigate by staying true to my spontaneous shooting style. Rather than meticulously planning shots, I embrace spontaneity, allowing genuine moments to unfold naturally.


Often your images burst with color and life – what advice would you give to photographers afraid to work with a lot of varied color? 

To photographers hesitant about working with vibrant colors, my advice is simple: shoot what you love and edit with passion. Don't be afraid to infuse your work with the colors that resonate with you.


Speaking of tricky - what's it like working with animals? 

Working with animals is always an adventure due to their unpredictable nature. It's this unpredictability that sometimes leads to capturing the best shots. While all animals present challenges, each brings its unique charm to the creative process, whether in posed or conceptual portraits.


During the golden age of Instagram reels, I think many of us were introduced to Four Ponds and your stunning captures – Do you think this exposure affected the trajectory of your journey or goals at all or just functioned as a helpful tool along the way? 

While Instagram exposure has its pressures, I've learned to stay true to my vision and post what I love, regardless of trends or expectations.


What is something that you wish more people knew about photography? What is something you think a lot of people get wrong? 

In photography, I wish more people understood the power of storytelling through imagery and the importance of authenticity over perfection.


What are your favorite editing tools and how are they helpful in cultivating or maintaining a cohesive workflow – especially when it comes to more whimsical features that appear so natural in your work?

My favorite editing tools, including my own portrait brushes that I've created, alongside those from The Luxe Lens, play a pivotal role in enhancing my workflow. They bring out the whimsical features that define my work, effortlessly maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.


What a pleasure to have had Amber on the blog! We are always in awe of her seamless style and whimsical captures. We love how she has incorporated a mix of overlays like sun flares, glitter dust, and film and localized presets like our Golden Hour suns and On the Farm 2.0 sun glow and dust Effects into her toolbox for ! Stay Inspired: You can follow Amber on Instagram here.