"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.

Transform your Instagram Feed with Luxe

We all want to stand out on social media. In order to successfully represent your niche and the audience you're cultivating, a coehsive feed is no longer an option - it's a necessity. 

While the Instagram platform offers a built-in photo editor with filters, it's easy to see how these features fall flat in terms of a clean and modern looking feed. Standard, built-in Instagram filters lack customization, variety, and often lag behind key tonal trends. 

When it comes to gold-standard editing tools, most professional creatives and influencers rely on Adobe’s Lightroom which offers both free and paid options of their mobile editing app for iOS and Android. The $4.99/month mobile app subscription is cheaper than it's desktop counterpart and allows for sync of photos, edits, and presets across mobile devices. The in-app subscription also unlocks premium features like Raw photo editing, and local adjustments. The best part is that it's a breeze to use! 

One fantastic resource for quickly nailing the picture perfect feed is Lightroom Instagram presets. These are quick-click editing tools, specifically designed for branding and beautifying Instagram feeds, that can be utilized by both paid and free users of the Lightroom mobile app. Our Lightroom presets designed exclusively for use on Instagram allow you to quickly adjust dozens of image settings with a single click. Achieve a full photo edit workflow in three simple steps: Light. Color. Preset. And you'll get the perfect edit every single time.

You likely carefully select images that post to your feed. You deserve a professional-grade photo editing workflow tool that finishes the job. You shouldn’t have to regularly shoot in a standardized environment to create a cohesive feed. No matter your environment or your shooting conditions, Instagram Lightroom presets should get those tones standardized and on trend across your top nine and beyond.

Editing in Lightroom is easy as 1-2-3! 

Here's our quick guide for achieving the perfect Instagram feed. 

Nailed the perfect edit? Send those photos straight to Instagram! 

While you can’t use your presets in the Instagram app directly, you can send your finished edits straight to Instagram from the Lightroom app! Once you've finished your edit, simply click on the share icon to export your image to your camera roll or to share straight to your feed or stories! Here's our quick guide to exporting directly to Instagram for iOS and Android:

Define your brand & transform your feed! 

Worried about planning your feed? Apps like Planoly and Later can put you in control of curating that perfect scroll or scheduling your postings for optimal engagement with tailored insights. 

To really understand how presets can bring consistency to your feed, you need to see them in action. To best illustrate this, we’ve pulled together some photos from some fantastic creatives to show you how following a single vision or using a signature preset in your edits can instantly unify your images and create a real sense of branding.

When it comes to choosing the best set for your brand vision, it helps to determine if you're more color palette or content theme focused. A color defined edit will maximize select tones, while minimizing all others, for a clean and cohesive palette. Here's an example of a color-forward feed featuring images by @that.makes.six edited with the Luxe Instagram Milk & Tea collection: 
A focus on theme will instead tailor your edit to the subjects typical to your content theme rather than a specific color palette.  Here's an example of a theme-forward feed featuring images by @patriciandmiguel edited with the Luxe Instagram Travel collection: 
Whether it be color or content that drives your overall brand vision, Luxe is here to bring that vision to fruition with our carefully crafted Instagram presets for Lightroom, designed to make your dream feed a reality. 

Featuring images by: that.makes.six and patriciandmiguel