"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.


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Let it Snow! Winter Lightroom Presets – Desktop & Mobile

Please note: ACR presets work in Adobe Camera Raw. They are not Photoshop actions. For those, shop our collection of Photoshop actions. 

It's time to unpack your flannels and cozy up to that crackling fire. Winter has arrived!  This winter wonderland collection has been completely revamped for 2019 and comes with 30 Lightroom presets, 17 tool presets, and 9 local adjustment brushes. Our tool presets stack with other presets and allow you to add realistic falling snowflakes to your winter pictures. Snow can be tough to photograph because it often comes out gray, blue, or even beige depending on how your camera interprets the light. Snow often tricks the sensor on your camera by acting like a gray card. Our presets correct this fault with the click of a button! Transform dismal and overcast into ice-kissed and enchanted with this versatile collection.

About this collection:

  • Hand-painted, realistic, special-effect presets that include many variations of snow! 
  • 30 general presets + 17 tool presets designed for winter shoots!
  • 9 local adjustment brushes (Lightroom Classic ONLY)
  • Compatible with all current creative cloud subscription versions of Lightroom

  • Compatible with Lightroom (*CC subscription, 1.0 and later), Lightroom Classic (5, 6, CC 2015, and later), & the Lightroom mobile app*; Photoshop CS6, CC, & 2020+. Check your compatibility here

  • Partially Compatible for Video Editing in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.
  • Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. *Tool and layer presets are not available with DNG download
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Use with Mac, PC, Android, and iOS
  • Instant download
Please note that snow effects are not compatible with the LR mobile app


    30 Winter Presets
    • B&W Blue/Red - Black and white with cold highlights and red shadows; high contrast
    • B&W Chill - A blue and cold black and white
    • B&W Dark Faded - Black and white with a strong vintage fade
    • B&W Fade & Snow - Black and white with moderate fade and high contrast; added snow effect
    • B&W HDR - High dynamic range with added contrast and clarity
    • B&W Winter – Brightened and crisp black and white
    • Blue/Red Wash - A subtle infusion of blue and red
    • Chill - Flattening, cool blue/gray overlay, washed shadows, and muted tones
    • Desaturated Wash – Darkening and desaturation, with washed colors, highlights, and shadows; cool and calm
    • Distant Film - A soft, filmy look with warming highlights and soft plum shadows
    • Dramatic Film - A heavy analog look with rich contrasts and wintry color tones
    • Dusk - Darkened overall tones, with cooling shadows and pinkish highlights
    • Frostbite - Bright, vibrant, and cold with a frost vignette
    • Frosted Natural - A clean & cool look with reduced clarity, slightly boosted contrast, and modified individual color tones
    • Frosted Saturated - A clean & cool look with reduced clarity, slightly boosted contrast, and heavily saturated individual color tones but reduced reds
    • Glacier - An icy-cold filter with desaturated overall tones and increased contrast
    • Icicles - Cold and blue, with color desaturation
    • Moody - Deep shadows and bright highlights, with a subtle blue cast
    • Muted Chill - A dynamic infusion of winter colors set with a matte look; low contrast but dark shadows
    • Nostalgia - A film camera look, with a green on purple color cast 
    • Pink Highlights - Saturated colors and reduced clarity, with slightly warmed shadows and pink overlays in the highlights
    • Radiant - Whitens and brightens
    • Sharp & Clean - A rich look with deep shadows, boosted contrast, and an overall sharpness
    • Simple Winter - Brightening, slightly toned-down saturation, and subtle blue/red split toning
    • Slope - A punchy high contrast look, with cool blue and contrasting violet color casts; vibrancy and contrast
    • Soft & Fluffy Snow - Soft and subtle fade with golden warmth, vignette, and snow
    • Tundra - Low contrast and low saturation; soft and calm with a silver infusion
    • Winter Dreams – Minor color revisions, muted greens, cooling, and general softening
    • Winter Chill - Cold, bright, and high contrast with red highlights and blue shadows
    • Winter HDR - Clear, sharp and vibrant HDR, with saturated blue tones
    23 Tool Presets
    • Cooling Full (Heavy), Cooling Full (Subtle) Cooling Half (Lower), Cooling Half (Upper), Cooling Remove Full, Cooling Remove Half, Filter Base Cooling, Filter Base Warming, Filter Fire, Filter Ivy, Filter Mist, Filter Petals, Filter Rose, Filter Sky, Snow Large Foreground, Snow Small Heavy, Snow Small Light, Snow Small Soft, Snowy Mix Blizzard, Snowy Mix Heavy,  Snowy Mix Soft 01,  Snowy Mix Soft 02,  Snowy Mix Super Soft
      9 Local Adjustment Brushes
    • Add Blue, Add Purple, Add Warmth, Snow +++, Snow ++, Snow +, Snow Light, Brighten Snow, Enhance Subject  

    Our Lightroom presets are easy to install with our simple, step by step instructions: how to install Lightroom presets.

    A big shout out to our featured photographers Julie JourdanIza Lyson, Bree Friesen, Megann Robinson, Susan GrimesAnka MelnikovaIwona PodlasińskaErica Eldridge, Shelly ReisD'Ann Boal, Claudia Crispi, and Laurens Kaldeway

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