"I'm quite pleased with this collection. I own presets from several other companies and these are my new favorites! Well done." - John R.


Painterly Pastels Photoshop Actions

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Spring is here, along with beautiful hues of yellow, green, pink, blue, and purple! Together, these sweet tones work to cleanse the palette of winter. This seasonally-themed collection of 43 actions celebrates spring with 20 color bases, 6 textured color overlays, 7 flat color overlays, 10 brushes, and the Luxe 40 action toolkit. The various bases, filters, actions, & final touches were designed to be stacked for diagnostic and personalized editing. Despite your forecast, this collection encourages you to live like it's spring. Together, these actions cast light upon the lamben, fresh, and radiant tones that surround you. 

About this collection:

  • 43 painterly pastel actions + Luxe 40 action toolkit
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Compatible with Photoshop* CS 6, CC, or 2020 and later; Photoshop Elements* v.15 and later (select format below before adding to cart)
  • Instant Download
  • *Basic software knowledge is necessary

20 Color Bases

  • Clean Depth - A clean look with untouched natural coloring and an added contrast pop
  • Naturally Colorful - A delightfully simple look with boosted natural colors and lifted contrasts
  • Cool & Bright - A bright look with increased mids & highlights and a cooling filter overlaid
  • Warm & Bright - Soft orange filtering over increased exposure tones and coloring
  • Deep Vibrance - A rich look with added contrast depth and saturation
  • Pastel Canvas - Desaturated coloring, softened shadows, and light fuchsia-pink overtones
  • Evergreen Light - An overly saturated look with soft evergreen filtering on top
  • Crisp Dynamic Range - Lifted shadows, boosted mids, a warm filter, and a color pop
  • Peaches & Teal - An analog inspired mix of peachy highlights and teal toned shadows
  • Cool Mint - A soft blue-green filter, with added brightness, and a subtle boost to the saturation
  • Velvet Shades - Greens cooled, floral colors popped, and a creamy plum-toned filter overlaid
  • Orange Wheat - An overly warm look with reduced highlights, lifted shadows, and a saturation pop
  • Violet Essence - A slightly brightened look with boosted saturation and added violet tones
  • Blue Harmony - A vintage film inspired action with deeply matted blacks, muted highlights, and navy-toned filtering
  • Lush Blush - A colorful & dreamy style with boosted saturation and soft warm filtering
  • Cool Dusk - Exposure dropped, saturation reduced, and cool color tones on top
  • Vanilla Matte - A beautiful matte look with reduced highlights, lifted shadows, and an added overall warmth
  • Peppermint Palette - Soft magenta-toned filters overlay desaturated coloring and reduced contrasts
  • Cool & Warm Film - Teal-white highlights compliment soft, warm shadows and slightly modified individual color tones
  • Sunshine Radiance - A boosted look with rich contrasts and overall warm filtering

6 Color Washes (Textured Color Overlays): 

Crimson, Rose, Sienna, Blackberry, Lemon, Sky Blue

7 Filter Overlays (Flat Color Overlays): 

Warming, Cooling, Peachy, Pink, Purple, Teal, Green

10 Brushes:

Color Saturate, Color Desaturate, Light Increase, Light Decrease, Blur Subtle, Blur Heavy, Rich Overlay Subtle, Rich Overlay Heavy, Dreamy Overlay Subtle, Dreamy Overlay Heavy

Luxe 40 Action Toolkit

3 Quick Access Items: Duplicate Image, Flatten All Layers, Flatten All Layers to New Layer

21 General Workflow:Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure (Increase, Decrease), Contrast (Increase, Decrease), Depth Contrast, Highlight (Booster, Dimmer, Recovery), Midtone (Booster, Dimmer), Shadow (Booster, Cruncher, Recovery), Temperature (Warmer, Cooler), Saturation (Increase, Decrease), Haze (Add, Remove), Dodge & Burn

6 Grain Actions: Normal Grain (Low, Medium, High), Film Grain (Low, Medium, High)

10 Final Sharpening Actions: Basic & Pro LAB: Full Size, 2500px, 1500px, 750px, 72dpi (Web)


A big shout out to our featured photographers Julie Jourden, Jessica Kelley, Megann Robinson, Natalie Gildersleeve, Justin Minns, Nathaniel Merz, and Anka Melnikova!