Luxe Creative Workflow Photoshop Actions


Luxe Creative Workflow Photoshop Actions

By popular request, our Photoshop actions are finally here! We've designed this workflow package with 39 essential actions for editors who are looking to save valuable time with hard-hitting, classic edits. The 10 develop filters give your overall image a specific look, like you'd find in our Lightroom preset collections. Looking for the classic look of film? Refine the appearance of your shot using the 4 analog aging actions. From old world to modern HDR, the 7 monochromes provide a range of black and white actions. The 8 sunshine control actions turn gloom to glam by strategically introducing natural light. Once you've played around with these classic edits, make some final refinements with the finishing touches actions. Ready to share your masterpiece with others? This set includes 7 resizing tools to conveniently prepare your images to distribute on social media. 

About this collection:

  • 39 Photoshop actions
  • Works on RAW and JPEG images
  • Standard and button mode
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS 6 and the Creative Cloud
  • Basic Photoshop knowledge is necessary
  • Instant download
  • Written and video instructions included

    Develop Filters

    • Soft Rouge – Low contrast with muted colors and soft, red hues.
    • Digital Blues – A film look with pink highlights and an overall warm shift.
    • Quiet Drama – A high pass, sharpened look with desert brown tones.
    • Major Drama – Even more drama, with punchy overtones.
    • Summer Breeze – Opens up shadows and adds a warm, summer light.
    • Punch Bowl – Slight added contrast, with a purple shift in the shadows and added cyan and yellow highlights.
    • Cross Processed – Classic, high contrast look of cross processed slide film; added yellows and greens.
    • Lightly Toasted – Warm hues, with an added sunny, orange light cast.
    • Radiant Glow – Similar to soft focus, lowered saturation and contrast; soft and glowing highlights.
    • Slide Projector – Boosted reds and subtle, cinematic tone shifts.
      Analog Aging 
      • Cool Chrome – Green shifted highlights and blue shifted shadows with a pop of contrast; film grain.
      • Expired Red Shift – The light leaked, red tinted look of an expired roll of film left in the glove box for the summer.
      • 60s Print – Low contrast, faded look with blue shifted shadows and chunky grain.
      • Faded Negative – Warm and cold light subtly meet in the middle of your image with golden aged tones throughout and added film grain.


          • Old World – Black and white with slightly soft contrast; added grain.
          • Worn Warmth – A warm-toned black and white with added contrast.
          • Antique Glow – Black and white with a light and airy radiance added to the highlights.
          • Film Noir – Super punchy and brightened black and white.
          • Seattle– A low-contrast black and white that gives an overcast day look.
          • Grimy Grain – A heavily textured black and white with brightened highlights; resembles an antique print on paper.
          • Tin Type – A dramatic, earth-toned black and white with darkened reds.

            Sunshine Controls

            • Golden Globe – A moveable golden orb. Use to simulate sun-flare in backlit images or as light leaks.
            • Sunset Glow – A richer version of Golden Globe.
            • Icy Glow – A cold-toned version of Golden Globe.
            • Golden Flare – A moveable golden wash simulating a sun-flare across your image.
            • Midsummer Gold – A non-flare version of Golden Flare; adds a directional, warm sunlight.
            • Summer Solstice – A richer and redder version of Midsummer Gold.
            • Frosty Morning – A cold version of Midsummer Gold.
            • Permafrost– An even colder version of Frosty Morning.

              Finishing Touches

              • Sharpen Details –Sharpen only select areas of your image.
              • Enhance Depth of Field – The reverse of Sharpen Details. Enhance out-of-focus areas of your image.
              • Boost Color – Enhance the vibrance and saturation of your image.

                Save For Web

                Resize your image to the optimal resolution for each social media platform, or to the custom size of your choosing.
                • Facebook
                • Google+
                • Instagram
                • Twitter
                • Pinterest
                • LinkedIn
                • Custom Size

                  A big shout out to our featured photographers Prudence RufusStella Dontu, Jodi Lynn, and Tara Rochelle!

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