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Luxe Savannah Gardens Spring & Summer Photoshop Actions

Introducing Savanah Gardens Spring & Summer Photoshop actions. This sun-kissed collection is perfect to enhance your spring & summer photos with breezy, bright, & cheerful tones. This collection comes with 16 Color Bases, 7 Color Overlays, 6 Sunburst Overlays, 9 Seasonal Enhancements, 22 Brushes, & the Luxe 40 action toolkit. Make this season unforgettable. 

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Luxe Savannah Gardens Spring & Summer Photoshop Actions

About this collection:

  • 60 spring & summer actions + the Luxe 40 action toolkit 
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Compatible with Photoshop* CS 6 & CC or Photoshop Elements* 15-19 (select format above)
  • Instant download with installation instructions provided
  • *Requires basic software knowledge
Luxe Savannah Gardens Spring & Summer Photoshop Actions



16 Color Bases 

  • Black & White: Basic - A simple black & white
  • Black & White: Nostalgic Film - With heavy rich blacks and an overall matte lift, this action transforms digital images to look like film images
  • Black & White: Rich - Boosted blacks & whites with heavy shadows, slightly reduced highlights, and a deep contrast pop
  • Black & White: Soft - Soft blacks & whites with deep lifted shadows, and reduced highlights
  • Blooming Blossoms – Exposure pop with peachy highlights and boosted saturation
  • Cooling Dusk - Cooling overtones on top of reduced highlights, lifted shadows, and an exposure drop
  • Pastel Spring Evening - Cold shadows and soft pink highlights 
  • Rainbows – Image color expansion that includes rainbow hues, pink highlights, cool shadows, and rich saturation
  • Raspberry Sangria – Deep, rich and raspberry toned, with custom exposure adjustments and soft pink overlays
  • Seasonal Dream Booster – Advanced softening
  • Seasonal Wash - Rich red shadows and magenta highlights, with adjusted yellow tones and a contrast pop
  • Soft Warm Dusk - Exposure drops couples with a soft, warm overlay.
  • Summer Solstice - A very clean look with adjusted yellow tones, warm overlays, a contrast pop, and heavily lifted shadows
  • Warm Golden Evening – Rich, warming filters with a slight drop in exposure; perfect to transform from day to summer’s eve
  • Warm Peach Evening - Warm peach overtones and cooling shadows, with a slight drop in exposure
  • Warm Spring Day - Hazy warm tones with a boost to reds, a drop to the yellows, and an added contrast pop
  • Wildflowers - A warm saturated wash of reds & oranges along with slightly lifted shadows, reduced highlights, and a small exposure dip

    7 Color Overlays

    Warm, cool, pink, teal, purple, fire, pastel

    6 Sunburst Overlays

    Warm half sunrise/sunset, red half sunrise/sunset, sunburst (light, warm, fire, red)

    9 Seasonal Enhancements

    Earth & sky dodge & burn, rain overlay (small, medium, large, foreground), seasonal dream booster (light, heavy), highlight glow overlay (light, heavy)

    22 Brushes

    Enhance depth of field (light, heavy), warming (shadows, highlights), cooling (shadows, highlights), boost saturation (light, heavy), saturation reduction, increase drama (light, heavy), reduce drama (light, heavy), floral color change (yellows to green, oranges to green, greens to yellow), floral saturation pop, sky color shift (navy blues, cyans, purples), sky enhance (blue sky & clouds, sunset & clouds)


    Luxe 40 Action Toolkit

    3 Quick Access Items: Duplicate Image, Flatten All Layers, Flatten All Layers to New Layer

    21 General Workflow: Auto Histogram Fix, Exposure (Increase, Decrease), Contrast (Increase, Decrease), Depth Contrast, Highlight (Booster, Dimmer, Recovery), Midtone (Booster, Dimmer), Shadow (Booster, Cruncher, Recovery), Temperature (Warmer, Cooler), Saturation (Increase, Decrease), Haze (Add, Remove), Dodge & Burn

    6 Grain Actions: Normal Grain (Low, Medium, High), Film Grain (Low, Medium, High)

    10 Final Sharpening Actions: Basic & Pro LAB: Full Size, 2500px, 1500px, 750px, 72dpi (Web)


    A big shout out to our featured photographers Tatyana TomsickovaAnka MelnikovaD'Ann BoalIza LysonJodi LynnLiz StraightMegann Robinson, & Susan Grimes!

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